Not ampaw or chickenhouse government


JASON DAY has again won big (and small). All the foreign reports identify him as an Aussie. Period.

Some local bladders hyphenate and call him a Fil-Aussie. I do not think it comes from him. It would be nice if he goes back to his Waray roots and is received by the Prez in Malacañang. But, up to now, nada. Is he ashamed of his Waray origins? What deal can tantalize him? I understand he would not come some years ago cuz the appearance fee was too low. If true, all the more so now, given his spate of glittering many-splendored triumphs. No deal then.

Deal with the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC)? Follow the Rule of Law is what I see. Justice Sec. Leila de Lima says she knows nothing about the deal, which supposedly includes her leaving government; she intends to soldier on until she resigns to run for the Senate, if at all. If not she can continue. Unless she is picked as Mar’s VP.(?)

Government had no choice but not to look like a chickenhouse government. If the INC believes it has won, it is entitled to its illusions. I saw it joylessly as a dog running away with its tail between its legs. Extremely poorly planned demo. (Regulation matters; a new emigre told the New York cop he could swing his arms the way he’d want to in the land of the free – the cop with the bloodied nose said, “young man, your right to swing your arms ends, where my nose begins).”

JPE may be a better planner. But, in this Year of Mercy, he is getting nothing more than what the Supreme Court gave Benigno Aquino, Sr., charged with treason before the People’s Court in 1946; what was given to Uncle Jovy (housewife arrest) in 1980; and was accorded Erap – resthouse arrest, after an ordinary cell in Camp Crame, then Sta. Rosa, then hospital arrest.

GMA should also be let out and the government can make a suggestion to the court as a gesture of mercy, compassion and humaneness. Or simply not object.

In Italy and Spain, no jail term for septuagenarians (full disclosure: I am one), only community service. Way to go. GMA had the death penalty abolished to please the Pope she was about to visit and issued Memo Circular No. 155 which benefited septuagenarians in Correctional.

I do not always agree with Sec. Lei. For instance she opposes giving retroactive effect to the new law, R.A. No. 10592, granting more liberal Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) benefits. Young Panyero Michael Evangelista and I are in the Supreme Court (SC) contesting her position in G.R. No. 212719.

Leila announced, after Hubert Webb was acquitted, that new witnesses could place him in the Philippines when the Vizconde Massacre occurred. I have said from the start that I’d carry to my grave that he was thousands of miles away when the tragedy occurred.

Overall however, I have no problem accepting her as a Senator in 2016, or even as Veep, learned in the law, and has experience, guts and integrity.

The other afternoon, I had time to catch the tailend of a march-rally of fishermen to the Senate (sorry to have fish and chips for lunch). Government has made it impossible for them to fish and live. Involuntary hunger strike stares them in the face. You take my life when you take away the means whereby I live, said the Bard. I support the fishermen in G.R. No. 212805 in the SC.

I also met Panyero Roger Evasco (Jason’s fellow Waray) the other afternoon in City Hall (Manila, assumed before, but now City Halls abound hereabouts; only Pateros remains a municipality and should be given hundreds of hectares from what bigger Makati and Taguig have disputed). Roger’s group is against alleged contractualization by SM, Robinson, Star, Jollibee, McDo, KFC, Chowking, Gaisano, casinos and many others, whose side we need to hear. It may be reminiscent of the minimum wage issue. Any increase widens the gap between the employed and the unemployed.

Who would want to be Prez? Jojobama, Mar, Grace, Digong, Ping, Miriam, Alan, and Mil? These represent the cards we are dealt to play with. We do need to pray!

Speaking of praying, please pray for Vince Robles, a colleague in MABINI, not quite 60, who member Mon Esguerra told me last Tuesday in Milky Way, had passed on. Also in Milky Way was Gretchen Barreto, a vision of loveliness, who I had never met. She thoughtfully gave me a scapular (?) and a Prayer from the Carmelite Monastery in Bacolod.

No prayer may be needed to have immunity for PNoy for anything done within the scope, even if only corollary, within the scope of his duties. Such as Mamasapano. Different if the charge is totally unrelated to the job description, such as rape.

JFK, Nixon and Clinton were sued and had to pay to buy peace. No immunity if totally alien to the job description. Mamasapano and budget movements ain’t.


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  1. correction tanda, Jason is not ashamed of this country, HE IS ASHAMED OF THE HOPELESS LEADERS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY and the inaction of the people to do something about it, and its not about the fees – he is not yet a champion several years back, so pls. dont insinuate he is after the money like a full bloodied pinoy.

  2. BS Aquino is bitterly opposing the release of GMA on bail even though her co-accused are already out on bail!