• Not enough water source for Iloilo water company


    ILOILO CITY: An inspection team fielded by Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog here to inspect the water source of city consumers has reported the severe scarcity of river water and poor source in the Maasin River, a major water source of the Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD).

    Furthermore, the water directed to areas to be served is driven by force of gravity with no modern mechanical equipment to provide pressure to reach consumers.

    These were some of the findings Executive Assistant Ariel Castaneda reported to the city mayor in a move to explain the alarming and ongoing water shortage in the city.

    Earlier, the city council here passed a resolution declaring the city under a state of calamity because of the water crisis.

    In his report dated May 8, 2015 with an inspection conducted at the river in Maasin, Iloilo and at the water treatment plant in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo, Castaneda reported the water level in the Maasin River is at a very critical level at 93.75 meters. The river is very shallow and the river itself is silted dirty. The water impounding area is very small and no other water catchment facility in surrounding areas can be seen.

    The water from the Maasin reservoir is divided into several destinations. One part is diverted to source Maasin and Cabatuan areas. The other part goes to a treatment plant where water is treated before being supplied to the municipalities of Santa Barbara, Pavia and Iloilo City.

    The treatment facility looks adequate and within standard. However, the water quality in surrounding area looks not very clear and murky.

    Reservoir and impounding areas need to be improved or if warranted increased to serve as water or rain catchments. Castaneda said the water source in Maasin will not be able to supply the needs of the target consumers because of scarcity and poor source. He said the reservoir and impounding areas need to be improved or if warranted, to serve as water or rain catchments.

    Water facilities need to be upgraded to ensure water being sourced is able to reach the destination pipelines because force of gravity is not reliable.

    MIWD has posted almost 39,000 water concessionaires in the city as its franchise area but six barangays (villages) here have no water and several barangays have to suffer water rationing especially during midnights until very early in the morning.

    Mabilog has ordered the purchase of 25 big water containers for clustered barangays for water deliveries by trucks and other organizations as assistance to the water-starved barangays.



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    1. Water shortage is a burden people in the Philippines must face almost every year. Along with the drought this summer a lot of people are really affected. It would be great if the rainy season could start early to ease up the heat.