• NTC website hacked over slow Internet


    Hackers took over the website of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Sunday for having “one of the lowest Internet speeds.”

    “We, Anonymous Philippines, are sympathizing with our fellow Filipino netizens whose battle cries are the ‘OVER PROMISED, UNDER DELIVERED’ system of our internet service providers; it is the neigh direct proportionality of our internet speeds and bandwidths in relation to price. We, as a country, suffer on the bottom of the internet pyramid having one of the lowest internet speeds while paying the same amount, or even higher, compared to other countries; adding DATA CAPPING to our ‘UNLIMITED’ data plans sums up to our great burden as an avid follower of the internet – for studies and such,” the message on the NTC website read.

    “We are calling forth the attention of the NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION for this matter in hand; with this we talk as a whole…as ONE, we are asking for fairness in charging and serving our data services; Unlimited should be patterned to its name – ‘UNLIMITED’; not ‘UNLIMITED with 800MB cap.’ A 2 MBPS speed should never be a 56kbps (kilobytes per second). A 98 percent service reliability should be always on the 98% part, not the 2 percent one,” it added.

    The hackers ended the message by saying that they “do not forgive” and “do not forget.”



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      This slow internet speed problem was similar with the telephone problem the Philippines had during the 1970’s with PLDT (Retelco). During those times, telephone subscription is very costly and there were very few available. The telephones then had party lines (two separate telephone numbers but each function as the extension of the other) and some single lines telephones. The problem is not the party line but the availability of dial tones. You have to wait for hours just to make a call during daytime and sometimes, you have to wait for the whole day just to be able to call. Most people then call at midnight. The telephone during those times were nearly useless.

      The key is when Globe Telecom joins the telephone market. Within a year(+/-), lots of telephones suddenly becomes available and cheaper; all were single line; and with good signal and dial tone and no more waiting for the whole day.

      The question is, how come that, within 1 year, the Philippines telephone system drastically improved (and at a very short short period of time)? Did PLDT spend a lot in infrastructure or the infrastructure was already there but not utilized? You are right dear readers, and that is economic sabotaged, since telecommunication is a very very important factor in the economic well-being of a nation. Deals can be consummated over the phone, staff can be instructed by their supervisor over the phone, etc. Imagine the improvement in just 1 year that was not done before but can be done easily. This kind of things led the Philippines to it’s current level right now, from number 2 in Asia after the war to the so called sick man of Asia that it is today. It is also during those times (1970’s) that Singapore is inching up and the Taipans began showing their pangs.

      Your guess is as good as mine, that the telephone problem before and internet problem now is another Chinese conspiracy. You must be watchful to correct the past and to protect yourself now and in the future. Well, there might be other capable companies that will be willing to enter the Philippine Internet market and improve it just like the way Globe Telecom did to improve the Philippine telephone system.