Noy’s illegal orders led PNP-SAF men to death trap


ALL President Noynoy had to do immediately in the aftermath of the January 25 Mamasapano massacre was to come clean and take responsibility.

Being the Commander-in-Chief, he ordered and authorized Oplan Wolverine (also referred to as Oplan Exodus) which resulted in the atrocious killing of 44 PNP’s Special Action Force (SAF) troopers.

Further, he had conspired and authorized suspended P/Director General Alan Purisima, who is facing graft charges, to direct the execution of the operation in Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)-controlled area.

Purisima sent 70 SAF commandos on a “suicide mission” in the rebel lair to hunt an international terrorist Zukifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, who carries US$6 million bounty on his head, and MILF/BIFF bomb expert Abdul Bassit Usman, with a price of US$3 million on his head.

And worse, Noynoy and Purisima treacherously shut out the Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and PNP OIC chief Deputy Director Leonardo Espina.

Needless to say, it is Roxas’ duty and responsibility to oversee the operation of the PNP, as well as the PNP chief.

But, Noynoy chose to by-pass Roxas, his loyal friend and supposed successor as President and Commander-in-Chief.

Noynoy’s betrayal of Roxas only goes to show how much respect the President has for his loyal friend, who’s been reduced to a mascot.

What does being treated like shit by Noynoy make Roxas look like? Nothing but shit.

Though kept in the dark, Roxas is as responsible as Noynoy and Purisima for the gruesome death of SAF44.

Which self-respecting man would not have resigned his post?

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago yesterday most succinctly put it.

The President, who is Commander-in-Chief, may be criminally liable for “war crimes” under the principle of command responsibility.

Santiago noted that the government has a ceasefire agreement in place as part of the peace deal process, and yet, he goes on to launch an anti-terrorist raid in MILF territory.

Noynoy must be aware of the ceasefire agreement and the need for coordination with the MILF, thus the possibility that Malacañang may have “coordinated” with the MILF leaders.

But, the MILF factions who assume all sorts of pseudonyms, such as Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), would not honor ceasefire agreement.

The country’s Commander-in-Chief clearly issued illegal orders through Purisima.

The SAF under the command of Police Director Getulio Napeñas, Jr. was literally led to a death trap.

“Whose advice was he (Noynoy) taking and what precautions were taken to protect the lives of these almost uniformly very young policemen?” asked Santiago.

Definitely it wasn’t the Interior Secretary Roxas whom Noynoy listened to.

Sino’ng demonyo ang pinakinggan ng Pangulo?

Santiago echoed the question why there was no coordination and preparation for the military encounter.

Under the principle of command responsibility, Santiago said, the person who orders soldiers into a combat area is equally responsible as ordinary soldiers and other officials.

She said the military commander and other superior officers found guilty should be punished according to “rules derived from established customs, from the principles of humanity, and from the dictates of public conscience, also known as the Marten’s Clause.”

Santiago, an international law expert, was earlier elected judge of the International Criminal Court.

At the very least, Noynoy is clearly guilty of gross negligence, as well as incompetence, that led to the 44 law enforcers’ grim end.

Where and what was the Commander-in-Chief doing during the hours that the SAF troopers were being executed?

Now, can his lies and misleading statements stand scrutiny?


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  1. no you are wrong. Pnoy orders to capture the no 1 terrorist in the country was correct. It was the SAF director and his ground commanders who made the wrong decisions and planning of the operation.

  2. When did the SAF ever launch an operation of this magnitude, around a hundred men sneaking into the enemy’s camp at night (divided into two, 44 and 60 including non-SAF troopers) and another 300 in reserve waiting to join the fighting if needed (why they were not thrown into the battle is still a mystery)? The answer is never. They are trained obviously for small unit strikes (44 troopers maximum? ) in urbanized areas, hostage situations etc. This one needed military assistance, like armor, choppers etc in case something went wrong. The fact that they got trapped as soon the the firing started and out in an open field at that( the Army report said no cover, no concealment, did not know their grid location etc susmaryosep !) shows that their training was sorely inadequate for the task their stupid superiors assigned to them. Why didn’t they enlist the help of the military in the first place? Because they were after the $5MILLION reward and they did not want to share it, ganong ka-simple lang yan. BS, Ochoa, Purisima and Napenas should be held accountable for all those lives they wasted.

  3. I can not buy the idea that Mar Roxas was isolated here because he was also in Zamboanga that fateful Sunday. Mar is our de facto president, he is almost everywhere like the rice dealer raid (where Mar was even carrying a sack of rice), he was the one who gave us a very detailed report of the Selendra gas explosion, he was in Tacloban before Yolanda typhoon hit and was in charged on the relief distribution out shinning Dinky, he was on top of traffic re routing and all preparation including security during the Pope visit. If only the Mamanpasano incident were successful Mar will be on all media giving us the blow by blow account of the firefights. Now Mar has shifted to acting doing a crying lady to the relatives of the fallen heroes, this how you win elections according to Lacierda.

  4. the problem with every pinoy politician and bureaucrat in the phils is that they all act and talk like experts in every subject matter but not one assumes any form of responsibility when something goes wrong … because when something DOES go wrong the logical thing pinoys always do is – taran drum roll – conduct an investigation

  5. Whoever planned this mission is very very very stupid stupid stupid. Did they not think of the worst scenario which when MILF leaders will not honor the ceasefire agreement and hence will go on a rampage to massacre those infiltrating and arresting SAF personnel? Or it is the plan to have the SAF men be massacred so that the BBL will be fast tracked. Which ever plan will be the sacrificing of the SAF men anyway. If so how can the commander in chief now can give justice to those murdered 44 SAF members. 1 million pesos each will assuage their griefs? Better resign now, Sir President. Be ashamed, the world is laughing at you.

  6. One of these days, we are about to hear from Malakanyang mouthpieces, the troika of truth benders that is, – this botched Mamasapano corn”killing”fields fiasco is
    a covert oplan hatched by these three ex-presidents Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo.

    He was in Zambo, in monitor of the whole ops, in real time – expecting a glorious, successful mission – these two terrorists would be in gov’t hands – with a big pat of congrats and accolade from Big Uncle Sam.

    Like I mentioned from above statements, -if you are a Palace mouthpiece, got to toe the line and spread the lies, – that is EXACTLY your job. You are handsomely paid and rewarded for that herculean job of spreading LIES – a noble act fooling the public of what they should and ought to know so the Boss is insulated from further criticisms and Batikos… Yes, it will stand scrutiny all the time – till June 30, 2016 when they all pack up and out of Malakanyang. By then, a NEW MONSTER of a short-dark dude type has taken residence. And the merry go around is just happy to recycle-reinvent itself.

  7. Mar kung may natitira kapang mukha or pagkatao
    At kung gagawain mo ito – maraming susunod sa iyo.

    Gusto mong mag Presidente? Wala kana man ata Balls eh!
    Ang taong bayan ay ayaw ng bakling na presidente.

  8. Pinoy instead of going directly to maguindanao to assist the situation as commander in chief he left them to be slaughtered in the hands of the enemy by flying back to manila. Pure and simple abandoning his troops. What a shame.

  9. Mar Roxas should resign after being left out in the operation. It’s similar to Sec. Robredo who has no authority over PNP. By resignation he would improve his integrity.