• Notorious contractors rip off Palawan folk


    I’ve received a number of complaints from residents in the southern portion of Palawan province about the deplorable conditions of roads and highways there.

    According to the constituents in the towns south of Puerto Princesa, including Aborlan, Narra, Quezon, Sofronio Española, Brooke’s Point, Rizal and Bataraza, the national government has neglected their need for infrastructure.

    Although these are localities close to my heart having spent a good part of my youthful years there, I am dismayed to see personally the dismal road construction.

    At least two public works contractors, the RG Tagala and the Ivy Michelle, are being blamed for the sub-standard and defective state of the Puerto Princesa South Road.

    Unlike the durable Puerto Princesa North Road constructed by Hanjin, those portions of the national highway built by the RG Tagala and the Ivy Michelle construction companies are cracked and fragmented, as well as poorly-designed.

    Motorists complain of dangerous blind spots like the disproportionate elevation of bridges, which have reportedly caused numerous accidents.

    The RG Tagala and the Ivy Michelle construction companies are also notorious for leaving their ongoing road diggings uncovered, posing danger to the public.

    We’re just fortunate to get in touch with Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio Singson, who promised to look into the matter.

    Singson said some contractors involve unlicensed sub-contractors in their road projects, resulting in defective work.

    I will not be surprised if such is true in the poor construction work of the firms RG Tagala and the Ivy Michelle.

    They are ripping off the taxpayers, particularly Palawan residents, of billions of pesos!

    These contractors should be charged in court and ban from government projects indefinitely.

    Mamasapano: Straightening ‘altered truth’
    Facing yet another Senate inquiry into last year’s Mamasapano massacre that resulted from a suicide mission ordered by Noynoy Aquino to boost his sagging popularity, Malacañang decided to award high honors to the Special Action Force (SAF) police commandos who were abandoned in a 12-hour firefight with Muslim rebels.

    Obviously, Noynoy and well-paid bright heads at the Palace are dead worried that the reopening of the Senate probe headed by Sen. Grace Poe will go differently, unlike previous one that many consider as a “whitewash and cover-up.”

    Poe was a strong supporter of the President, who sought her to be Mar Roxas’ running mate in the May 2016 elections. Look at how she’s being crucified by the jilted Administration.

    Understandably, she won’t inhibit from the Senate proceedings requested by Minority Leader Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, who claims to have “new evidence” that would straighten out the ‘altered truth’ on the Mamasapano carnage.

    The Palace has dismissed the move as mere politics.

    Well, I say now Noynoy is merely getting a dose of his own medicine, which unfortunately for Roxas, is not going to help in resuscitating his presidential bid.

    Kawawa naman.

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    1. Roy Oliveros Gulane on

      I am from Palawan and I agree that these contractors if found liable be charged and banned from constructing government projects. Monitor this Ka Erwin, thank you.