• NPA bombers


    Dear Sir,
    The NPAs who were responsible for a landmine attack in Davao say the bomb was command detonated. Such admission from the group only levels the fact that they really intended to kill PDRRMC volunteers and Red Cross personnel accompanying wounded soldiers to be brought to a hospital. The NPAs really targeted the ambulance.

    In any war, and in any civilized society, hospitals, ambulances, Red Cross trucks and personnel are given due respect and protection. They are never attacked for their mission is to save lives and nothing else. The NPAs are really violent and well-known for their violation of all laws in the land.

    Remember, NPAs are popular as extortionists, killers, liquidators, killing businessmen, burning companies and the massacre of soldiers and civilians in their many violent and terroristic attacks. They are not civilized, primitive and do not recognize the Rule of Law.

    MAKABAYAN 2014


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    1. The new people’s army are just modern day bandit and anarchist. The Pilipino masses doesn’t support them anymore. It is a pity poor NPA cadres believe that it is still a political movement. Their leader enjoy a good life in Netherlands and plush condos and villages while the cadre scrounge for food and endure harsh terrain living like human vermine. They are against anything that can be achieve by a democratically elected government to uplift the lives of every Pilipino. They sympathized more on china who are vent on invading our islet in west philippine sea. May The Lord cast you all to the deepest recesses to hades.