Now, it’s a parent-child reality show


August 26 will mark the premiere of Philippine TV’s first parent-child reality show on GMA Network, titled Anak Ko Yan. Essentially a talent search like most reality shows, 13 pairs of participants have been selected to battle it out for the tilt from Metro Manila, North Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, as well as a mother-and-son tandem all the way from Hong Kong.

At the program’s press launch Friday night, GMA Network addressed concerns regarding the enormous possibility of breeding stage mothers and fathers through the course of the competition. But management quickly brushed off such suggestions, pointing out that the show had been inspired by the crucial roles that parents play in their children’s success in show business. Their most famous poster child for their thesis is Songbird Regine Velasquez whom everyone knows was trained to sing by her own father, Mang Gerry.

What Anak Ko Yan aims to do according to its creators is to highlight the relationship between child and parent—how they prepare their children for every performance, and how they will overcome the struggles and challenges that a showbiz career may bring.

All the same, everyone knows what happens when you put parents of children together in any form of contest, be it in school or more so, in a talent search that can change their lives forever. Things may indeed get ugly.

Host Jennylyn Mercado, apparently, will be in charge of making sure this doesn’t happen, while Rochelle Pangilinan Asia’s Diva Dulce will join her in mentoring the children in dance and singing, respectively.

The young contestants from seven to 17 years old and their parents are: Edrick and Mommy Edith; Monica and Mommy Fatima; AJ and Mommy Ariadni; Dranrie and Mommy Rochie; Anikka and Mommy Jinky; Josh and Mommy Sandra; James and Mommy Gina; Danicia and Mommy Liana; Tricia and Mommy; JenJen and Daddy Allan tandem; Naomi and Mommy Jasmin; Sean and Mommy Flor; and Johnny and Mommy Janet.

JenJen and Daddy Allan, especially caught The Manila Times’ attention during the presentation of contestants because of their touching backstory: Allan is British national who now lives in Dumaguete and adopted JenJen together with his Filipino wife.

“Her mum is my wife’s cousin and she passed on so we adopted JenJen and we love her as our own,” he shared. “The adoption just became official this year, after a very long six-year process.”

Directed by Albert Langitan, Anak Ko Yan will air weekday mornings after With A Smile on GMA Network.



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