Noy keeps lying but can’t hide the truth anymore

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

Prints of President Noynoy’s bloodstained hands are all over the place.

And, it was not surprising which senator has the guts to point out the obvious finally.

Only Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has the balls to question freely and lead us fairly to truthful conclusions.

Why, the first two Senate hearings sans Santiago were so agonizing and frustrating, as senators restrained their questioning and made calculated comments, veering away from evidence of Noynoy’s culpability.

The inquiry was becoming more like a moro-moro, an orchestrated whitewash, until the veteran lady RTC judge showed up.

Now, Noynoy can lie all he wants but he can no longer hide the truth!

Huwag na tayong maglokohan, Noy, as the feisty senator would say.

In a briefing at his palace crib Bahay Pangarap on Jan. 9, we are sure Noynoy ordered Purisima to instruct Police Director Getulio Napeñas not to tell Roxas and Philippine National Police OIC Deputy Director Leonardo Espina. Otherwise, Purisima would not have given that “advice” to Napeñas. And that is why each time Purisima was asked what he and Noynoy talked about after Napeñas and the other fellow left him and the President alone, his reply was he has to get clearance from Aquino to answer that question.

Napeñas, erstwhile chief of the PNP’s elite Special Action Force (SAF), admitted that he took orders from Purisima, who is suspended from police service on orders of the Ombudsman in connection with his graft case.

Apparently, Noynoy does not have trust and confidence in Interior Secretary Mar Roxas such that he did not inform him about Marwan and the bomb threat against Pope Francis.

Noynoy would rather entertain the whims of Purisima than work with a more a competent and decent officer in Espina.

Doesn’t that smack of corruption and impropriety?

Wala nang wang-wang, mga buwang na lang sa Malacañang!

The Jan. 9 meeting among several buwang was six days before the arrival of Pope Francis during which ensuring security was of paramount concern, not only to protect His Holiness but also the safety of millions of Filipinos expected to welcome him.

For inconceivable reasons, Noynoy and Purisima agreed to keep Roxas and Espina clueless about Oplan Exodus which targeted known terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan.

“Huwag mo munang sabihin sa dalawa, saka na pag nandun na kayo. Ako na ang bahala kay Catapang,” Purisima admitted telling Napeñas.

It turned out that Marwan had plotted a bomb attack on Pope Francis’ convoy one Jan. 18 along Kalaw St., near Rizal Park.

So all the while, Roxas and Espina knew nothing about the impending SAF operation, as well as a potential threat against the Pope.

Just the same, the PNP under the leadership of Roxas and Espina did a hell of a job Jan. 15th to 19th protecting Pope Francis, “in coordination” with the military and the MMDA.

Give credit where credit is due!

Kudos Roxas who might have been a more virile Commander-in-Chief than Noynoy. Rated-K, ika nga.

Kudos to General Espina, who could have mapped a more viable plan.

Espina could not have left his men behind enemy lines.

But till now, Purisima has not disclosed his whereabouts during the hours that he waited for the head of his US$6 million target on that fateful day.

On Jan. 24th, Napeñas and his men headed for Maguindanao on orders of Purisima.

Shortly after midnight, the elite police troops trekked to the marsh terrorists’ lair and, before the breaking of dawn, they closed in and engaged Marwan.

We honor the valor of all the SAF commandos who eliminated Marwan.

We also give credit to Noynoy for unlawfully delegating to Purisima the PNP task of sending them on a suicide mission deep into the terrorists’ lair, a death trap so to speak.

And, we give extra credit to Noynoy for playing footsie in Zamboanga, doing target shooting maybe, while the SAF warriors fought to the last bullet a thousand MILF, BIFF and lawless mercenaries in the Mamasapano killing fields.


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  1. …is deles and ferrer are muslim convert? so the talks goes with the muslim milf and the muslim convert to negotiate THE BBL…is BBL for the muslim only…may we know how many muslim will be affected and how many others will be affected…good thing we have the senate and the lower house to make it real…

    • pls. watch on youtube the senate hearing RE: mamasapano, the one Sen. Defensor was present. watch the part of Sen. Defensor and Sen. Allan Cayetano. very interesting questions.

    • May pangako sigurong resorts para sa kanila sa gitna ng Liguasan marsh. Tanong ko rin, bakit atat na atat ang US na makipag deal ang Pinas sa MILF? Baka gusto nila dito na lang sa Asia maglungga ang mga terrorista at wag na mag-abroad pa sa America. Kawawa naman ang Australia at New Zealand nyan.

  2. Very good item. I would advise Mar Roxas should resign now. Mr. Roxas should not rely on Pnoy anymore. If Mar is thinking he will be endorsed by Pnoy for Presidency, he should think many times. Dahil maraming Buang sa Malacananng, it might be Mr. Iqbal that will be endorsed by Pnoy for President.

    • Pag kalaban ang nakasalang, marami ang tanong c Trillanes pero pag kasama na ang apektado kagaya ni Abnoy, limitado ang tanong.

  3. The bomb threat of Marawan on Pope Francis could be true and could have happened. One suspects that the plan was cancelled at the behest of Deles and Ferrer, two Muslim converts who are both very influencial to PNoy and the MILF leadrship and terrorist group.