Now we cannot continue recognizing PNoy


Not even his 55th birth anniversary last Sunday gave President B. S. Aquino 3rd a reprieve from the public outrage over the Jan. 25 massacre of 44 Philippine National Police Special Action Force (SAF) commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters.

As a critic, I prayed for him more intensely than I normally used to. I prayed that he may finally be touched by the light of truth and justice, the grace of wisdom and humility, and accept the necessary consequence of his bungling his command of the operation at Mamasapano and the whole of his unhappy presidency.

But far more people have grown very angry. So many in the social media seemed resolved to inflict upon him a particular kind of cruelty. The canons of responsible journalism do not permit me to reproduce any of their comments here, but in another time and another place they might have passed for lese majeste. They did not spare the most offensive words to inflict the most painful injury.

Even in the entertainment world, where everyday celebrities tend to specialize in superficial and synthetic issues, and the presidential sister’s influence has long held sway among young performers, the most unbelievable remarks have been heard, prompting the polyamorous Kris Aquino to “unfriend” and “unfollow” some of her former protégés.

The showbiz crowd appears to have reached the point where, in Camus’ famous words, even the slave must now rebel. Hidden and unsaid for the last four years, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Aquino must now be said: He is unfit to command. He represents not only a grave danger but much more than that, the gravest possible danger to the Republic. This is what the Mamasapano massacre has revealed.

This had not dawned on many during the first massacre under his watch (in 2010) when eight Hong Kong tourists were killed in a bus-hijacking incident in the heart of Manila before the lone hijacker was taken out. Aquino had been in office only a few months then, and it wasn’t so clear how close he was to the scene of the hijacking when the hostages were killed. Claims persist that he was in a nearby Chinese restaurant with some aides, but these have remained unconfirmed.

His unusual reaction then was to refuse to talk to the head of the Hong Kong government for not being his equal in rank and to apologize to the Hong Kong or Chinese government for the death of the innocent tourists. This stubborn and inexplicable attitude disturbed the long friendly relations between Manila and Hong Kong, at the expense of the tens of thousands of Filipinos working there, until Manila mayor and former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada apologized to Hong Kong on behalf of his city and the more decent elements of the national government.

Neither was this fatal flaw visible to any great number when in October 2011 the combined forces of the MILF and the Abu Sayyaf Group massacred 19 members of the AFP Special Forces Battalion in Al-Barka, Basilan while on a mission to serve a warrant to a high-value target in the middle of a ceasefire between the MILF and the Aquino government. This triggered suggestions of an “all-out war,” similar to the one which enabled the military under Estrada to overrun the MILF main base at Camp Abubakar, despite a formal request from US President Bill Clinton to stand down. But Aquino said he would pursue “all-out justice” instead.

Aquino’s unfitness to command escaped public scrutiny when he ran the operations against the Moro National Liberation Front in Zamboanga City last September, using some six thousand troops to contain a couple of hundred poorly armed fighters. The MNLF fighters were all eliminated, and 10,000 civilian homes burned to the ground—-something the country had not seen before in any of its anti-insurgency operations. The “success” of this totally one-sided operation rendered superfluous any inquiry into the conduct of the military action — whether or not excessive force was used to quell the pocket incursion.

CNN was the first one to publicly raise the appropriate question after super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda flattened Tacloban and Aquino and his purported heir apparent Mar Roxas stood paralyzed by the enormity of the challenge. Anderson Cooper bewailed the total absence of government in the rescue and relief operations, which international donors had started running with their ships, planes, men, money and relief items, while Christiane Amanpour asked Aquino whether he would allow the perceived state of paralysis to define his government for the rest of his term.

Aquino answered he would not, but proceeded to spend the rest of the year “Noynoying” on Tacloban, thereby prompting the Yolanda victims to wage a strong campaign against Malacanang’s continued heartlessness, negligence and inaction. Aquino countered with greater inaction, and when Pope Francis came to visit last January he avoided any discussion of the fate of the victims by preemptively attacking the Church in general, and some unnamed Catholic prelates in particular in his highly offensive “welcome” of the Pope in Malacañang.

