• Not all are brain- and soul-dead about Aquino regime corruption


    THANK God for Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago. She has urged the Senate in a resolution she filed recently to probe corruption in the Department of Justice’s prosecutorial service.

    In the front-page report we published yesterday, reporter Jefferson Antiporda, wrote that Sen. Santiago, in her proposd Senate resolution, cited the admission of Prosecutor General Claro Arellano that corruption does exist among the ranks of the Department of Justice (DOJ). The Santiago resolution also states that “Arellano’s admission shows that corruption is rampant in all levels of the government, especially among high-level civil servants.”

    Last month, on November 15, NBI agents in an entrapment operation arrested Quezon City Assistant Prosecutor Raul Desembrana. He was caught accepting an P80,000 bribe from Dr. Alex Montes, one of the so-called “Morong 43” group of health workers whom the government military detained after raiding a house in Rizal province.

    The raiding military men claimed that the arrested doctors, nurses, midwives and first-aid givers were holding a New People’s Army meeting. The raiding party alleged that bomb-making apparatus and other subversive material were found in the farmhouse. These allegations were denied by the “Morong 43” who counterclaimed that evidence was planted against them. They stoutly insisted that they were just a humanitarian group devoted to giving health care to people who are otherwise unable to receive proper medical care and professional advice.

    Senator Santiago’s move cheers us in The Manila Times. We have deservedly received encouragement from distinctly upright Filipinos, including Catholic and Protestant churchmen, for telling the truth about the hypocrisy and corruption of the Aquino administration, including its highest official, President Aquino himself. Similar encouragement has come our way from numerous paragons of honesty in Asia, America and Europe.

    Yet, our exposes — in accurate and rigorously researched news reports and opinion pieces — are rarely answered seriously and in detail by the high officials concerned. And no matter how earthshaking and undeniable these exposes, the more influential newspapers and primetime TV rarely comment on them or widen the knowledge of these malfeasances that prove President Aquino’s claims of pursuing Matuwid na Daan (Righteous Path) governance to be nothing but a hoax.

    The crookedness of the Aquino administration officials — except a notable few — and their untruthfulness, most alarmingly President Aquino himself, can only be denied or ignored by the most perverse and criminal consciences–or by the utterly naïve and ignorant.

    The senators, congressmen, cabinet members and the writers, reporters and editors of the large media organizations are not at all naïve and ignorant. But they all pretend that President Aquino, in all these more than four years he has ruled our country, has been an upright and honest top official.

    Even Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has not spoken in appropriately wrathful tones about the President’s mendacity.

    Yesterday’s Inquirer banner story — “DSWD failed storm victims, says COA” — was a rare display of interest in exposing the large-scale corruption of the Aquino regime.

    May God have mercy on our nation and move more leaders and powerful media to reveal how cynically subversive of the Philippine Republic and corrupt President Aquino, his closest officials and his administration are.

    May more leaders, like Senator Defensor Santiago, prove that not all Filipinos are brain- and soul-dead about the corruption of the Aquino regime.


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    1. This kind of people like Pnoy Aquino , his allied, friends and business associates , doesnt exist the word COMPASSION. They dont care esp this lunatic president in general the life of the Filipino people as well as our nation as a whole. His heart was full of HATRED, and vengeance..He worship nothing except his Devil intention to destroy our Filipino Culture and our nation. HE IS COMPLETE INSANE AND A BIG LIAR!!!! NEXT ELECTION NO ONE IN HIS LIBERAL PARTY WILL WIN ANY SEATS AT GOVT. POSITION..This is the curse for him and to his corrupt allies, like Mr. very aBAD….and Binay families..

    2. We are not only blind but dumb deaf and stupid if we believe ther is no corruption in the highest levels of government … It is always leadership by example ..,if you bribe senators ,reward congressmen to did your bidding , defy the Supreme Court, prosecute only your enemies, cover up the shady deals of your allies , what example do you set where is the moral uprightness that I stills honest and sincere governance…… The leader must accept the blame and responsibility…… The fault is of the face as he looks into the mirror

      • Ispirikitik-tik on

        When you say “we”,please let be known that there are still poeple like me and madam santiago who has our brain intact. Tell that to the bobotantes and those who believe on the yelliw ribbon! I dont intend to be part of a rotten society which Pnoy is heading!

