NPA warning


The threat by the New People’s Army to launch more attacks against the government is an old tune. But beneath the statement is the fact that they are recruiting poor, impoverished children to join them. These children will beef up the group, while those who recruit them just sit, relax and issue orders from a nearby command post.

These children, some as young as ten years old or below, will not be suspected as NPA members. That’s why they can roam near military camps at will and gather information on the movement of soldiers. Fortunately, most parents now know better. They realize that their children are being influenced by the NPAs.

The NPA use young boys and girls as couriers and warriors, the way criminal syndicates use babies and toddlers for mendicancy. In both cases, innocent children should not be used to attain bad objectives.

Niel Y. Tinio, Jr.
Capaz, Tarlac


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