• NPA truce too short a period


    Dear Sir,
    I agree with Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, that the NPA truce is too short a time. “Parang biro-biro lang, wala sa loob”. Gen. Bautista suggests a longer truce, one that will not only last for long, but the end of hostilities between the government and their group. That is the dream of every Filipino —to live in peace, to live in harmony. It is such an irony that fellow Filipinos are killing each other, with the NPA’s useless cause.

    For decades many became victims who should have been all alive today, living normal lives, instead of lying cold and dead, with some in unknown graves and pits. This is sadly what the NPA has caused for the past 45 years, disabling and killing authorities, people they target, and their own countrymen.

    We just hope this observation of the highest officer in the AFP gets into their system. As we see it, a short truce wouldn’t matter al all, for troops in the field continue with their respective duties with or without any truce as it is their job, and take pride in it.

    L. Besa
    Roxas City


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    1. Kung ang gobyerno at CCP/NDF/NPA ay walang lunas o paraan na magkaroon ng wakas ang gyera pataning nagaganap, mananatiling marami ang maghihirap. Kausapin si JOMA at mga kasama sa presidium nila at unawainang tunay na layunin nila. Kung ang gusto nila ay palitan ang sestima ng kasalukuyan gobyerno at itulad sa sestima ng Red China — pinapatay ang corrupt doon–

    2. Makoy from Australia on

      This truce once again will used by these NPA leeches to consolidate their operation, They badly need respite for constantly hiding from authorities. This is what their badly needed chance to do that!

    3. AFP can’t win war of attrition against the NPAs cause inside the AFP is still having a problem of corruption and those who Commanders has his own version of Pork Barrel that only him has the descretion to use that units pork barrel. Bautista is useless all ngaw ngaw and his latest failure is the Zambo sige for having a FAILURE of INTELLIGENCE that’s why it happened.