His unfitness to lead could no longer be hid at this point. But this became excruciatingly self-evident in the police operation that led to the Mamasapano massacre. This was so from the very beginning to its tragic end.

Aquino had named his shooting buddy, PNP Director-General Alan Purisima, as the “case officer” in the project to bring down Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and his Filipino associate Abdulbasit Usman, for whose death or capture the FBI had announced a bounty of $6 million, and who had been reported to have found a sanctuary close to the MILF and BIFF camps in Mamasapano. But he failed to recall the designation after the Ombudsman had suspended Purisima for six months from December in connection with charges of corruption. Then he deliberately excluded from the project his own DILG secretary, Mar Roxas, and the PNP Acting Director General Leonardo Espina, despite their being part of the regular PNP operational chain of command.

On the day of the operation, Aquino flew to Zamboanga City, ostensibly to visit the victims of a bombing the day before, but obviously to monitor the Mamasapano operation from the Western Mindanao command. He spent part of the morning visiting hospitals; but probably expecting success in Mamasapano by noontime, he asked that the city’s business and community leaders join him at the Andrews air base multipurpose center in the afternoon. The group came at 1 pm and waited and waited until 6:30 pm when Roxas finally came to tell them that a “misencounter” in Maguindanao had kept Aquino from coming.

The most important development in Operation Wolverine or Exodus happened at this point. The SAF commandos had run out of bullets, and had sent out distress calls for reinforcement. The reinforcement forces, including a light armored brigade, were ready to move in; the brigade had even fired a white phosphorous flare to mark out their location. But they were ordered to stand down. So no reinforcement came. The only reinforcement that came was on the side of the MILF, with the BIFF joining in. Throughout all this, Aquino was understood to have been watching–listening–monitoring. He alone could have given the stand-down order. If he did not, he alone could have cancelled or reversed it, if he wanted to save the 44.

If you ask the widow or orphan of any of the fallen 44, why the 44 were killed, none of them is likely to say, because Purisima or Getulio Napenas, the sacked SAF commander, had failed to coordinate with PNP Acting Chief Leonardo Espina or the AFP units in the area, but only because the SAF commandos had failed to get the needed reinforcement. And who denied them the reinforcement? The stand-down order from the President and Commander-in-Chief. The inquiry must focus on this, without allowing any undue distractions.

Now, every effort is being made at the Senate inquiry to absolve Aquino of any culpability, and to undo the truth about his unfitness to command. This is far beyond regrettable. The death of the 44 has already deeply enraged the nation, but the Senate exercise to try to persuade us that Aquino had nothing to do with their slaughter is tantamount to saying that no one is left to tell the nation the truth anymore, and that the 44 must rise from the dead to tell us what really happened. This could provide the humblest citizen the most compelling reason to withdraw recognition and support of the Aquino regime now.


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  1. It may ease our hatred when we give comments against P-noy, but who are we to judge? Let God do what is fitting to those who sacrifice lives for the sake of his own interests. We can’t just easily persecute him as others would defend him. Pray that the truth will be revealed as the ‘pressure’ goes up.

  2. I cannot consider the MILF as a rebel force. They are no better than lawless elements using vague principles to justify their attrocities. At some point they are also terrorists given the actions of their stubborn commanders. They also “allegedly” coddle international terrorists. And where do they get their funding and weapons? From “I don’t know where” overseas?

    Why negotiate a peace deal with these people, grant a region to govern and give them taxpayers’ money for their spending pleasure? Then their group is not solid wherein new armed groups will come out later on. The Philippines has long been internationally recognized as a sovereign nation. Why these insurgencies are our eternal problem.

    If we genuinely want the Muslims to govern this region, why not let the PEACEFUL Muslims be the leaders here then it is the government’s duty to PROTECT them. I mentioned LEADERS not TRAPO because the trapo will tolerate and even use these armed groups.

    For all the armed groups, charge them with illegal possession of firearms and file all the necessary criminal charges. These groups have been hampering progress, murdering and displacing people, and one big headache for all of us. We have our laws.

