Now Palace heaps blame on Purisima


After fiercely defending former Philippine National Police (PNP) Alan Purisima for his involvement in the operation to capture two terrorists hiding in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, Malacanang made a drastic turnaround on Monday by saying the killing of dozens of Special Action Force (SAF) commandos was his fault.

Heaping the blame on the resigned former police chief, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said President Benigno Aquino 3rd gave crucial instructions that, if followed, could have saved the lives of the 44 elite police commandos.

“Instructions were given to General Purisima to coordinate. Those instructions were not carried out but there were instructions to coordinate with the responsible government functions, government units. There were instructions to coordinate with the Army. There were instructions to coordinate with General [Leonardo] Espina. Those were instructions, very clear instructions coming from the President.
Unfortunately, those instructions were not carried out or were not carried out time on target,” he told a news briefing.

Lacierda said Purisima and suspended SAF commander Getulio Napeñas committed blunders and “operational lapses.”

“The President deals [at]the policy level. What is the policy [level]on that {Mamasapano operation]? We fight terrorism. We promote peace. We make sure that we alleviate poverty. These are the [objectives at the]policy level and at that level, the President always harps on the policy. And I think there is nothing irregular [about it],” he explained.

“On the operational level, however, we’ve seen lapses in the operation and for that particular instance, there is the BOI [Board of Inquiry] and the Senate to go through the details of the operation itself,” he added.
Lacierda noted Purisima’s “fault” was his failure to carry out the instructions of the President.

“Those instructions were not carried out. That would be the subject of the report of the BOI as to why, for instance, General Napeñas did not do ‘time on target’ coordination. These are operational issues on the ground, which as we saw [in]the text exchange between the President and General Purisima, he [Aquino] was only given information, bits of information on the 26th of January,” the Palace spokesman said.

Lacierda was referring to the exchange of text messages between Aquino and Purisima and which messages were made public last week.

The same text messages indicated that Purisima gave the President inaccurate details on the execution of Oplan Exodus that was aimed at neutralizing Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman, two high-value targets wanted for terrorism.

During the briefing, the Palace official was obviously shielding Aquino, who came under stinging criticisms for allowing Purisima, his long-time friend, to lead the top-secret operation even if he had been suspended by the Sandiganbayan for graft.

Lacierda explained that “the President does not involve himself in the operation of neutralizing a terrorist.”

“We were informed, for instance, on the 26th of January during the first briefing of General Napeñas that there was ‘time on target’ coordination. When we were looking at it and, in fact, maybe some of you have seen the briefing of that particular day–the first response of General Napeñas [when asked ‘Was there time on target?’]was ‘between three [and]four,” the Palace spokesman said.

“It turned out the first coordination that was given by General Napeñas to General [Eduardo] Pangilinan was 5:06 a.m. At that point, already we sensed that there was something not proper there because our understanding, at the very least, is that there should be coordination prior to hitting the target. Unfortunately, the first coordination was at 5:06 after Mr. Marwan was neutralized, so there was already a firefight when Pangilinan was informed by General Napeñas,” Lacierda added.


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  1. aminin na ni abnoy at bitlog purisima ang pagkakamali. Maliwanag pa sa sikat nang araw na sila ang may sala. Humingi na nang SORRY at pagbaba ni abnoy sa puesto di saka siya kasuhan kasama si Purisima. Huwag ibigay ang mga prebilihio sa retirement ni Puring. Anyway, mayaman na siya. May manokan, magarbong bahay at bullet proof na Land Cruiser. Ano pa ang hahanapin niya? Ipakulong pa sila pagkatapos nang paglilitis para matauhan.

  2. Silvino Panganiban on

    Has anyone tried to measure the length of the noses of Pnoy and his minions?

  3. Sira ulo lang o nauto ng mga yellow media at survey firms na hawak ng mga kaanak ni ABNOY ang naniniwala na wala kasalanan si abnoy sa SAF44.Malin aw pa sa sikat ng araw na kapalpakan ni ABNOY ang pagkamasaker ng SAF44.

  4. “The President deals at the policy level” does the policy allow an officer to plan and handle an operation even while he is suspended?

  5. Kitang kita naman na pinuprotektahan ng mga kaalyado ni PNoy siya. Bago pa lang nagkaroon ng investigation, buong kapal ng mukha ni Trillianes na sinabing walang kasalanan si PNoy. Ganoon din si Boy Drilon at si Belmonte Jr. He he he. Natural ang mga lesser rank sa Senate, ganoon din ang ikakanta. Problema, di bibilhin at di papayag ang Masa (public perception.) The mere fact that PNoy is the Chief Executive, Siya rin ang Commander in chief, tapos he was aware of the events as it unravels, therefore his is responsible.

