I did not abandon ‘Nina’ victims – Robredo


Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo expressed regret that she was not physically around when Typhoon Nina hit her hometown of Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region but assured the public that she never neglected her constituents.

Robredo expressed her sentiments in light of criticisms from supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte that she abandoned her fellow Bicolanos because she spent Christmas in the United States while the typhoon made landfall in the region.

The Vice President went to the United States last December 23 where she spent Christmas with the Robredo clan along with her daughters Aika, Tricia and Jillian.

“It was unfortunate that I wasn’t here [in Bicol]. It was bad timing, and I also felt bad that I wasn’t here. But I worked on ensuring that relief operations will get going. We looked for a way to get home earlier than scheduled possible time, but we can’t secure five tickets that quick for myself, my three daughters and my 80-year-old mother since it was peak season,” Robredo said.

The Robredos eventually secured a New Year’s Eve flight back to Manila.

Robredo explained that the reunion of the Robredos is a Christmas tradition, and it just so happen that in 2016, it was the turn of her sister-in-law who is based in the US to host it.

“Now, I will be here in Bicol visiting the typhoon-hit areas for a week, and I will take care of everything that needs to be taken care of,” she said.

The Vice President then shrugged off criticisms from Duterte supporters, noting that the only criticisms that matter are from those who seek solutions.


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  1. Apparently in the Philippines people are supposed to show up for a typhoon like it’s some kind of sporting event.

    I didn’t hear anyone complaining that they missed Typhoon Yolanda.