• Noy pleaded ‘like VP Binay did.’ Noynoying governance


    “Does PNoy hate those of us in uniform so much that he shows no empathy at all with us who lost 44 of our brods? He would rather let the evil people who murdered them in cold blood go scot free?”

    That is a question from a police official that only the Commander-in-Chief can answer.

    And, there are more questions now that are left unanswered with the sudden suspension of the House of Representatives’ inquiry into the Masasapano Massacre of the SAF commandos by the MILF.

    Malacañang must have ordered that suspension, says Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.

    Most probably Noynoy did, the same way he lied about how Vice President Jojo Binay asked him to stop the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee hearing on Makati irregularities.

    Halting the House probe before Noynoy could be requested to appear and answer questions smacks of a whitewash of his culpability and a move to cover-up any of his wrong doing, an effort to keep the whole truth from coming out.

    MRT: Milking cow left to rot
    After the wishy-washy “investigation” into the train crash incident last August, the Noynoy administration clearly did nothing to correct the serious defects of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) that put lives of people in danger.

    Fortunately in that incident no one was killed but 30 of the jampacked thousands of passengers were injured when the runaway train lost control and crashed into a steel fence and fell off the tracks at the EDSA-Taft terminal.

    Fortunately, again, no one was killed on Tuesday when a train on full speed abruptly stopped, throwing passengers against each other.

    Between the August and last Tuesday’s incident, there have been countless “glitches” occurring almost daily.

    The state of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) is now as bad as it was in the first days of the Matuwid na Daan administration. Noynoy has had almost five years to fix and maintain this vital mode of mass transportation but nothing has been done.

    Noynoy’s managers, particularly those who took turns noynoying at the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), should be punished and fired because they simply didn’t do what they are tasked to do to make sure the trains serve their purpose.

    Originally envisioned by the hated Marcos, the Light Rail Train (LRT) and MRT systems were meant to provide commuters an alternative to public utility jeepneys and buses for rapid and convenient travel.

    Note that the MRT-3 along EDSA was completed and maintenance negotiated on at the time of the later Cory Aquino presidency.

    Now 28 years since Marcos fled the People’s Power revolt, the LRT, LRT2 and MRT3 are the objects of mounting complaints.

    The DOTC, “in partnership with the MRTC,” had continued to recklessly operate the MRT without ensuring proper maintenance.

    The MRT merely served as a milking cow for some DOTC officials over the past four-plus years.

    Now the MRT trains, their operating system and the tracks are far from being safe to serve an ever-increasing number of passengers, up to half a million people per day.

    Wait, I stand corrected. Noynoy did something “to improve” the MRT.

    He authorized DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya to implement MRT and LRT fare hikes before the holidays ended in January.

    “In order to make improvements, we need to raise the fare,” these culprits would say.

    Some senators were quick to point out that Congress authorized the appropriation of large funds for the purpose uplifting the MRT and LRT services and facilities.

    “If we were told that they planned on effecting the fare hikes, we would not have approved the appropriations for MRT,” said Sen. Grace Poe.

    Note that Abaya snubbed Poe’s committee hearing on the MRT problems just days before implementing the fare rate increases.

    We can all now see Noynoy administration’s style of “good governance.”

    For example, secretly hijacking congressionally appropriated public funds for the “economic stimulus” of his cronies.

    Another example is keeping secret from the Interior Secretary and Philippine National Police officer-in-charge a major police operation and delegating it to a suspended police official facing graft cases.

    And, suddenly imposing the MRT and LRT fare hikes before a fair public hearing could be held.

    Since then, they’ve been noynoying, doing nothing to fix the MRT.

    The same way they did noynoying days before they responded to the Bohol earthquake and the super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda calamities.

    The same way they did noynoying while SAF 44 were being butchered.



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    1. “Duterte, hindi ka mananalo sa akin dahil wala kang pera at sa dami ng ninakaw ko sa gobyerno, marami akong mabibiling botante” , sabi ni Binay

    2. These MRT system technical defects should be addressed promptly. As I see it, the system is a disaster about to happen, which may involve thousands of commuters’ lives or limbs. DOTC, staffed at the top level by lawyers, probably disregard the technical aspects of their jobs. Will Sec. Abaya wait for another tragedy, in the magnitude of the Mamapasano debacle or Luneta Hostage fiasco, to happen?

    3. We all want to know who has put the PNP on hold. We know the PNP, the country’s law enforcement arm would have investigated, identified, and arrested most of the murderers by now. We know they wanted to do that. So who gave them the order to “Stand Down” and not achieve justice?

    4. Abnoying-yingski on

      Akala ko malilimutan mo Mr. Tulfo na may nagawa din naman sina Aquino at group sa MRT: NA ITAAS ANG PAMASAHE NG WALANG KAAWA-AWA SA MGA MANANAKAY!
      Ganyan kakapal ang mga yan! Walanghiya to the max!

    5. Thank you Mr. Tulfo for your courage to bring to the attention of our complacent nation the serious blunders of Aquino and his inefficient cabinet. His days are numbered the people will no longer tolerate his ineptitude. It is time to replace his and his entire cabinet. No succession of corrupt and inept people like him. We want a new set of credible, able and honest leaders.

      • if there would be an abrupt regime change sometime before boy sisi steps down officially, i hope the new leaders would immediately arrest and detain( just like what they did to arroyo) drilon, belmonte, abadingding, alcala, abaya, gen purisima, ochoa and others who belong to the inner circle of boy sisi.