• Number of gun ban violators rising-PNP


    THE Philippine National Police (PNP) said on Friday that the number of persons arrested for violating the nationwide election gun ban continues to rise, and is now nearing the 2,000 mark.

    The latest update released by the PNP National Election Monitoring and Action Center (NEMAC) in Camp Crame said that as of 8 a.m. Friday, the number of persons arrested for violating the election gun ban totaled 1, 968.

    The PNP NEMAC figures said that most of those arrested for gun ban violations were civilians, numbering 1,895, followed by 26 security guards; 16 elected government officials; 15 police personnel; six military personnel; five members of other law enforcement agencies; two militiamen; two foreign nationals; and one jail officer.

    In addition, the PNP NEMAC figures revealed that the police were able to seize a total 1,455 pieces of assorted firearms, composed of 496 pistols; 447 revolvers; 86 shotguns; 82 rifles; 76 Class A weapons; three Class B weapons and 265 improvised firearms such as homemade shotguns and paltiks (homemade guns).

    According to the PNP NEMAC figures, a total of 712 assorted types of firearms were voluntarily surrendered to the police for safekeeping. Likewise, 68 firearms replicas were also seized along with 577 bladed weapons; 110 grenades; 152 other types of explosives and 16, 417 ammunitions.

    The PNP spokesman said in a press briefing on Friday that those arrested for violating the election gun ban will face charges of violation of the Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines.

    “This carries a penalty of up to six years of imprisonment and perpetual disqualification from public service,” Mayor explained in the press briefing.


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