• NTC ready to free emergency frequencies during disasters


    The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) office in Baguio City today said it is now prepared to free “emergency frequencies” during natural and other disasters to assure undisturbed communications of rescuers and law enforcement agencies.

    Melanie Fernando, chief of the NTC office here, claimed that in previous disasters there were those who tried to “break in” in these emergency frequencies which caused at times some moments of delay “just when every second counts in saving lives”.

    She stressed that in radio communications, “there are international protocols which every user of frequencies must adhere with, otherwise shall be duly penalized.”

    In this mountain resort, there are estimated more than 100,000 radio frequency users which could be tapped for emergency responses during calamities.

    “We have already increased monitoring and vigilance in the use of frequencies in our city in order to assure no one will violate the rules of use of frequencies. We believe that communication is a very important aspect in rescue and rehabilitation especially when dealing with wide areas like the Cordilleras,” she said.

    “Even in cases of prolonged brownouts, our office now has stand-by generator sets to use,” Fernando assured.

    Since last month, various government agencies and civic organizations have met to plan ahead response in case the prevailing rainy season would again bring calamity in this part of the country. PNA


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