When It Is Not Your Part-Time


when I said: read
did you really
open the book
to turn to page 39
to follow and look for me
there? Or is it just your
reluctant thoughts I now see
crawling and hiding
beneath a character
I assumed I know so well.

When I said: count
how many times do
I need to remind you
that it was seven?
7:00 in the morning and not
9:00 in the evening as you
always try to insist.

When I said: write
did you look for
a pen or a pencil
to write a journal entry
or a story that I retell?
Or is it just me who
thought that things can
sometimes be best learned
when one listens intently without
jotting down notes? I saw that
you tried harder to spell
the word s-o-r-r-y.

When I asked for an answer,
I looked at my calendar
and the answer for this lesson
is that we still have a month or so.



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