Noy pushed as Mar’s VP

ROLE REVERSAL Dasmariñas City Rep. Elpidio Barzaga wants President Aquino and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas to tandem in 2016 just like in 2010 but with roles reversed.  MALACAÑANG PHOTO

ROLE REVERSAL Dasmariñas City Rep. Elpidio Barzaga wants President Aquino and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas to tandem in 2016 just like in 2010 but with roles reversed.

Aquino still looking forward to retirement, Palace insists

DESPERATE times call for desperate measures.

With efforts to woo pre-election survey frontrunner Sen. Grace Poe not getting any headway and with Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo firmly declining suggestions to be the running mate of administration party standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, a leader of a Liberal Party (LP) coalition partner floated the idea to consider getting President Benigno Aquino 3rd as vice presidential candidate in next year’s elections.

“No need to look any further. There is no better running mate for administration standard-bearer than President Aquino himself. A Mar-Noy tandem would be the ‘dream team’ for the Filipino people–our bosses. It will be a tandem that will not only win but more important, would work for the next six years for the continuity of the daang matuwid [straight path],” Dasmariñas City (Cavite) Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr. said on Wednesday.
Barzaga is vice president of the National Union Party, which has coalesced with the LP.

A lawyer, he said former presidents pursued lower elective positions after their term or tenure ended, citing the case of Gloria Arroyo who became Pampanga congressman after her term and Joseph Estrada who became Manila mayor a few years after his ouster.

“There is no legal or moral impediment for President Aquino to run for Vice President. It would be best for the President to take matters into his own hands once again after anointing Roxas as successor to continue the basic foundation of good governance. Since Sen. Grace Poe is not keen on running as Roxas’ vice presidential candidate, it would be more realistic for PNoy to be Roxas’ running mate,” according to Barzaga.

“Roxas has already waited too long for Poe to join him in his bid to continue what the President has started in his campaign to sustain reforms. After all, public service does not demand a certain position in order to help our people. A Roxas-Aquino tandem is going to be unbeatable,” he said.

A lawyer closely identified with the LP followed the same track as Barzaga’s.

“[Aquino] can run for whatever position he likes. He can run for mayor, congressman or Vice President. He is not prohibited to do so,” the lawyer, who requested he not be named, told The Manila Times.

But according to Malacañang’s spokesmen, running for Vice President has not entered the mind of the President, who would still opt for retirement.

“President Aquino has always stated that he will retire from public office upon the expiry of his term at noon on 30 June 2015. To the best of my knowledge, he has no pronouncements to the contrary,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said.
Malacanang spokesman Edwin Lacierda said Aquino remains true to his words.

“That was asked already before in an airplane briefing with MPC [Malacanang Press Corps] on the way back from outside the country,” he added..

Even the social media is abuzz with speculations that President Aquino might consider a run with Roxas since the LP is reportedly “crashing” after the naming of Roxas as the administration party standard-bearer three weeks ago.

A source of The Manila Times claimed that Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto–whose name had emerged as a potential vice-presidential candidate– also declined when offered the possibility as her husband, Sen. Ralph Recto, is preparing to jump ship and join the camp of Sen. Grace Poe once she declares her plans for 2016.

Lacierda also on Wednesday said some groups are trying to destroy the relationship between Roxas and Poe as he denied that the administration is behind the black propaganda against the senator.

“It makes no sense for us to invite her to be VP [Vice President] and at the same time attack her,” he noted in a text message. “There are attempts by some quarters to drive a wedge between Roxas and Poe.”


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  1. Naku po!. Matutuloy na naman ang “daing na matuwid”? Kawawa naman ang Pilipino pagbumalik pa yan. Kelan ba tayo gigising!

  2. If the current leader is ‘utak talangka’ and the aspiring leader partymate is ‘utak alimango’ ang daang matuwid ay sa bangin patuloy na tutungo.
    “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.
    After 5 years in office puro panghuhusga, paninira at paninisi pa rin ang mga sinabi ni Aquino sa huli niyang SONA.

  3. This goes only to show how people can be so stupid to suggest a stupid idea! It sucks!
    Give us a break, will you? We deserve a better viable option, not this selfish, unpatriotic and lunatic idea! Kiss your *** Barzaga!

  4. How stupid can you people in the Philippines be to consider BS Aquino for any position in government. He is completely clueless like his mother

  5. No Filipinos with working braincells will vote the Ma-Noy tandem, ever.

    But we know that the 2016 can be rigged easily, so those clowns can still win.

    If this is the case, then it’s already long overdue for a revolt!

    MDS recently said that we should wait for the election. Now that it is going get rigged again, there will be no more reason to stop the Filipinos to voice out the truth.

  6. VEN M. Guevarra on

    Roxas -Aquino will be the best tandem . President Roxas and Vice Pinoy !!’ What a great team for Daang Matwid !!!!

    • If you will vote for these two HOLY COWS then you are voting for LP who are full of corruptions.

