NPAs exploit children


I RECALL the picture in 2000of a 12-year old boy who was a child warrior, dismantling anM-14 or M-16 then, and putting it back again in a few minutes.  To think that a young boy is an NPA-trained rebel and his pictures were splashed all over the papers then.  I also remember Jelyn Dayong, who was wounded in an encounter and left by her companions, she was 17.  And there are countless more who either are captured or have surrendered. Poor children, they should be in schools instead of a guerrilla training camp. Stories come about that these young boys and girls are promised to be given a more comfortable life out of poverty. They narrate this when inter-viewed in media. These promises go down the drain as soon as they maybe in as members. Defenseless, these kids accept their fate thinking their families live in better conditions. Who knows many minors could have already died while in the company of NPAs. The allegation our military uses children in combat may be a misnomer.  Why would those in legitimate authority use children in operations when these soldiers are aware of their responsibility as protector of the people, what more of children. It is unfair to the military I sup-pose more so now that the United Nations has included it in its list of groups who use children in war.  How would the UN know of this when they probably rely only on mere re-ports, hearsay, tall tales.  They aren’t here and they do not know the real score.


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