Nova transit . . . next killer bus line?

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

If you thought the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has done its job by cancelling the franchise of Don Mariano Transit recently and finally putting an end to the operation of  “killer buses” on the road . . . you’re definitely wrong!

The LTFRB still has a lot of monitoring to do in our streets since there are still a dozen of bus companies who ply their route without regard to the safety of its passengers and the other motorists on the road as well.

One such bus line is the Nova Transit plying the Fairview-Quiapo and Novaliches- Baclaran routes everyday whose drivers think their buses are exempted from the speed limit posted on the highways by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

Several of its passengers told me that these buses seem to be in the Formula or Indie 500 race because they zoom in the highways with speeds not less than 100 kph.

A TV 5 equipment caretaker swore to me Wednesday morning that it only took him, aboard a Nova bus of course, less than 30 minutes from their house in Commonwealth, Quezon City to Mandaluyong around 5 am that morning.

A TV 5 make-up artist once told me that the trip from Quezon Avenue near Kamuning to Novelties in Queen City lasted only 15 minutes as the Nova bus he was on was cruising at a very high speed that it feels like its tires no longer touch the ground.

At the rate these Nova buses are going, they may suffer the same fate like that of Don Mariano Transit…dead passengers, and later on a canceled franchise!

Do GOCC directors deserve bonuses?

Recently, the Commission on Audit (COA) announced the bonuses by several government -owned and -controlled corporations (GOCC) given to its directors totalling to more than P2 billion were illegal and should be returned to the government coffers right away.

PhilHealth Chairman Alex Padilla immediately defended the said cash incentives given to its board of directors saying the COA finding is erroneous and that they will never return the money to the National Treasury.

Lawyers for the various GOCCs claim these bonuses are under the law, therefore, the board of directors are entitled to such compensation and other allowances.

While others contend that they, the board of directors, are entitled to such cash incentives for their expertise or line of work not only in office management but also in managing of funds such as where to put the money of contributors of the Social Security System (SSS),
PhilHeath, and Pag-ibig and make it grow, most of its members believe it is very untimely.

The Employers Confederation of the Philippines said the giving out of bonuses to SSS directors may be deemed by its members as wrong timing since the said retirement fund office is asking for an increase in contributions from its members this year.

Some quarters say though that it may be justifiable to give out bonuses to officials of agencies that made money or profit, an agency who asks for increase of contributions from its members, like the SSS and PhilHealth, clearly show that these agencies did not make any profit at all from its investments or manage its funds properly.

As one cab driver puts it, “bakit po sila hihingi pa ng dagdag contribution kung kumita naman sila, di ba? Malinaw na lugi po!”

“Ang bonus kung kumita lang po ang kumpanya,” quips a janitress from a call centre office.

And I say, Amen!


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    The L in LTRFB stands for Laxity, Laziness, or Lagay. I live next to a large bus terminal near Robinsons on Quirino ave and could not help notice the loose system of (the so-called) monitoring of buses. As soon as a bus arrives, the driver rushes to the MMDA satellite office to attend some SOP paper work. No authorized inspector(s) would even look at the newly arrived bus, check its brakes and tires together with the driver. This scrutiny will take only a few minutes but could hundreds of lives if only LTRFB. Then when the inevitable happens, the poor brakes ang the old tires are blamed for the accident.

  2. It is a wonder how the LTFRB, the LTO and MMDA cannot even see how these buses race against each other with the drivers maybe feeling they are actually handling race cars and not lumbering buses! I have seen with my own eyes and can gauge how fast they are traveling by comparing my speed against theirs! It is true that many of these buses whose drivers race like maniacs are those who ply the Fairview-Baclaran routes!