• NTC, clergy can’t force Aquino to quit – Palace


    MEMBERS of civil-society groups and the clergy cannot force President Benigno Aquino 3rd to step down because they only represent a small sector of the people, majority of whom are behind the country’s leader, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said on Sunday.

    In an interview over state-run Radyo ng Bayan, Coloma again belittled what seems to be a growing clamor among the ranks of Catholic officials for Aquino to quit.

    “Well, the President is determined to continue his service and implement the reforms he promised to our people. We believe that [call to quit]is only a part of the opinion of one sector,” the Palace official said.

    Coloma was alluding to a statement made by retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz that the Catholic Church is determined to compel Aquino to vacate Malacanang amid controversies surrounding his administration.

    Cruz supported the move of the National Transformation Council (NTC), which had convened a series of assemblies in a bid to force Aquino out of office.

    The NTC launched its campaign in Batangas on August 27 and conducted another assembly in Cebu City on October 1 to call on the President to leave his post.

    The group also called for the establishment of an “alternative government” in case Aquino quits. The convenors of the NTC believe it is necessary to preserve “the Philippine democratic and republican state and the peace, freedom, security and moral and spiritual well-being of the Filipino people.”

    Despite this, Coloma said there is no reason for the President to leave earlier than June 2016 because the views presented by the NTC and its supporters run counter to the overall positive public perception of the Aquino administration.

    “It does not reflect the opinion of the majority of our people who continue to support the leadership of the President and who continue to trust his ability to lead the country,” he added.

    Last Friday, Coloma and Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda took turns in shielding Malacanang from NTC criticisms.

    The two officials noted that majority of the people want Aquino to finish his term.

    “The President is duty-bound to fulfill his mandate from the people. He remains firmly committed to pursue the reforms aimed at achieving stable and inclusive growth for the country. These reforms have been established on the platform of good governance and have gained acceptance by the vast majority of our people, as well as recognition from the international community,” Coloma said.

    Former senator Francisco Tatad, in his column, wrote that the “heat is on” for President Aquino who, he said, “has sinned and continues to sin” against the Constitution. Tatad was referring to Aquino’s expressed openness in extending his term and for limiting the powers of the judiciary, which he accused of abusing its “reach.”

    But Coloma countered that the real “transformation” has been achieved by the President for the people. That is, “the transformation of the country from being regarded as ‘the sick man of Asia’ to being Asia’s fastest-growing economy.”

    Lacierda said majority of the people disagree with the view of the council, adding that Filipinos “live in a pluralistic society.”


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    1. The Filipino populace must now silently meditate to think for itself whether the nation is better off in four years of Benigno S. Aquino 3rd presidency or has remained stagnant or is even worst than the four previous governments of Cory Aquino,Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo combined. My humble and honest evaluation is that the BSAquino 3rd government has not produce any tangible economic progress, habitable peaceful community and nation, social upliftment of the poor and average citizen, getting good, free intensive and fulfilling education and extensive health coverage, decent housing and shelter. In other words, BSAquino as President has completely failed and has not at shown an iota of leadership or management acumen to administer the needs of the nation. BSAquino is devoid of charisma, intelligence and political saviness and subtlety of leadership and fairness in dealings with both political allies and opponents
      on his personal and political agenda by using political compromises rather than the power of the “purse” (e.g. funds in PDAF and DAP). BSAquino personal traits and character of stubbornness affects his fair and equitable judgment as President, thereby reflective of his subjectivity in dealings with personal agenda or issue that affects his own or family’s interest (like Hacienda Luisita and his personal relationship with friends, ka klase, kabarilan and kamaganak). Pnoy himself is a total failure and just proved that he got elected to the presidency not because of his own talent, competence or leadership or personal qualifications or experience or strength of character BUT because of sympathy votes on his mothers (Cory Aquino ) preceding death.
      His presidency only achieved his desire to avenge the torture and death of his father by jailing Emrile as the main target, with Estrada and Revilla as smokescreen of his vindictiveness. He got even with Arroyo and Corona who had decided to distribute the lands in Hacienda Luisita to farmers!

