• NPA member belongs to Morong 43


    So, Ramon de la Cruz, aka Ka Mandy is an NPA member after all. Mr. De la Cruz was a member of the Morong 43 who was arrested in a farm in Morong, Rizal in year 2010. He was one of those charged of illegal possession of firearms and explosives and later on released for the evidence against them was inadmissible in court. I closely followed the Morong 43 news reports and I am totally convinced that the group were real NPA members. Their release only brought them back to the mountains and to continue fighting the government.

    De la Cruz identity as an NPA is bolstered because he died in an encounter in Remedios, Bulacan this August. Further, his parents claimed his body and identified him as their son Ramon, whose picture was then with the group when they were arrested.

    It is so disappointing that the remaining Morong 43 members are free and taking up arms against the government. We really do not know why they were released in the first place when the military has enough evidence to prosecute them. This is the way they operate, they can deny to death being innocent, get scot-free and start their operations again. How good schemers they really are, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    What the government should do is to revive the case against them so that the military can go after them. We are sure that these days, one by one, these Morong members will either die or be captured in clashes with military authorities. The Morong 43 members are making fools out of us, but should we let them? No, no, please!

    Agustin D. Ariston, Sr.
    Clark, Pampanga


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    1. Still fresh in the mind that the current President and all his allies castigated Gloria Arroyo and held her responsible of the Morong 43 “fiasco.” Fact is this PNoy administration even investigated and filed a case against Mrs. Arroyo and made her culpable for the “mistake” in arresting “innocent” persons. Turned out, the Morong 43 are really members of the NPA and now back in the hills. This is the kind of leadership we have in this administration.