• Noy seeks ‘sure bet’ after losing winnable ally


    Noynoy Aquino wants to avoid prosecution after his corruption-ridden presidency, the same predicament Gloria Arroyo had towards the end of her term.

    Although the influential “Balay” faction in Malacañang and the Liberal Party (LP) presumes DILG Mar Roxas to be the administration’s standard-bearer, Noynoy would rather pick a sure winner in next year’s elections.

    That is why Noynoy personally prefers the more popular Senator Grace Poe over Roxas, who has consistently rated poorly in presidential surveys.

    Poe has overtaken Vice President Jojo Binay in the Pulse Asia and SWS surveys on public preferences for next president.

    The senator obliged when summoned twice to Malacañang for exploratory talks with the President about the possibility of her being named to the administration ticket.

    All she disclosed about the meetings was that nothing specific was offered by Aquino.

    The Balay camp is pushing Poe to be the party’s VP candidate and use the “FPJ magic” to generate support for Roxas.

    Balay’s rival “Samar” faction, headed by Executive Secretary Jojo Ochoa, is pushing for Poe to be the standard bearer. They could not, in conscience, support Roxas in any way and would rather have Vice President Jojo Binay at the helm.

    But for Noynoy, the bottom line is to get away with his crimes by ensuring that an ally succeeds him at the Palace.

    That is also why his bagman Budget Secretary Butch Abad wants a Balay crony to replace Noynoy, which is Roxas. This Abad knows he is liable for some bad things that he did.

    Noynoy and Abad, within two years of their Matuwid na Daan governance, began amassing billions of pesos by diverting congressionally-appropriated funds through the clandestine Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), otherwise known as “Presidential Pork Barrel.”

    These culprits hauled billions of pesos, calling them with the misleading term “savings,” illegally allocated to Noynoy cronies’ programs and projects.

    Iyan ang mga nagkukunwaring incorruptible, matuwid at malinis kuno. Palibhasa parehong aral kay Professor Gloria Arroyo.

    It must be noted that this hideous DAP scheme would not have been exposed if Janet Napoles did not screw up in handling her crime partner and nephew Benhur Luy, who exposed the multi-billion peso scam on the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the congressional pork barrel.

    But the whole truth about the involvement of Noynoy, Malacañang officials and their cronies at Congress with Napoles has been covered up, and which they do not want to be divulged ever.

    Whatever happened to the “Napolist” or Napoles payroll, anyway? How about Luy’s list of government officials who benefited from the PDAF scam?

    * * *

    Noynoy is batting for a “winnable” ally or a crony in the May 9, 2016 national elections to escape responsibility for his crimes, including his culpability for authorizing suspended police scalawag Alan Purisima to launch the January 25 Oplan Exodus.

    The ill-designed, ill-motivated, and ill-timed suicide mission cost the lives of 44 promising police commandos in exchange for the capture of an unworthy terrorist nestled in a hideout protected by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

    Noynoy and Purisima left the PNP special action force without reinforcement while the MILF and BIFF terrorists engaged in “pintakasi” on the cornered SAF troopers.

    Instead of owning responsibility for authorizing an illegal operation, the traitor resorted to lies and finger-pointing, as usual.

    * * *

    What Noynoy desperately needs is a winnable close ally. Instead he managed to lose one, a loyal friend to his mother, who in all likelihood would spare his sorry ass from jail.

    What a fool!



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    1. Yes I agree BSA lost a loyal ally in Binay’s resignation. I remember reading in a broadsheet Binay declaring he was not an opposition when he won VP last election. And his loyalty was obvious until his departure from the BSA’s cabinet.

    2. Dimasalang Pritil on

      Kung talagang korap ang pamahalaan ni Pres. Noynoy, bakit nakakulong ngayon ang mga politikong nangurakot ng milyon-milyon mula sa kaban ng bayan? At ikukulong na rin sila jojo at junjun binay ngayong buwan ng hulyo?

    3. Alejo Rosete on

      BS Aquino will quit the presidency for Binay to take over.
      President Binay will pardon Ex President Aquino of all crimes
      committed. President Gerald Ford did this to President Nixon.

      Then Aquino will support Binay to support the later’s candidacy
      All kinds of support will be poured to Binay’s campaign.

      The Liberal Party will not field a candidate and adopts Binay.
      If this happens, Binay cannot win.


    4. The blame GMA malady has also afflicted you. The massiveness of corruption in this regime dwarfs any , or all of the previous administrations’ combined. The evil machinations of those two are unparalleled in the history of our God-forsaken country. No president has caused so much suffering as this abnoy has inflicted and continues to inflict on his people. No president has enthusiastically divided the country and given the largesse to a rebel group and the foreign country behind it. The neglect our country is suffering now used to be unimaginable. Now it is our daily reality.

    5. There is a classic saying: “He whom the gods wish to destroy, they make him mad first.”
      The Abnoys excessive and unwarranted hubris coupled with his treasonous character and no performance have done him in. He is not only mentally dysfunctional, he is also an unmitigated fool.

    6. Dream on and keep on the political intrigue alive so that you can rake more money but too bad your milking cow VP Binay his political fortunes are evaporating. Regardless of your screwed opinion, Senator Grace Poe had not decided anything yet because she knows that without a political machinery to back you up, your dreams will end up in smokes.