NPC may adopt Marcos


CONTRARY to reports that the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) has decided to throw its support behind the candidacy of Sen. Grace Poe in next year’s elections, a party ally said this would change if Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. decides to join the presidential derby.

Vicente Millora, president of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL), said the NPC is willing to adopt Marcos as its presidential candidate as he is the godson of the party’s founder, tycoon Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr.

The NPC was formed in the early 1990s to serve as the vehicle for Cojuangco’s unsuccessful presidential bid.

“Bongbong could be the candidate of NPC with the support of Pagkakaisa ng mga Pilipino para sa Pilipinas (PPP), a coalition formed between two political parties: the KBL and the Partido ng Manggagawa at Magsasaka (PMM),” Millora, a former governor of Pangasinan province, told the Times

The coalition is rooting for a Marcos-Duterte tandem but the two has yet to decide whether they would run for a higher post in next year’s election.

“Initially, we were endorsing a Marcos-Duterte tandem but the Davao City mayor has already declared that he won’t run for a higher position in next year’s polls,” Millora said.

Millora claimed that Marcos was supposed to make an announcement on Sunday, September 20, at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan but the event was cancelled.

“The Philippine Arena convention of the PPP coalition was postponed in deference to Marcos’ official declaration. It is probably going to be done on September 27,” he said, adding that the event would coincide with 150th birth anniversary of Filipino patriot, Gen. Miguel Malvar, grandfather of PMM president Jose Malvar Villegas.

Asked on why the Ilocano lawmaker deserves their support, Villegas said that Marcos is the only candidate who opposed the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) which they think is “a sell-out of our patrimony to a foreign country like Malaysia who brokered the BBL with the present administration.”

“Other presidential candidates have refused to publicly oppose the BBL. He’s the only one who opposed it,” he added.

In case Marcos won’t run for president, Villegas said the coalition will convene and will choose who among those who already declared their candidacy.

“We will look for another one or not to support at all this election by boycotting it,” he noted.

“As of now, PMM refused to support any of those three [former Interior secretary Mar Roxas, Vice President Jejomar Binay, and Senator Grace Poe]until such time that the final day of the filing of the Certificate of the Candidacy, we will find someone other than the three who is worthy of our support,” Villegas said.

He said party member and former senator Ernesto Herrera is endorsing Rep. Roy Señeres of the OFW party-list as their standard-bearer.

“If Bongbong do not run and Señeres, a known labor party leader, filed his candidacy then maybe the labor party then probably we will switch our support to Señeres,” Villegas said.

“For us, Marcos is the most qualified among the presidential candidates in the present condition because we are starting a new neo-colonial type of government. I believe all three presidential candidates are subservient to the American interest,” Villegas added.

“The fact that he [Marcos] opposed the BBL is an indication that he is ready to fight foreign interest because BBL is a foreign-designed, we know all of that. We need a leader that can end the neo-colonial situation in the Philippines that started with former president [Manuel] Quezon down the line,” he said.

Villegas said he believes Marcos will not follow the dictatorial character of his father.

“He does not follow. Bongbong would not be the same like his father,” he stressed.

Villegas also believes that the senator will be the one who is capable to unleash in favor of the country the so-called Marcos wealth which has stayed stagnant in several countries all over the world.

Villegas said the coalition will still look who among the vice presidential aspirants who have already declared their candidacy will be supported.

“We’re still studying that because there’s only one who already declared his vice presidential bid,” he said, referring to Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero who already announced his vice presidential bid last week, along with Senator Poe as independent candidates.


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  1. Edgardo Valladolid on

    Maybe those people who do not favor BBM to run for 2016 for higher position experienced injustices during Martial Law. The ones who were not satisfied up until now were blinded by the yellow media and did not even thought that the present administration was mishandled by the worst Leader in our country. And sad to say, only the elite people who were close to him were the ones who benefited by the said growth of our economy according to them, it was not even felt by the poor people like the victims of typhoon Yolanda.

