Noy condones Lina’s abuses at BoC


Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina must come clean on his decision to cancel his bureau’s P650 million computerization project that was awarded to a rival of his own private company.

Now, major players at Aduana fear they were not mistaken in their predictions on what’s coming with Lina’s return as Bureau of Customs (BoC) head.

On May 6, two weeks after he took over BoC, Lina issued a directive to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to drop the project.

The DBM served the notice of cancellation to the joint venture Intrasoft International Inc. and Omniprime Marketing Inc., who won the contract for the project called “Selection of System Integrator for Design, Operation and Maintenance of Integrated Enhanced Customs Systems (iCPS) and National Single Window (NSW).”

It was later discovered that the joint venture beat Lina’s firm, E-Konek Pilipinas, which was disqualified in the bidding.

Lina’s move smacks of conflict of interest in violation of Republic Act 6713, otherwise known as the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials.”

I agree with lawyer Harry Roque, who represents Intrasoft-Omniprime, that the BoC chief’s action is clearly unethical and illegal.

Roque challenged President Noynoy to prove he is not condoning Lina’s unlawful acts and grave abuse of authority.

Don’t count on it, Harry. I bet he won’t lift a finger and make your day.

So, it seems that Lina’s return engagement at the lucrative post serves at least two purposes: To raise campaign funds for the Liberal Party (LP) candidates in next year’s elections and to facilitate his own private interests.

Such sheer shamelessness! In the vernacular, garapalan na ito!

Noy grandstands on Kentex tragedy
President Noynoy did very well in elucidating the conditions that over 72 workers suffered before they burned to death at the Kentex factory in Valenzuela City recently.

Those victims have long suffered in that sweatshop, earning starvation pay.

But, like millions of the toiling masses, they had no choice but to bear their exploitation. There are innumerable workplaces like Kentex, thanks to the Aquino administration.

With less than a year left in his six-year term, Noynoy has done nothing to alleviate the plight of oppressed workers.

But Noynoy and his inutile agencies would not take responsibility for the rampant subhuman conditions at the workplace.

True to his moniker “Boy Sisi,” Noynoy conveniently assigned blame to the local city government for issuing a “provisional business permit” to the Kentex before it complied with fire safety standards.

The militant Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) made sense in pointing out that Aquino was “being selective in his call for accountability over the fire tragedy.

KMU blamed the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

According to KMU, DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz and DILG Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd are “most responsible for the deaths of the workers.”

“Baldoz should be held responsible because her agency granted Kentex a certificate of compliance in relation to occupational health and safety standards,” KMU said.

Roxas should also be held liable because the Bureau of Fire Protection, an agency under his department, allowed Kentex to operate despite the factory’s non-compliance with fire safety standards and failed to notify the Valenzuela City Hall of the violation.

And Noynoy had the guts to grandstand as if championing the cause of the poor workers.

Why, what has he done in five years to uplift the quality of life of the labor sector?

Nothing! Nada!


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  1. I do not want to argue about whether Lina abused his position or not. But, do you believe that a P650 million project where the BAC only has received one proposal from a lone bidder can be beneficial to the country?
    How could the BCA decide that they are obtaining the best system with the best price if they did not have any other prospective bidder to compare the proposals and prices with?
    Please note that there were 5 entities who submitted their interests for participating in the bidding and only one entity was “shortlisted” to submit its proposal.
    In my opinion, the BAC should have used its authority to cancel the bidding and announce it again when they noticed that only one entity is remaining.
    I think if you look from this angle, the bidding was cancelled rightfully.

  2. Shameless display of arrogance & vindictiveness together with an assumed tough guy stance,
    exact mindset of his patron, special guest of the Japanese Emperor, a long-time
    (over 75 yrs.)family friend ?

  3. chthonic monster on

    boc will never be a boc without corruption! and this li na is a well protected specie of corruption!

  4. pinoys still living in the Philippines have got to be among the most gullible people in the whole world … imagine believing peony’s mantra of “daang-matuwid” – right from day 1 that daang-matuwid was meant only for those not in peony’s cabal … I will bet good money that come the next prez election in 2016, another corrupt and/or incompetent president will elected by the mindless filipino electorate

    • Lahat nalang isinisi sa Presidente, kaya nga may mga Bureau na dapat tumingin sa kanilang nasasakupan, baka pati pag sumakit ang tiyan niyo isisi ulit sa Presidente na nagbigay ng maling gamut si Doctor.
      GUMISING na kayo mga Inutil