  7. oh no!

    Beavis and Butthead again?

    filipinos must be the dumbest people on earth if they win!

  8. Mar-Noy tandem 2016 election! Yay! A winner! Get rid of all the thieves and vote for the most qualified and totally honest Mar Roxas for president and Noy Aquino for vice president. They are well-respected all over the world, not only because they are both very intelligent, but they have the best reputation! I will also vote for them because they do not have to steal money to be rich, they already come from rich, humble families!

  9. And this is the safest way they knew to avoid PNoy getting into jail. Silly but true. This is greed. Climbing to the position no matter how ridiculous their step/solution will be.

    I encourage every wise and smart voters of this country to not vote this type of politicians. Why? Did you ever wonder why most of tenured government Officials act like lords of their own offices? The answer is this: They seemed too familiar with the process allowing them to disregard little details. They think that they’ve encountered every problems of the masses thats why they easily jump to a conclusion without realizing that what they’ve provided is inappropriate to a constituent’s issue. The outcome? Repetitive unresolve issue(s).

    What’s the connect? If we are to vote them again, whatever complaints that we have now and whatever errors committed under his administrations will be the same errors that they might have for the next 6 long years. E.i.. MRT issues, PDAP and etc.

    This time lets consider voting those that posses(es) the right qualifications, excellent public service record, those that does not have stain of corruption issue and most of all, a candidate with the heart of a real Filipino for the Filipino people. He or she must be equal to if cannot surpass the record of Ex. President Jose Mujica of Uruguay, the world’s poorest President who donated 95% of his salary to the poorest citizens of his Country.

    How can a President do this? Forget about himself, his family and his friends. He has to put the betterment of his constituents’ as his number 1 priority. And the best of all, during campaign period, He must not and should not accept any forms of help from businessmen (big corporations or small) so as not to favor any business establishments once thrown into Office, thereby applying fair and equal application of law to everyone. Only then can we proudly say that our government is true & transparent to its people.

    Those that can offer and do this must be the Philippines’ next leaders – our next President. And this is what every Filipinos deserved!

  10. Surprising how many people think the election will be fair, these liberal party already stole the last 2 elections using Smartmatic machines that had been stripped of security and accuracy features. Does that not get thru people’s heads ?

  11. those pushing for noynoy to run as VP are suckers to the bone. and if noynoy accepts the clamor, it will show how uto-uto he really he and have no mind of his own!

  12. Roxas & BS Aquino are traitors to this country.
    Watch out Grace for their lies . Deceiving and Masquerading to benefit themselves
    and those who remain faithful to their own plan.

    Filipinos , wake up! Free Election!
    Now is the time to Free our country from the Strangle hold !

    NO-NO -NO TO Roxas & BSAquino!

  13. I still say that Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano will be right person to be the next President 2016.We keep making mistake in voting the wrong person and our country and its people suffer specially the poor and the rich get richer.

  14. Roxas and Aquino tagged as a “dream team”? This delusional character named Barzaga from Cavite, who looks like as if he is a former inhabitant of Bikini Atoll, is really mentally dishonest and sick.

    But if ever the Roxas-Aquino tandem materializes, let us clap our hands. Yehey, Enter The Clowns. And Kudos to the Yellow Characters from the Underworld.

  15. Wahahaha!
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Bs Aquino really still believe he can fool the fools who supported his being declared winner in the 2010 PCOS generated results again?! Then if those fools still support him, then they deserve every single misery this last 6 years have befallen them. Maybe some people just enjoy walking in the MRT railway when it often break down, or losing their luggage in the CCTV-less airports, to name a couple.

  16. I think Aquino will junp in as a VP candidate. He will hope the position will keep him out of jail.

  17. that would have been the first (in the U.S history at least this has never happened). it is mostly a vp becoming the next president.

    Filipinos are really creative.

  18. Samuel Santos on

    If PNoy runs for vice president in 2016 and wins, that will mean that Filipinos approve of his having been president from 2010 to 2016. But he is not elected, that would that would translate to a repudiation of his six-year term as president of the Philippines.

  19. Dapat tanggapin na ni Grace ang pagka -bise!
    Malamang kapagtinangihan ni Poe ang alok,pati pagka-senador niya ay mawala! Iba kung gumanti si Aquino sa mga taong umaayaw sa gusto niya!

  20. Let Pnoy join Mar Roxas so that these two clowns of the LP will finality taste how they lose in the election. They will not win as the people has suffered so much because of their deceit and incompetence. The people will never allow any useless individual to handle such a delicate position especially our ailing country from the devastation and massive siphoning of taxpayers money by the administration. These two Kengkoy knows nothing but only prestige for their self interest.

  21. Why not? A Boy driver Mar with the mentally-challenged PNoy will be a good pair. Now that all or about 99% of the Filipinos know who PNoy is and what he can and will do to add misery to this country, let us see who will vote for them in a fair election.