  2. Look at all the track records and achievements of BBM compare to other senators now, it is very sad that most of the people are still blinded by the yellow media movement who polluted the mind of the nation, what we live in today is much worse than what the so called yellow media always tell about martial law, without the yellow army there will be no martial law.

    BBM you are the very hope of our nation, we believe in you and we will support you in case you will run for higher office, you are destined to be. its in your DNA.

  3. This will be a good news so to speak.We’ve long been yearning to a Good President since Pres.Marcos was ousted by people who hungered for power en proliferated crime en corruption .We hav realized the good leadership Pres.Marcos has shown .It’s abt time to bring back what was stolen from the People (public hospitals , public transpo, public electric en water services , etc .BBM FOR PRESIDENT 2016, LACSON FOR VP .The NATION BUILDER en CRIME -CORRUPT BUSTER with Iron Hand TANDEM will surely PUT BACK the glory once had by The Phils.! ?

  4. Primitivo Mijares on

    Bongbong Marcos will have a hard time choosing on whether to run as senator again or to seek higher office (as Vice President or President).

    This is not the case of Grace Poe or Escudero who have nothing to lose. They’ll remain as senators in case they lose.

  5. This is the time for Bongbong to show his concern for the Philippines. We feel that he run for President this coming election. If he will convince Duterte to be his Vice President their tandem is unbeatable. Go Bongbong for President.

  6. almost of the Filipino now vote for Bong Bong Marcos, he is capable for the position
    as president.( tanging sya lang ang hindi kaya suhulan ng administrasyon, may panindigan)

  7. When i read this article –I am reminded of the biblical saying

    “The sins of the father are visited on the children ”

    Whilst not really , ascribing to this, and applauding the Senator for coming to the defence of his Fathers memory …

    Can he deny so much evidence to the contrary— Millions of peso’s are being found till this very day – which is probably,just the tip of the ice berg…

    Can “we the people”… afford to allow a family with such a History…To have the reigns of power again..

    If we do the same thing -;in the same way and expect different results—It is a form of madness ..

    Do we really want to show our children and their children …That even when you blatantly defy the law …When you can steal from the people and your own country..

    So long as you are rich –and powerful you can get away with it…

    Do we want a template for society ; Which shows how the rich can get their children educated to the nth degree–Whilst the poor cannot get into college ..

    Where only the wealthy can get decent medical care ”while the poor walk slowly to the graveyard ..

    Is this what our Heroes Died for ?

    Will we stand by idly allowing known.corrupt persons to Govern this nation —

    To have families that have already shown themselves and the people; as to where their values are …In power once again?

    If we do this –then we cannot hope to a country that gives its people “A fair go”..

    We will be like Oliver Twist …daring to ask for more ..always

    I remain your humble
    David M Meyer {Prof PhD}

    • 26 years ago ng pinaniwala ang sambayanang pilipino na c Pang. Marcos at ang kanyang pamilya ay nagnakaw ng limpak limpak na salapi at sya rin ang pinagbintangan na nasa likod ng pagpatay kay Ninoy…ang may bahay mismo ni Ninoy ang pumalit kay Marcos na naging pangulo sa loob ng anim na taon at di man lang nabigyan ng kasagutan yng agam agam na may kinalaman nga c Pang Marcos sa pagpatay sa kanyang asawa maliban dyan at hanggang sa mga panahon na ito walang nakulong o napatunayan na maraming ngang ninakaw na yaman ang mga Marcoses sa katunayan pa nga marami ang na acquit na kaso laban sa mga Marcoses……kayat walang dapat ipagmayabang ang EDSA revolution dahil katiting lamang ang magandang ngyari sa bayan natin…kung titignan pa nga natin naging masahol pa ang ngyari sa ating inang Bayan..Mendiola Massacre, Killing of Media personnel, DAP cases at ang paglobo ng mga presyo ng mga pangunahing bilihin….dati tayo ang nageexport ng bigas, ngayon number one tayong imbakan ng mga basura mula sa ibang bansa……IBALIK ANG TIBAY AT LAKAS NANG BAYANG ITO, BONG BONG MARCOS SA 2016….

