• Nothing can stop me now – Poe


    WITH the Supreme Court’s (SC) affirmation of its earlier ruling allowing her to run, Senator Grace Poe believes that all obstacles to her presidential candidacy had been lifted and that she will be able to hurdle questions on her citizenship should a case be filed against her at the presidential electoral tribunal (PET) if she wins the presidency.

    The PET handles disqualification cases against an incumbent president.

    “Matibay ang naging desisyon. Sa tingin ko ay kahit na kuwestiyunin pa nila sa PET, malakas ang laban natin. [The decision is firm. I believe that if they ever question it before the PET, we have a strong chance],” Poe said.

    With the SC ruling, the senator said nothing can stop her now.

    “Parang nawalan na ng kadena ang ating pangangampanya at tuloy-tuloy na po (The shackles that restricted my campaign is gone so everything’s a go),” Poe said in during a visit to Sorsogon, home province of her running mate, Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

    Poe was reacting to the High Court’s ruling denying with finality the motions for reconsideration of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and other petitioners. The SC said “no substantial arguments were presented to warrant the reversal of the questioned decision.”

    On March 8, the High Court, through a 9-6 vote, ruled that Poe can join the presidential race, saying the Comelec acted with grave abuse of discretion when it cancelled the senator’s certificate of candidacy on questions of citizenship and residency.

    Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian, Poe’s spokesperson, said the SC decision is a victory not only for Poe but for democracy.

    “This development will pave the way for our electorate to be able to choose the next
    President from a complete list of candidates. This ruling also enshrines the principle that indeed our laws were crafted to protect all, especially those who are marginalized,” he said.

    Gatchalian said Poe will continue to advocate inclusive growth and will champion solutions that will once and for all defeat poverty and unemployment.

    Poe also vowed to put an end to criminality without declaring martial law.

    She said that if she wins, she will make sure that criminality will not flourish under her administration.

    She pointed out that the country has experienced martial law but criminality persisted.

    “What we need is a program that will attack the root of the country’s criminality problem which is poverty,” the senator said.

    Poe said that she cannot promise to put an end to criminality in a short period of time, but she will have a system that could effectively stop criminals and drug traffickers.

    “If there is protection, there is prevention so we will increase the number of our policemen and increasing their pay, but we will not tolerate those who are remiss of their duties,” she said.

    Poe added that she will also train barangay officials and equip them to help fight criminality.


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    1. “Ang SINUNGALING AY KAPATID NANG….? Honest Mistake DAW ang kanyang mga Hindi Sinasadyang DELIBERATE LIES.”

      O, Voto na kay Inday Grace para lalong lumaganap at ma develop, ma harness, at fully INDUSTRIALIZED ang Talamak na KA-SINUNGALINGAN sa buong Ka-Puluan sa ngalan nang masidhing ambisyon-politikal para maibangon ang naligwak na pangarap nang nasirang Panday Da King ….Kalusin na Bayan ang Cabal-balan na pagsisinungaling nang mga impostor na nga presidential candidates na may MALAKING UTANG NA LOOB na Paatronage SA DILAW NA ADMIN nang mga SALOT NA NOYNOYING ka-Trayduran sa bayan.

    2. Irregardless of what the Supreme Court said, Grace Poe is not qualified to run for Presidency. She forfeited her natural-born Filipino status – assuming she was born in the Philippines with Filipino parents – when she abjured the Philippines and swore an Oath of Allegiance to the US. Her reverting back to being a Filipino by taking another oath makes her a naturalized Filipino citizen, thus not qualified to run for Presidency of the Philippines. This is basic.
      a. That the Supreme Court allowed her to run only proved one thing – the Supreme Court can be bought, either by money or by influence-peddling. Remember, when all possibilities are exhausted, whatever remains, however improbable – must be true.
      b. By allowing her to run, the Supreme Court set a dangerous precedent that would have a far-reaching repercussion – even beyond this present election.
      c. If she wins, her allegiance is to her benefactors, endorsers and sponsors – not to the Filipino people. Remember, she renounced it once when it is convenient. She learned the craft and trade of the film industry. She knew how to create an illusion, how to handle the media. It will be all show and no substance. She promises to keep the legacy of her father, FPJ – and that she will, she will entertain the people, – with platitudes and ribbon cuttings and personal appearances.
      The likely scenario is this: protests will be filed. The Supreme Court will drag its feet to hear the case, then six years later, the case will be declared – moot and academic as the time has already been served. Then another election cycle starts.
      d. Consequently, Grace Poe used the Philippine Constitution as toilet-paper, – to be used for convenience and thrashed there after.

    3. Teddy Sevilla on

      This “final” decision of the SC is dangerous. It sets a precedent to greater confusion. It leads to the path that, henceforth, all contentious, controversial and complex national issues be held to referendum. In simple terms, the SC has given its blessings to the rule of the mob. As history has repeatedly shown, the mob is not always right – Christ got crucified because of it!

