• NPA attack on Nadecor


    My uncle is working with the Nationwide Development Corp. (Nadecor) a mining site which was attacked by some 15-20 armed men last week. Nadecor security guard Ramil Fule was killed in the shooting and another person Charlie Celis was wounded.

    The men assaulted the place and tried to take over the company by force. The attack was so sudden and unexpected. The workers were so afraid after the attack and the company closed operations for a while.

    We worry for my uncle and the other workers as they have no work, hence, they have no money to buy food and other needs, and for their children who need money everyday when they go to school. We are one in saying the attackers could be New People’s Army members because the attack is similar to the attacks being done by NPAs as what had happened here in Compostela Valley

    We sincerely hope that those responsible will be punished and for them to stop doing such violent acts as it is hurting so many people, like the workers and the unfortunate victim who died without reason and his family left to live and suffer because of his sudden death.

    Malina G. Zozimo
    Compostela Valley


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