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“But one doesn’t get to choose who we meet in life, nor how, nor when, nor why. We only accept the gift of their friendships — their quirks, their jokes, their joys, their sarcasm, their wise commentaries, and the food we all enjoyed at tables in places big and small. Thank you all. What a life we had.” ~ Asuncion A. Lopez


in the finite space and time
we occupy as earth-bound beings,
we find ourselves mostly at weddings, at wakes,
at hospital bedsides whispering goodbyes

but meanwhile that life seeps through
our aging pores let us not as yet say
“What a life we had” on a day such as this
warmed by sun and the promise of a breeze

there is that bus to adventure to ride,
that sunrise to capture in pictures,
that lover to rouse from bed,
that roll of sushi to pop into a famished mouth,
that plate of nasturtiums to drizzle with vinaigrette

oh Life, how could you give
such bounty and just with suddenness
take away what is most precious?

*Monica S. Feria was a Filipino journalist who stood up against the Marcos dictatorship. She died on Dec. 30, 2016.


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