• We’re not hiding anything– PNP


    The Philippine National Police (PNP) assured the public that the police is not hiding anything from the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) when it gave the latter partial and limited reports of its anti-drug police operations.

    PNP Spokesman Dionardo Carlos expressed his frustration that critics are already doubting the police even though they were “doing nothing wrong” in their cooperation with the CHR.

    “We are not hiding anything. We are very open. The documents are there. You can look at them yourselves provided that we don’t violate any regulation,” Carlos said in a press briefing on Friday.

    According to Carlos, the PNP is open to allowing CHR representatives to attend the meetings of police officials whenever they review reports of “Oplan Double Barrel” operations on a regular basis.

    “So if [the meeting]is being done at the regional level, the regional CHR chief can go too,” Carlos said.

    However, Carlos reiterated that CHR’s request would be granted gradually as the police would check if they are violating policies or regulations in providing police reports.

    “We can’t release information that may preemptively jeopardize or compromise an on-going investigation,” Carlos said.

    He added that a police report could also be withheld if the case has already been filed before the prosecutor’s office or if it has already been heard it court. He said the authority to release the report would be with the court now, not the police.

    “All they need to do is to communicate. Spot reports are readily available. They can do their investigation. We are not stopping them,” Carlos said.

    On Wednesday, PNP Chief Supt. Ronald Dela Rosa told CHR Chairman Chito Gascon in a letter that the police would only give partial access to the folders pertaining to cases of alleged extrajudicial killings.

    CHR expressed its sentiment earlier that the outcome of the supposed “internal cleansing” of the Philippine National Police (PNP) is still to be seen.

    “PNP, however, committed to do an internal cleansing to address erring police officers, the result of which we have yet to hear from them,” CHR spokesman Jackie de Guia said in an email to The Manila Times.

    In August, Dela Rosa and Gascon met in Camp Crame to discuss the alleged extrajudicial killings. The CHR chairman politely asked the police chief for the case folders.

    Gascon made it clear to Dela Rosa during the meeting that CHR is not in the “business of obstructing justice.”


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