      That a few select individuals chosen for their wisdom, knowledge and, hopefully, compassion will be given the responsibility to ponder and decide on matters of deep importance may seem to be less democratic to many. But “majority rule by crowd vote” or leadership entrusted to those with the loudest voices do not produce the wisest decisions. Many moral issues with legal implications just cannot be left for the hordes to decide. Many questions in the social sphere should not be settled by a political process. That would be chaos. The weak and defenseless suffer.

      The SC, as a human institution, is subject to human frailties as this current body has -glaringly to many – shown. But it remains the last institutional option. Lest the people take things into their own hands.

      But what if the SC itself, shrinks from the responsibility it has been charged with and takes the cowardly route?

    4. These 9 SC Justices are not supreme but the will of the people supreme. In this regards, I calling the attention of the ARMED FFORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES, PHILCONSA, IBP, BAYAN KO and all the brilliant lawyers to lead and take necessary action for these matters. These 9 SC Justices they must protect and uphold Our Constitution but they have done. Our (people) will are the most supreme to these 9 SC Justices they just delegated by people but they protect and uphold Our Constitution. so if we will not do anything these 9 SC Justices will bastard our laws and Our Constitution. Why they are insisting the issue of the grave abuse, the issue here is residency and citizenship and for these issue they must decide. These 9 SC Justices are trying to confuse the people especially those are less educated. Nakatulog pa ba itong mga 9 SC Justices. Kaya dapat gumising tayo hindi tayo dapat sunod sunuran sa mga desisyon ng SC na nilabag ang ating constitution. Mas tayo ang supreme sa mga SC Justices they are just been delegated by the people to implement what are in Our Constitution. So my countrymen wake up and we must fight our right so these 9 SC Justices will be given a reprimand. We can’t wait for impeachment instead of waiting we as a sovereign people must act and make a decision. We must unite to protect and uphold Our Constitutions.

    5. mga walang alam at bobo ang boboto kay kay grace poe and she will not win the election . Kung mahusay ka. dapat huwag mong gamitin ang litrato ni FPJ at Susan Sinungaling sa kampanya mo.

    6. Delfin Todcor on

      The 9 SC Judges must have agreed to uphold the Constitution Provision of Presidential Candidate. They must protect the Constitutional against group who wants to trump the Law we ratified to respect and uphold! Why did they not uphold the 1935,73,87 edition of the ratified Constitution? The Judges or camp of POE are not higher than the law! The Judges must be firm in protecting the Constitution even how much bribe is being offered because the SC as Institution’s integrity and credibility as well as the Judge’s reputation is more expensive than the unrighteous wealth or tax payer’s money used to advance unrighteous or evil plans. Why? Because God is watching the magistrates to uphold the moral value of the Law because the moral power of the law is the foundation of the free God-fearing Nation such as ours.They should have castigated strongly Ms. Llamanzares who misrepresented herself and tried to deceived Filipinos by playing on the fictitious Panday movie Character. What is happening to our SC Judges? Are they under spell? We want toi share the powerful message of God’s word that it may open the heart of MS. POE and her supporters not to be blinded by their selfish ambition… . . Proverbs 22:1-2New King James Version (NKJV)
      1A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,
      Loving favor rather than silver and gold.
      2 The rich and the poor have this in common,The Lord is the maker of them all. . Proverbs 24:23-25New King James Version (NKJV)
      Further Sayings of the Wise.23 These things also belong to the wise:
      It is not good to show partiality in judgment.24 He who says to the wicked, “You are righteous,”Him the people will curse;Nations will abhor him.
      25 But those who rebuke the wicked will have delight,
      And a good blessing will come upon them… . Proverbs 17:23New King James Version (NKJV)
      23 A wicked man accepts a bribe behind the back[a]
      To pervert the ways of justice.

    7. I am happy that Senator Grace Poe will now be able to work properly without any hindrances! I knew from the start that she’s 100% qualified because I believe that nationality itself should be attached at birth. I hope her detractors would stop ruining her image and focus on their platforms instead.

      • Di nga siya iboto ng asawa’t anak niya – ang mga tunay na pilipinong nagmamahal at d tinatalikuran ang sariling bayan pa kaya???

    8. That’s what you think. You remain a nuisance candidate. Nothing was resolved by the SC; you’re still disqualified, lady. You will soon feel the wrath of the people, American girl.

    9. Rodan Guerrero on

      The Filipinos will be the ones to STOP YOU GRACE POE! Do you think you can fool everybody? YOUR LIES WILL HOUND YOU ON ELECTION DAY and that will be the time you learn from your adoptive mother`s statements. HOW MUCH DID YOU BRIBE THE 9 JUSTICES AND WHERE DID YOU GET THE MONEY?