  8. Marcos will be heavenly sent, we need a change. Marcos Duterte is the best tandem for the Philippines..With Marcos running the country and Duterte the crime czar. The Philippines will be great again. Business and tourism will thrive, Duterte will stop drugs and heinous crimes. The public will be safe again… MARCOS DUTERTE GO GO GO. Bring CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BACK!!!

    • Yes! the only tandem that could regain back Philippine as economic dragon in Asia. Go! Go! Go! BBM for President 2016 and Duterte for Vice President 2016 national elections…..


      A historian and professor at the Ateneo de Manila debunked claims that Marcos era was the country’s ‘golden years.’
      In his interview with journalist Howie Severino for the News To Go program of GMA, Dr. Leloy Claudio reminded the viewers of the glaring facts that happened during the Martial Law years.
      To start with, Claudio who authored the book “Taming People’s Power,” said that for him, it should be clear that Martial Law should be taught as the era when the people’s money was plundered, countless were tortured, hundreds were politically detained and that it ruined the country’s economy and democracy.
      Claudio, however, clarified he is not an anti-Marcos. He said the facts are readily available, mostly online, for the youth especially the millennials to scrutinize the facts and learn what transpired during the Martial law years.
      Contrary to claims that during the Marcos regime, the Philippines was at par with Japan’s economy, he recounted that the gross domestic product per capita in 1972 was $211.40 which was just 10 percent of Japan’s GDP of $2,917.66. It was in 1972 that Marcos declared Martial Law.
      In 1982, Philippines’ GDP per capita was $741 while Japan was pegged at $9428.87, a far comparison from pro-Marcos claims.
      In answer to the speculations that Philippines would have been like Singapore, should Marcos’ reign continued, Claudio said that it was in 1983, still under the Marcos rule, when the country was at its worst crisis.
      “Tumaas iyong inflation. Tumaas din iyong unemployment. At nag-slow down ang GDP growth. (Inflation increased as well as the unemployment. The GDP growth slowed down.) All economic indicators were down in 1983,” Claudio explained.
      He added that at that time, the debt has ballooned to $27 billion. If Marcos was able to build infrastructures, he owed that to the youth who are paying the debts until now.
      But more than the economic problems brought by the Martial rule, Claudio said the more glaring result was the massive human rights violations.
      He said that there were over 80,000 political detainees under Marcos’ leadership. Most of them, according to him, did not undergo due process and were jailed for saying something against the government.
      “Iyong mga extrajudicial killings for the entire period, lumagpas ng 3,500… These are statistics that are harrowing dahil marami talaga ang naghirap ng mga panahong iyon, (The extrajudicial killings for the entire period was over 3,500…These are statistics that are harrowing because many suffered during those times)” he further stated.
      Claudio pointed out that there was no truth to the claims that there was no political and economic turmoil during the Marcos regime; citing that from 2,000 New People’s Army in 1972, it has ballooned to 20,000 in 1986 making Marcos the greatest NPA recruiter.
      When asked if history, particularly the Martial Law era, is being taught in high school and college, Leroy admitted some teachers and parents have disregarded the facts and have given the youth a false impression of the Marcos era.
      He admitted the weakness of the teachers and said there is a need to have a systematic version of the Martial Law. He added that with the limited time provided to learning history, priority should be given to later parts of history, intensify the learning process and give more history classes.

    • Remember the dark days of martial law. Like father like son. He is not feeling remorse on what his father did to this country during an interview at ABS CBN. Again I am willing to bet that he will loss. Thousand of lives loss in UP . I know, I was there that night soldiers arrested students at the university dormitories. Never to be seen again. Parents looking for their sons not knowing that they are gone.

    • Art XVIII, Sec. 26 of our 1987 Constitution would order the Supreme Court to order the PCGG to return all sequestered assets to the Marcoses.



      Section 26. The authority to issue sequestration or freeze orders under Proclamation No. 3 dated March 25, 1986 in relation to the recovery of ill-gotten wealth shall remain operative for not more than eighteen months after the ratification of this Constitution. However, in the national interest, as certified by the President, the Congress may extend such period.

