• NPAs should change their ways


    The NPAs have again intensified with their attacks on soldiers.

    They failed in their bid to elect NPA-backed candidates. As a result, their illegal activities have been affected. Soldiers are present in many barangays, and so they cannot with their extortion and all other forms of criminality.

    Rural folks should refuse to help and support them. If they do, they will be abetting their murderous activities.

    The NPAs are angry over the suspended peace talks. But peace is the furthest from their minds. If they were really sincere, they could cease attacking law-enforcers and soldiers and stop issuing threats of attacks against the nation that has rejected them. This is probably their way of retaliating on the government which have seen that they will only repeat what they have done before – talking of so many reasons and demands they know very well the government can not give to them.

    The NPAs’ recent attacks on soldiers in Camarines Sur, Samar and Agusan, and the murder of plantation workers in Esperanza, Agusan del Sur make them terrorists. They not only attack, terrorize, but execute innocent civilians. They seem to be executioners by profession.

    Still, Filipinos will keep on praying that the NPAs see the light someday.

    Marie S. Gion
    San Jose del Monte, Bulacan


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