Now is the best time to rebuild our country, let change come from our heart

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

I am bothered by and concerned with the extrajudicial killings going on everyday in different parts of our country. I am also wondering why it is only Senators Leila De Lima, Riza Hontiveros and Kiko Pangilinan who have expressed their own discomfort, albeit aghast, at these summary executions. What happened to our other government leaders, elected or appointed? I am, likewise, disturbed by the silence of different church organizations. The Commission on Human Rights has feebly expressed their dismay and disagreement with this style of meting out justice.

My biggest apprehension is what our young citizenry learning from this. What personal and societal values are affirmed or destroyed witnessing (on television, radio and the social media) such dastardly punishment of “suspected” illegal drug pushers and users and the anguish of their family, relatives and friends seeing their son, daughter, mother, father, uncle, aunt, even grandparent, friend and neighbor in such occasion.

What should we, concerned citizens (especially those with impressionable young children), do? What do we tell our children? How do we “justify” those killings? At the same time, how do we preserve and inculcate in them our good old values of love, respect and justice?

I just attended the 37th National Conference of Employers (July 13-14) which the Employers Confederation of the Philippines organized by the at the Marriot Hotel with the theme “the future of work and business.” We listened to articulate and knowledgeable keynote plenary and panel speakers on different important topics like: human capital requirements for an emerging tiger economy; business sustainability, conquering challenges and sharing gains; unleashing the potentials of micro, small and medium enterprise; outlook of Philippine business, challenges and opportunities; emerging industries and non-standard forms of employment in the 21st century and; talent mobility and contingency manpower staffing, essential elements in today’s business world.
Many issues and problems were raised and creative solutions were proffered, mostly technical, technological and concrete.

Same, same

Nobody talked about the heart of the employee and the employer. Not one speaker dug deep into the psyche or the gut and emotion level of the issues and solutions, especially of the people involved.

To ease worsening traffic condition which is damaging our business and economy, let us widen existing roads and build new ones (skyways and overpasses for cars and pedestrians) or control car ownership (no garage, no car license), remove all obstacles on the roads and sidewalks, build more bridges across the Pasig River, and many others.

I made a comment during the open forum that all our problem boils down to lack of discipline because of the erosion of what we used to hold dearly in our hearts: values.

Unless we adhere to “old-fashioned” values, we cannot all progress together seamlessly.

There will be consequent or collateral problems arising.

Before we propose anything, let’s go back to basic: values orientation or reorientation for everybody young or old.

Somebody told me that during Martial Law, there was marked discipline among Filipinos. Everybody seemed to obey the law or else! That’s the cinch. So what happened? When Martial Law was lifted, we Filipinos were like horses out of the corrals and into the open.

We threw discipline into the air. Nobody is watching us anymore. Freedom, at last!

I dare say that our lack of discipline and the erosion of our noble personal and societal values now cause all our woes.

I don’t believe those extra judicial killings could ever stop the illegal drug menace here.
Thailand failed using the same modus operandi. A wrong cannot be solved with another wrong. Let us operate from our noble values. Let us put back “good manners and right conduct” in the curriculum from kindergarten to college, even graduate and post graduate studies.

Rome was not built in a day, so to speak, but starting now is as good as anytime to truly build our country by honoring our countrymen and fellow human beings.

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  1. Kong ginawa ni Pnoy at ni D5 wala sana ganoon kadaming Adik at drug manufacturing sa Pilipinas remember ibinigay ni Santiago ng PDEA pero wala ginawa ang dalawang ito lalo na c D5 hinayaan ang NBP maging manufacturer ng Drug unli n d philippines

  2. Let us change our mind philosophy not the the heart. It is the most appropriate and logical calling.

  3. Your suggestion of good manners and right conduct is an impossible dream. Pilipinos are hard headed, undisipline, drug addicts. The only way to enforce the law is spreading FEAR. That is the only way. During Matial Law, President Marcos used fear to discipline Pilipinos. Duterte is using that same recipe right now. In the US, Pilipinos are very disciplined because of fear being caught. It can be done but not with the present laws. There is anarchy in our streets because nobody catches them. No police even in our tourist areas. We got what we paid for, CORRUPTION.

  4. “Let us put back “good manners and right conduct” in the curriculum from kindergarten to college, even graduate and post graduate studies.”

    Rather than Good Manners and Right Conduct. I suggest that everybody, EVERYBODY from kindergarten to post graduate to LGU people, especially law enforcers, should be taught Traffic Rules and Regulations.
    EVERYBODY should include even those who will not ever see proper road or cars.
    TRAFFIC SCHOOL should emphasize, staying within your lane, giving right of way, merging in traffic, obedience to traffic signs and more importantly it should teach the rationale for rules, like why is it illegal to park in corners, why shift lanes before turning.
    If the elementary students could imbibe all these, crab mentality and me-first will be greatly minimized in 2 or 3 generations.
    My other dream is for a national regulation that 1.5 meter UNOBSTRUCTED handicap friendly sidewalks be mandated for ALL NEW developments and to retrofit old ones, if possible.
    This should start the mentality of streets are for cars and sidewalks are for people–everything in its proper place.

  5. Totoo yan. Disiplina ang kinakailangang pagtibayin sa pamamagitan ng re-education. Minsan yong freedom ay sadyang naabuso. there must a control thru effective laws of the land and strict implementation. the illegal drug has caused a tremendous impact on the individual as well as the society. Everything is in chaos. But i cannot do anything. Let the experts or authorized persons run after the lawlessness. However, i do what i can do for the community -starting by educating the children and feeding their body, too.

  6. Amnata Pundit on

    You did not mention the drug menace that is threatening the very foundations of our society. These merciless drug syndicates, like depraved terrorists, don’t listen to empty platitudes and tear-jerking motherhood statements. You should be thankful instead that we finally got a leader like Duterte who is bent on showing these evil drug lords and their minions what it is like to be at the receiving end of the wrath of God.