    3. the gma administration was corrupt but many things did happen and could have happened if what she started were given a follow through.

      we are complaining that our internet is so slow but have the nbn zte deal pushed through, we are a lot better.
      the laguna lake dredging could have solved the flooding.
      so many others.

      this bs aquino admin is much more corrupt that not a single big project moved. we cannot even have a decent plate number in time.

      whose fault? the media. they amplify gma’s corruption unproportionately yet hide aquinos. why? because they are even more corrupt than any administration. they can get more under the present regime.

      • haven’t you noticed that the owners of these yellow media outfits are the favored ones of aquino?? these lucky businessmen corner most of the big contracts/projects of aquino. i am shocked at the bullying of the ayalas regarding the mrt common station at north edsa and the dotc doing everything in its power to accomodate ayala’s wishes. they were not bullys before.

      • People like you would always say that the GMA admin was corrupt, but stop short in elaborating, exactly what was corrupt about her government. Until now, no one has proven any of the multitude of allegations about her, in court. Perhaps it’s time for you to realize, it is the finger pointers who are actually corrupt? Or are you still just too naive?

        The only way your eyes will be opened is when you stop listening to tsismis, and make your own analysis. Same goes to the millions of zombie citizens in that country, not just the media.

    4. Brain-dead and soul-dead about the future of the Philippines is what most Filipinos are for allowing Comelec Chairman Brillantes and Smartmatic to reign over Philippine election reults through the PCOS machines.
      No outrage! No movement to drive out these destroyers of our electoral democracy!

    5. Maritess Posadas on

      Dami ng “expose” tngkol sa katiwalian ng gobyerno pero walang proper investigation. Mag imbestiga man, sa umpisa lng at later on mag “create” nman ng new scandal pra matabunan ang mmcases.
      What happen sa pork barrel scam, sa PDAF? Nasaan na c Napoles?
      Puro “expose”… We want solid investigation & concrete results.

    6. powerful and a wake up message..
      YOU elected a fool , continued to be fooled , now count your horrors, hes not done yet!

    7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nco72yX3E2M

      Despite BS Aquino’s claim that his path is “Daang Matuwid”, the Philippines remains one of the most corrupt countries in Asia today. Recently, the United Nations threatens to withdraw its membership if Philippines does not end its corrupt practices. The UN Development Program further adds that the Philippines loses 13% of its national budget to corruption.

      How much is 13% of of P2.606 Trillion 2015 budget? That’s a whopping P338.7 billion which when added to the Department of Health’s funding is enough to give free health care to all Filipinos, as Cuba and Costa Rica provide to its citizens. Or enough to give all qualified Filipino students free education up to university level at state universities, like what Cuba and Scandinavian countries do. Because of the absence of a free universal medicare in our country, a study finds that six out of ten Filipinos succumbing to sickness die without ever seeing a physician.

      The Supreme Court has declared that the anomalous DAP (Development Assistance to Politicians) is unconstitutional. Yet, BS Aquino and his sidekick Butch Abad continue to defy the SC by slyly inserting what Senator Santiago says are DAP clones amounting to P150 billions in the 2015 budget. BS Aquino thinks he is above the law and does his brand of patronage politics doling out of billions of taxpayers money in DAP clones to pork-lard fattened members of Congress to gain their loyalty.

      In other countries, exposes of corruption like what the Manila Times had courageously done, are enough to drive huge number of citizens out in the streets to demand the ouster of their leaders. But why aren’t our more informed citizens up in arms?. It’s because of a prevailing sense of apathy that whatever they do to protest corruption in BS Aquino’s watch will not bring about reforms. Corruption has been ingrained in our culture and incompetent dynasty politicians will continue to rule us for many years to…

    8. Roldan Guerrero on

      The CORRUPTION VIRUS that infected the Aquino Government is like a malware that attacked a valuable laptop computer such that the owner could not junk it because of its priceless value. This is how BSA is compared to, the masa could not outseat him for one reason the oligarch using him for their corporate advantages to prosper will continue.

    9. I highly appreciate you courage to write something true and exposed the wickedness of this administration. What is even more consoling to know is that Manila Times stands steadfast in the defense of truth. I salute you Manila Times people for writing the evils of democracy that is happening today. Mabuhay po kayo.