• Noynoy’s political vendetta continues


    True to its audacity in twisting words and covering up its own transgressions, Malacañang hailed Makati Mayor Junjun Binay’s voluntary departure as a triumph of the rule of law.

    Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda was quoted as saying, “Indeed, today is a good day for the rule of law, and there is certainly no place for mob rule in modern civil society.”

    Junjun’s earlier refusal to yield the Mayor’s office led to a scuffle between his supporters and policemen sent to serve the Office of the Ombudsman’s six-month suspension order against him.

    The mayor is still waiting for a temporary restraining order from the Court of Appeals (CA).

    Immediately, Vice Mayor Romulo Peña Jr. of the ruling Liberal Party assumed office as acting Makati City mayor.

    Come to think of it, Noynoy Aquino and his mascot Mar Roxas have only themselves to blame for instigating the confrontation.

    It is obvious that Roxas is using his position and the Philippine National Police to harass the Binays. Hindi na nahiya talaga.

    It’s all part of the veiled vendetta aimed to stop Vice President Jojo Binay from shooting for the presidency in May 2016.

    On Noynoy’s dictate, the Senate blue ribbon committee, otherwise known now as a kangaroo court, has conducted extra-judicial proceedings against the Binays.

    For as long as VP Binay tops the ratings for presidential candidates, expect the Senate to continue its kangaroo court’s moro-moro or trial by publicity against him and his family.

    The Ombudsman, on order of Malacañang, has clearly resorted to selective justice, mostly pursuing cases against political enemies including Binay.

    Meanwhile, massive graft and corruption continue in various departments and branches of the government, including the Departments of Budget and Management, Defense, Agriculture, Social Welfare and Development, Transportation and Interior and Local Government.

    While Conchita Carpio-Morales has gone after Junjun Binay for “overpricing” in the construction of the Makati Science High School, the Ombudsman has turned a blind eye to massive irregularities at DA, DSWD and DOTC.

    Only a few days ago, the rampant irregularities in the P62 billion Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program were exposed.

    No one has been held responsible for the perennial Metro Rail Transit (MRT) woes since the DOTC was administered by Roxas and later relegated to his protégé.

    An irate Morales on Wednesday strongly denied talks of “selective justice,” citing the dismissal of PNP scalawag Alan Purisima.

    No, the suspension and dismissal of Purisima does not qualify as “fair justice,” especially if this criminal is not put behind bars.

    He is not among Noynoy’s LP cronies who are culpable for fleecing the national budget for multi-billion pesos in priority development assistance fund (PDAF) and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds.

    By the way, whatever happened to the Ombudsman’s investigation into the Mamasapano massacre which Purisima has a lot to do with?

    We also do not expect Carpio to press charges against the second and third batches of officials involved in the PDAF scam.

    We can never expect the Ombudsman to file charges against Noynoy’s bagman Butch Abad and the likes of Proceso Alcala.

    But, in lieu of the failed Bangsamoro Basic Law, we can expect Noynoy’s final State of the Nation Address (SONA) to highlight Junjun’s suspension.

    And we can expect more lies and twisted facts about the real sad, sad state of the sham matuwid na daan.

    Sino ang lolokohin ng inutil na ito?



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    1. Where s the promised investigation on the circumstances behind Robredo’s death. Or are we to believe the whispers that he had documents against high(or is it highest) government officials to implicate them in anomalies. It seems the sacrifices of patriots have yet to bear fruit against the ‘dark side’

    2. noynoy & his cohorts are desperate for something to crow about on his last SONA as accomplishment! and a desperate man will become unreasonable & untenable as the day of reckoning is approaching -and fast!

    3. Every time i read some comment saying it’s up to the former VP Binay to prove his innocence i just have to laugh at the ignorance of the person writing it.

      It is not up to anyone to prove their innocence, they are supposed to be investigated and charged in a court of law where then the prosecution is supposed to prove their guilt without any doubt.

      Bunch of ignorant parrots keep saying Binay needs to answer the accusations made by Aquino’s lapdogs. Nobody in this country has to answer those fools accusations.

      Only the Liberal Party gets presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law in the Philippines.

    4. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      Mr. Tulfo, Do you believe that the World Class Green Parking Building is worth P2.7B?

    5. the issue of an overpriced makati building which is still standing is petty compared to the
      DAP , PDAF , THE 44 MASSACRE /MAMMASAPANO/BBL/ MRT / POVERTY/ UNBALANCE OF JUSTICE/ amongst other things. BS Aquino and his people must answer this issues.
      It seems that they chose to waste Tax payers money and time with personal stuff to cover up for the Grave crimes this BS. Aquino n his party committed to our Nation . Where are the priorities of this President ? The Fact that He was not present in the arrival of the 44 Martyrs on that Sad day of our Nation is an obvious disconnect to his position.
      Let’s not be deceived by his oratorical speeches made by his speech writers. I just turned off the TV when his on! Waste of my time.

    6. Sadly, marami ang willingly nagpapaloko sa twisted lies ng Liberal Party. I had the nerve and naivete to posts some comments in a supposed to be leading broadsheets, writing about giving the rule of law a chance in the Binay case. And I was easily the target of haters. Suddenly the rule of law is the strangest phenomenon on earth. It’s too late for me to realize that I foolishly entered into a yellow lion’s den. The Binay haters and the yellow army there were so ferocious and wear blinders thicker than cement walls, certified bigots to say the least. Nevertheless, I learned my lesson the hard way. I will never dare to go back to that jaundiced territory again. It’s lethal, sad to say, even more for our country. And yet, I still believe in the power of truth and decency. Miracles can still happen for the Filipinos. This is just another difficult phase in our political history that we must hurdle.

    7. Filomer Lin on

      The point of the suspension is whether there was “OVER-PRICING” of the public buildings or not. We are trying to mix ELECTIONS and an investigation on over-pricing of public buildings in Makati for so many years as a basis for election harassment. Why not hear out the facts and process of the “over-pricing” and not include it with the election campaign of VP Binay? Why is the writer trying to say that there is no due cause for the “over-pricing” of public buildings? What if this will happen to most of the public buildings in the Philippines, will you keep on saying election harassment?

    8. P.Akialamiro on

      The problem with Aquino going after ‘corrupt’ officials is that there is no ‘consistency’; it’s selective. Meanwhile, it is incumbent upon VP Binay (and son, etc.) to prove that his accusers are wrong. I’m no admirer of Pres. BS Aquino, but mere denials from Binay are not enough. He has a lot to explain.

      Are we going to have another leader with questionable integrity?

      While we demand consistency, let’s be consistent, too, and not be defending officials who are accused of irregularity. Corrupt is corrupt, be it accused by a political enemy or not, if unable to disprove accusations. Let them clear their names. Lest there will always be a divisisve society based on personalities and not on the objectivity of good or bad.

      • tagaDumantay on

        It’s obvious your paid again this time. You are mentioning only the ills of the administration but blind on Binay & Co.
        Ikaw ang dapat mahiya. Kung sabagay pera-pera lang yan. Pabisita kita kay Claudine nakita mo.

    9. Hijo, hayaan mo ng patuloy nyang lokohin ang sarili nya. Talagang ganyan talaga pag anak ng isang congenital liar – pati sa sarili ay nagsisinunghaling. I just hope that you will be this zealous when the next president will pursue justice against those who are prime examples of obstructionists of justice as well as the second, third and fourth batches of co-conspirators viz L’Affaire Janet including those who masterminded the PDAF/DAP.

    10. Alejo Rosete on

      Thank you ERWIN for exposing the TRUTH.

      Mabuhay ka

      Mabuhay Manila Times