‘Not enough research on stem cell therapy here’


The fad keeps on growing but safety measures are nowhere in place.

The practice of stem cell therapy in the country still lacks appropriate clinical trials and safety measures by stem cell practitioners in the country, according to the country’s leading epidemiologist and the president of The Philippine Society of General Internal Medicine , Dr. Antonio Dans.

Dans said that stem cell practitioners in the country were “not making efforts to conduct, join or wait for results of clinical trials” from other countries before performing the procedure.

He said that well-known personalities who have gone through the procedure are highly influential to the public, and therefore, should be more careful as clinical trials are still being conducted to affirm that the experimental treatment is safe and efficient before it could be considered standard.

According to Dans, the public should remain skeptical on case reports of stem cell therapy because “getting better may be a placebo effect, it may also be the cause of concurrent treatments received and also, getting better may be the natural capacity of the body to heal itself.”

Dans said that most stem cell practitioners were already earning so much to bother with clinical studies that would need investment of time and money into studies that would prove the effectiveness of the procedure.

Another expert who agreed with the statement of Dans was the national scientist and Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Dr. Ernesto Domingo, who said that the country lacked people who are willing to do the research.

Domingo said that the Health department of the government should enforce stricter regulations concerning stem cell therapy.


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