  3. In order that the Legislature realize what is happening to our country , The Senate and the House of Representatives must charter Philippine airlines and fly all of them to Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

    Upon arrival, they should convene all their sessions there until the usual closing date of congressional meetings.

    If they cannot safely do so, or they won’t agree to convene there, then they should stop even considering BBL, drop BBL .

    The Philippine National Territory includes that area over-run by Muslim militants and other terrorists, is part and parcel of the our Patrimony as Filipinos.

    No one, nor any branch of the Government of the Philippines has the constitutional authority to secede a territory of the Republic of the Philippines to any revolutionary group!

    BBL is a proposed law by AQUINO in order to secede a part of our patrimony and our national territory and surrender Philippine sovereignty to a foreign enemy of the Republic of the Philippines.

    Congress has no constitutional authority to enact any law that will secede a part the Philippine National Territory, surrender Sovereignty to a foreign enemy such as MLIF!

    Congress must issue a warrant of arrest for Aquino, then impeach the AQUINO and remove him form office for HIGH TREASON.

    AQUINO is a clear and present danger to the Filipino Nation.

    • I totally agree. From the very start, i kept asking why we wanted to inflict on ourselves, this very incompetent and stupid abnoy. Now i am vindicated. This poor excuse of a president goes from one blunder to another. His administration has never been tainted with success, and the casualties are piling up. He must be removed NOW.

  4. when pnoy called the milf his friends, not only did he count himself as being one of them but also one of them who killed the 44 SAF members. fraternizing with the enemies? indeed he was. and for that, he should be made up to stand against the wall. that said, i guess everybody knows what should happen next.

  5. So what is Plan A of the National Transformation Council? Sun Tzu’s first lesson in warfare was to attack your enemy’s strategy. What is the enemy’s strategy- I am assuming you know that the enemy is the yellow regime of which this retardate is only a part- if not to maintain its hold on power through CHEATING IN EVERY ELECTION. The reason they got smartmatic is the shock Erap’s victory in gave them in ’98. So far that is the only undisputed presidential election since before martial law. This is the best chance to mobilize people to OCCUPY COMELEC while the public rage is on the rise, all they need is a leader who will funnel this rage at the right focal point. After all it was smartmatic that put this moron in the Palace. When you have finally mobilized the people, anything is possible. Any body who cries for change but refuses to confront the Comelec cheating machine is a secret agent of the yellow forces, that includes the prelates who as far as I know have not issued a single pastoral letter against Comelec’s cheating machines. If only they will devote as much intensity to this as they did when they opposed the RH bill I can erase my doubts about their sincerity…

  6. alam ba ninyo kaya di ipinaaalam sa afp sino ba naman ang huhukay ng ginto naippaalam pa sa iba malaki ang reward si purisima mukhang pera yan ipinain ung iba pero sa kanya mapupunta ung reward may palalabasin lang informer yn tapos sakanya ang punta noong reward get na ba ninyo kaya lang ipinaalam pa militar kasi gipit na,.l sige ikaw na huhukay ng ginto ippalam pa ba iba …

  7. Ikaw naman, Kit di pa rin nagising. Itigil mo na rin ang paggamit o paglagay ng salitang “president” bago sa panganlan ni simyon. Magsimula ka na rin ng kampanya sa media at sa mga kabaro sa industriya na tigilan na ang paglagay ng salitang “president” bago ang salitang simyon. Tawagin na lang natin lahat sya na simyon dahil yan naman talaga ang ipinangalan sa kanya. Pag lahat ay tinatawag na syang simyon, malalaman na nya na lahat ay wala ng paggalang sa kanya at sa kahihiyan ay aalis na lang yan ng Malacañang. In the first place, di naman talaga sya nanalo. He just usurped the office.

  8. polyamorous-wow how colorful. Maybe true but how can than be relevant in your dicussion? I am wondering if the sister goes to communion everyday and observes a chaste life would she be ok in your eyes? Please a little compassion for her and the rest of us sinners. Anyway you have more than enough material to damn the Peenoy. But the spin doctors of Pee messed it all up-there are more sensible ways of defending the president. Fire the Pee’s spin doctors. Or are they white anting the president? I wonder.