    2. The NTC’s objectives is two- fold: 1, to demand the resignation of Aquino and 2, to install an alternative government to preserve the country’s democratic and republican state. To demand the resignation of the president is alright as long as it is not accompanied by any form of physical violence or coercion which will make the act illegal. The installation of an alternative government in the event Aquino resigns, is an extra constitutional remedy which will be met with stiff resistance from the public because it would leave the governance of the country to a group of people handpicked by the NTC who have no constitutional authority to do so. That runs counter to the NTC’s stated objective of maintaining and preserving the country’s democratic and republican form of government. The Constitution provides that the vice president takes over the functions of the president when he resigns. To apply a different mode of succession without amending the Constitution, is needless to say , unconstitutional, illegal and null and void.

    3. What reforms are they talking about and reforms are being done forever. Not just by a single administration ang walang katapusang reforma

    4. What the heck. Maybe the INC can come to the rescue. Mga kapatid, ano pa ba ang inaantay nyo?

    5. The truth is that Aquino only represents a small section of the population. A majority want him to leave now.

    6. I think Coloma is narrowmindedly incompetent, naive and not academically savvy and incapable of listening to the boss Filipino people. The NTC and Asia Pulse represent innumerable number of people. Statistics says 62% of those polled or representative citizens does not want ABNO(Y)RMAL. NTC representing many followers want ABNO(Y)RMAL to step down soon. Both groups express dissatisfaction with ABNO(Y)RMAL.

    7. These so-called spokesmen keep mouthing on certain principles that they do not fully understand. First, they talk about the “mandate from the people”. What mandate? From the PCOS machines? Second, they harp about “inclusive growth”. How so awful these talkative dudes by the Pasig River. For their education, inclusive growth is rooted and is a development with a voice guided by the Quality of Life Constitutional Mandate. Third, they mouth “governance” that is multi-dimensional in character. Even if their definition is limited to the “way of governing”, proofs are a plenty that this Band of Thieves is a disgrace to this land. Fourth, they invoke “transformation”. So pathetic. To the Band of Thieves, transformation means social, economic, environmental and political. Use the notion of transformation as test for you. And I assure you, you really are in a time warp and expert practitioners of mal-governance.

    8. What are you talking about Coloma? What transformation? How were you able to figure out that the Philippines is Asia’s fastest growing economy. Have you factored in the widespread unemployment, the unabated poverty, the high cost of living and the slowing down of manufacturing due to port congestion and lack of raw materials? How about the scarce supply of staples and commodities and the high transportation cost, not to mention the rampant and big time corruption that is patronized by the palace? Heavens! Coloma are you also delusional and hallucinating like your boss?

      You better believe it, we want this illegitimate president OUT OF MALACANANG!

      • 2016 election is near. All oppositions including the religious groups should wait until the term of Pnoy is finished. Then field your candidates against the likes of likes Binay, Poe, Roxas, Defensor, etc.

        I hope there is another reluctant candidate who would steer the nation to progress and prosperity and lead the 100 M strong Filipinos irrespective of religious affiliations.

      • mikhail hieronymus on

        You are correct, Guadalupe ! Coloma and Lacierda are trying to pull the wool over our eyes ! They know that what they are saying is WRONG, but as Abnoy’s mouthpiece, they have no choice.

        I am just wondering how these two “intelligent” individuals could go home at night and face their familes and friends with all the lies they are saying? I would compare them and their modus operandi to Hitler”s Germany propaganda machine. Are we Pilipinos that dumb to believe their lies?

      • Ikaw na Lang kaya Guadalupe ang
        Pumalit isama mo si Marcos Jr. para maubos ang pera ng bayan, oh kaya Erap. Si angpanday, at yong mga artista para mag kantahan na Lang sa senado. Oh my God pls help us Pilipinos.