  6. lacierda can no longer enter into the gates of heaven for the many lies he has committed and soon to commit for and in defense of another liar and bald headed moron

  7. This line of argument is grossly inconsistent with the other information given earlier. It was Aquino who explicitly gave stand down order for a reinforcement and artillery support planned to be executed before noon. Aquino’s order should have been obeyed even without prior coordination from Purisima. Another thing, Aquino, if he is aware of the policy barring a suspended official from discharging his constitutional mandate, should have himself ordered Napenas or Purisima to inform Roxas or importantly Espina so that they themselves will be the ones to coordinate with AFP. This serious mental lapses of Aquino defy logical thinking and inherent only for an immature person.

  8. How naive people are to think that pnoy should take responsibility for this. Tell me what filipino ever takes responsibility for anything. Your laws are very often supporting irresponsibility. E. G. the other day a bus ran over & killed a 14 year old girl. Now automatically its the bus drivers fault. Why it could be the girls fault, pedestrians also have a responsibility. Its alos the governments fault for not having proper driver training & driving tests for everyone, but they will suspend all drivers from that bus company for 30 days. Its laughable but not funny.
    Now why was pnoy still getting reports from purisma if he had told purisma to deal with espina. Purisma was suspended so he should have handed over the operation to espina & should have been available to advise espina should he ask for his advice. Buit for pnoy to still be texting purisma on how the operation was going shows he knew he ( purisma ) was still in charge & for that pnoy should be heald accountable & liable along with purisma.

  9. Granted that it was all Purisima’s fault, didn’t the President know that Purisima was suspended? Didn’t the president know that he should no be dealing with Purisima with any police matter until his suspension is lifted?

    Kahit anong paikot gawin nila sa istorya, sabit pa rin si PNoy. Kaya naman Mr. President, aminin mo na at sabi nga ni Osmena, mag apologize ka na. Humble yourself. Tao ka lang naman (na dapat wala dyan sa Malacanyang).

  10. Everytime Coloma and Lacierda open their mouth , I am always reminded of Bunye during the illfated ‘Hello Garci” scandal….this makes the BBL weak in form and substance..because the very people who are responsible to promote and lead it are no longer credible and have no guts to say sorry to the entire nation with regard to the Mamasapano incident and DAP pork barrel scandal…in the case of the BBL how can this document promote peace in the entire Mindanao when all group at stake are not included in the negotiations….I think the nation is okey with the 70 billion initial budget but under one Philippine Flag. Police and Army anything short on this agreement is a fluke…let us seriously review the BBL and seriously unite under a decent democratic Republic.

  11. sonny dela cruz on

    When will they stop the blaming game and focus on what will happen about the BBL. I heard from this forum that when the BBL is not pass, the MILF said it will be war but when the BBL is pass then the people said it will be revolution. I am kind of puzzle what kind of a game is this. Hope the answer comes June 12, 2015.

  12. No matter how hard they rationalize, PeNoy committed what could be a felony by allowing a suspended officer to take charge of a sensitive operation. He should take responsibility for the consequences and accept any punishment. Period. Stop the bleeding by stopping the lying, Lacierda.

  13. (Lacierda said Purisima and suspended SAF commander Getulio Napeñas committed blunders and “operational lapses.”)

    Lacierda, you are talking nonsense. The fact the PNoy admits that he ordered suspended Purisima to coordinate, lead Oplan Exodus, makes him responsible for breaching the legal suspension of Purisima from his (Purisima’s) official PNP duties. PNoy is guilty of this unlawful command and therefore must shoulder part of the failures of Exodus. He cannot get away from this responsibilty as Commander-In-Chief. He has lapases of reconizing the wrong from right. PNoy lies too as suspended Purisima and booted out Napenas. All pathological liars.

    Lacierda is as incompetent as PNoy. He is a lap dog, tuta, like Valte and Caloma. Disgusting bunch. Juvenile advisers.

  14. Abnoy, why heap the blame on your lapdog Purisima for your own dumb and dumber act of refusing to send reinforcements to the beleaguered 44 SAF commandos? You are barking at the wrong tree!

    Blame Gloria Arroyo instead for your stupidity!

    • Samuel Santos on

      He’s really stupid, because until now he has not thought of blaming GMA for his stupidity.

  15. Pag Malacanang na ang nag salita, nawawalan na akong gana magbasa dahil alam ko na Hindi totoo ang kanilang sinasabi. Nakakahiya Kayo.