      A sequestration or freeze order shall be issued only upon showing of a prima facie case. The order and the list of the sequestered or frozen properties shall forthwith be registered with the proper court. For orders issued before the ratification of this Constitution, the corresponding judicial action or proceeding shall be filed within six months from its ratification. For those issued after such ratification, the judicial action or proceeding shall be commenced within six months from the issuance thereof.

      The sequestration or freeze order is deemed automatically lifted if no judicial action or proceeding is commenced as herein provided.

  9. BBM will surely run, OFW supports his candidacy.BBM-Duterte or BBM-Lacson is the combination that will surely give them votes from OFW and LUZVIMINDA.

  10. “…what we must do, is we must get rid, of stupidity, which is the kind of stupidity which is degeneration. People who consider themselves practical, are degenerates, inherently, because they are blocked against doing what every generation is compelled to do as a moral principle, to do something greater than your forebears had ever been able to accomplish. And your purpose is to have forebears who are qualified to be recruited to be the people, who produce the higher level of human existence…”
    For more please visit:

    Go for it!

  11. Bongbong Marcos for President? Wow you Filipinos are crazy. I experienced martial law was declared in the Phils,I was a student then, we lost a lot of freedom.Bongbong,I am sure what their parents did to the Filipinos then is/was aware during those years. I know his parents sins are not his fault but as what a saying goes a mango tree will not bear fruit to a santol.To all who wish and want him to be the next president or even the thoughts of running,WOW!!!!

  12. George de Guzman on

    “Like father like son.” Do I need to say more. The whole world knows who Marcos was. Unfortunately more and more Filipinos today know little about who Marcos was.

    • “Like father like son.”
      BBM will, like his father will strive to cure the malady of Inang Bayan inflicted by this yellow administration and create a New Society where all Filipinos, in all walks of life, will all live in unity, equality in all honesty, inclusive prosperity and happiness.

  13. Marcos-Santiago , is the best and unbeatable tandem..They have the knowledge and experience to run the government. And both of them are hardworking senators.

  14. We’ve given the Yellow Movement enough years to prove their worth. They have been shouting ever since that Marcos is the root of corruption. He’s been dead for many years and corruption is still here! Bongbong had the balls to vote against the popular Corona impeachment and now with the BBL. He is a man of conviction and resolve. Years of local and national government experience and not an iota of a graft case. Hope he runs for a higher office this time.

  15. After all the talks and insinuations that BBM will run for President in the 2016 elections, I’d be one of those very much disappointed if he will not run. I think BBM’s
    candidacy should be now or never. The candidacy of Mayor Duterte is also a very much welcome movement. The solid north (Ilocano vote) and his family ancestry in the south are very big pluses to BBM. What more, he has sgiven importance to the smaller groups in Mindanao in relation to the BBL which the Aquino administration (Liberal party) took for granted.

    It’s about time that we should have another Marcos who can prove that his father was sincere in governing the country, if not for his debilitating illness and the uncrupulous followers he had during the later part of his administration.

    With Binay, Poe, Roxas as the other candidates, Marcos has he best track record of performance having been a governor, congressman and senator. What more, he has the genes of a great leader.

    Pres. BBM 2016!

  16. BongBong Marcos is the only one who can oppose the BBL.
    Run Marcos run
    Run Marcos run
    Mabuhay si Marcos-Duterte tandem.

    • Nakapagtataka sa dami nang Marcos supporters, madami na ako tinanungan, nakapagtataka na si Poe at Binay at Roxas ang nagtatagisan. Idaan sa manual counting ang bilangan sa eleksyon para mailantad nang todo ang SWS survey ay may kinikilingan at tinitingnan.

  17. Carlit NativiDad on

    I can feel that senator bongbong Marcos will run as president. I sense it in one of his interviews in ilocos NORTE while unveiling president Marcos monument. A rainbow came out. A rainbow is a sign of hope for a new beginning to prosper. Well, I hope he’ll run.