  9. tanong ko lang bakit kaya ang ating 150,000 at 125,000 pulis at afp ay tulog at bakit pumapayag na ginawa silang mga gago hoy isang abnoy at isang suspendido isama mo pa un mg tuta nya led by drillon belmonte 3 itlog caye trilla pimentel guingona at liberal boys ay gumising kayo mga tagapagtanngol ng bayan huwag hayan lupigin ang mahal na ph ng mga sakim at buwaya at linta na sa kasalukuyan ay nagpapahirap sa inang bayna gumisding kayo

  10. 1. does purisima understand the meaning of his being under suspension?
    2. consequences of being under suspension?
    3. was it not the ombudsman which suspended him?
    4. is not the ombudsman a constitutional body independent of the executive and legislative depts.?
    5. if purisima was under suspension what business did he have in the operation wolverine?
    6. who authorized him to participate? AQUINOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. So, ano pa ang pinag iimbestigahan nila??????????????????

  11. Knowing all these, what are we doing, why are we not doing anything to take Abnoy down and show them out of the government, it was people power that recognised the Aquino’s, it should be people power that would take them down. this country, in the last 4 years everyone has experienced the hardship, low morale, government officials are unbecoming. Is this really what we want.. we should start creating change. Netizens are just on the net, that will not do any good there should be a force that will make them very afraid of the people every time they do something as stupid as these.

    • >>> Nothing to do. Because those group of people who are so brave to lead and always outspoken in criticizing govt during demos on time Erap and PGMA, ARE PRESENTLY IN THE GOVERNMENT OFFICES, AGENCIES, CONGRESS AND SENATE ..LIKE THOSE MILITANT (KUNO).. BAYAN MUNA(Bayad Muna!), KMU, Anakbayan( Anak ng Bayad!), Akbayan (Akbay Bayad !, Hyatt 10 ( 10Milyones pesos?), Black & White Movement ( mga balimbing), Magdalo (saan madali?).

      So those are the groups that called NGOs and Civil Groups, therefore who else initiated and lead the demos everyday? Look what happend to DAP & PDAP issues and the rallies and demos, where are they now?

      >>> In Boxing, in Wrestling, In Fencing and even in War…THERE WAS A RULE; BUT IN POLITICS MONEY RULES !!!!!!

  12. We have a president who is a 55 year old bachelor. How normal is that? Does anyone know of another one? I do not. Most normal 55 year old men have a wife and children. Aquino is not normal and lives in another world.

    A normal 55 year old president would do something like this to achieve peace:
    1. Place the BBL on hold.
    2. Arrest the killers of the 44 policemen.
    3. Conclude that peace is not possible with so many armed private armies in the Philippines.
    4. Push for a law to outlaw any weapon larger than a pistol.
    5. Push for a law than outlaws any private army.
    6. Enforce 4 and 5,

  13. Sabi nga “What a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to decieve”

    The record shows this Gen.Catapang, on national TV with his ala Pnoy “tawang aso”
    saying, “We could not reinforce because of the ceasefire!” And TV footage will also show that he and Gazmin were in Zamboanga too!

  14. muriel magtanggol on

    Even if they succeed in deceiving the Senators, i know that their conscience will bother them, not only today but for the rest of their lives. There will be no peace in their hearts and in their minds, thus, their families will be affected as well. They will have no peace…until they confess and repent and make restitutuion for their sins. The curse as the bible says can last from 3-4 generations!

  15. BantayKurapsyon on

    Mr. Tatad, he (BS! Aquino !!!) will be touched by the light of truth and justice, the grace of wisdom and humility? only sane people will know and feel that but Pnoy is not sane.

    • Clap. Clap clap.

      Heck he cannot fathom what sane people can.
      He needs to be evaluated psychologically.

  16. Melchor Vergara on

    the senators (except maybe for Marcos) are united in trying to make sure that even mentioning the idiot president’s name in the hearings is kept to a minimum, if none at all….

    cayetano’s posture of going hard on the MILF is but one more distraction/diversion, in addition to angara’s pathetic “pa-cute” stance while asking stupid questions….

  17. nakakainis ngang manood sa senate hearing e. sinisisi lang either AFP or PNP, e Obvious naman kung saan nagme-meet ang dalawa, e doon ang problema. Bwiset! autistic nga, walang konsensiya!

  18. The interim result of the senate inquiry will be that: heads will roll from the army and the PNP. Abnoy will be cleared. Drillon already made it clear the President was faultless at the said hearing. What else do we have to know? STOP THIS BBL LAW ON ITS TRACkS NOW BEFORE WE ARE OVERTAKEN BY THE MUSLIM TREND. Other nations are waking up to this. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!!

  19. There are no tyrants where ther are no slaves…….disgrace not only to his father but to the nation,,,,,,,, Bonifacio ,Rizal , Graciano Lopez Jaena must be turning in their graves. Total incompetence, blanket disregard for the law and the welfare of citizens of the Republic…..have hope … After every storm ….. The sun appears

  20. Napakalinaw na alam ni PNoy ang nangyayari pero hindi siya kumilos para sagipin ang sinasabi niya ay mga anak niya (Bull!) Instead it took him 4 days to appear in prime time and to the disgust of the people to put the blame on a fall guy, Napenas, and absolve Purisima and himself. Talagang galit na galit ang mga pamilya ng SAF 44.

  21. Where are the Hyatt 10 people?
    Its time for the them for Hyatt 11.

    Resign and withdraw support.

    You said it all Senator Kit Tatad -Mabuhay ka.

  22. It’s true: “Now, every effort is being made at the Senate inquiry to absolve Aquino of any culpability, and to undo the truth about his unfitness to command.”

    The corrupt and palace lackey Drilon was spoon-feeding the witness with what he wants them to say, like: “Is the decision not to inform Roxas and Espina part of the security plan, answer yes or no?” Drilon wanted to justify the instruction of the Abnoy to Purisima not to inform Roxas and Espina. He wanted to elicit a “yes” answer from the witness by a spoon-fed question. Very wily indeed. It’s a good thing, the proceedings were televised. We saw and heard and we were able to make our own conclusions. Indeed, these senators, except Marcos, Cayetano and Recto are not serving the interest of the people.

    Undersecretary Deles was quick to deny that the Caucasian who died was an American. In less than 2 seconds, she immediately blurted out, “No,no… he was a Norwegian”. A question came to my mind. Could he be an observer from the Nobel Peace Award in Norway, out to see the final resolution of the arrest of Marwan? Remember that this BBL is what the Abnoy is gunning for to win the Nobel Peace Award. Sadly, this Norwegian paid a high price too for sponsoring the Abnoy, the no.1 enemy of the people now.

    It is most regrettable that it is only now that the country is realizing that we cannot continue recognizing this Abnoy. I have known it all along eversince he committed that boo-boo related to the Luneta massacre. Heavens, what kind of an excuse is that, when he announced he cannot apologize because the offended party asking for an apology is not equal to him. That was plain stupid. Graciousness and sincerity are no “respecter” of rank. Wasn’t it a British monarch (Prince of Wales, Prince Albert) who said that he will apologize to a street sweeper as though he were another king. And here we have an illegitimate usurper, an Abnoy at that, refusing to extend concern and sympathy for foreign guests massacred in his own country.

    From the beginning, we should have known intuitively that this Abnoy will be a curse to us. Now that we know, he brings death and misfortunes to our country, it’s really about time, he is removed from Malacanang. And heaven help us if we don’t.

  23. I saw the video of gma7 and watch the hearing a while ago thats what ive notice when napena said”lumabas nako sir,naiwan si chief purisima sa loob bumalik sya kasi may pinagusapan pa sila uli ni pres.”,no one bothered to ask purisima ano pinagusapan nyo ni pres.bakit k nya pinabalik? why the hell purisima is so confident to say to napena”ako na bahala kay catapang”..who gives the suspended pnp chief that confidence simple mathematics?right??