NY Times feature on Duterte a ‘hack job’ – Palace


Malacañang on Wednesday slammed the New York Times (NYT) for releasing its “cynical and unfair” report about the life of President Rodrigo Duterte and his beginnings as mayor of Davao City.

In a statement, Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said it seemed “well-heeled clients with shady motives” paid the New York Times to publish an in-depth article against the President.

“One would expect more from the New York Times. Their article, ‘Becoming Duterte: The Making of a Philippine Strongman,’ sounds like a well-paid hack job for well-heeled clients with shady motives,” Abella said.

“One gets the feeling NYT is not interested in presenting the whole truth, only that with which they can bully those who attempt an independent foreign policy,” he added.

The article published on Tuesday narrated the life of Duterte as a young man and Davao City mayor before he became the Philippines’ most powerful.

“President Rodrigo Duterte relishes the image of killer-savior. He boasts of killing criminals with his own hand. On occasion, he calls for mass murder,” the lead of the piece, written by Richard Paddock, reads.

According to the article, Duterte’s psychological assessment in 1988 showed he had “narcissistic personality disorder” and a “pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights.”

“Violence in the house, violence in the school, and violence in the neighborhood… That is why he [Duterte] is always angry. Because if you have pain, when you are young, you are angry all the time,” it read, quoting the President’s brother, Emmanuel Duterte.

The New York Times said Duterte may have helped people in need when he was the mayor of Davao City but since he assumed the presidency and waged war on drugs, “he has already surpassed the death toll of President Ferdinand Marcos, whose forces killed about 3,300 political opponents and activists during his harsh 20-year rule.”

The Palace official, however, downplayed the report and emphasized that Duterte “does not engage in western liberal niceties to promote his agenda, to rebuild a nation with compromised internal structures.”

“NYT cynically and unfairly narrates the President’s rise to power in the context of violence,” Abella said, noting that the New York Times also “deliberately” failed to mention Duterte’s accomplishments during his stint as mayor in Davao City.



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  1. This is a demolition job prepared by those Yellowtards and LP’s who are out to destabilize the Duterte administration. Definitely the hands of Loida Nicolas Lewis is clearly seen in this destabilization move because of its international setting just like Leni’s video which was sent to an international forum. By the way, both Loida and Leni are from Bicol and it was Loida who took care soliciting foreign funders for Leni when she ran for congress.

    New York Times just like CNN, Bloomberg and Washington Post are part of US mainstream media being accused of putting-up FAKE AND FALSE NEWS. These media organizations campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton to the extent of feeding Hillary questions to be ask during the debate. When they lost the election, they blame it on Russia making President Putin as the bogeyman. Without evidence, these mainstream media keep on publishing Fake and False News on President Putin and Russia’s activities and tie-ups with the elected President Trump. Likewise, this publication on our President Duterte is without any verification and investigation on the alleged crimes that Duterte has committed prior to Presidency. They just wrote this article which was fed to them by definitely from the Yellowtard who took the words of Matobato, et al, hook, line and sinker. This is definitely a slanted article which the author was paid to publish it.

    Since the Yellows has already raised the stake on the International level strategy with Leni’s video and this NYT article, it’s about time the government should act and hit hard on these destabilizers. The government should support the public clamor to impeach Leni using her video appeal as an evidence. Likewise, Trillanes and his group should also be charge for harboring a criminal in Matobato and Lascanas. These two self-confessed serial killers should be arrested immediately. Unless President Duterte use the full power of the government on these destabilizers who has been after his neck since day one of his presidency, we will never have peace and lastly declare Loida Nicolas Lewis as PERSONA-NON–GRATA.

  2. The New York Times is a Liberal newspaper in the United States that is fiercely pro Democrat and anti-Republican. It probably thinks that the Liberal Party in the Philippines that is opposed to whatever Duterte does, is worthy of supporting because of its name. The Aquinos lived in the East Coast where the New York Times is based and supporters of the Aquinos must have been lobbying hard for the paper turned tabloid to attack Duterte.

  3. florendo abad on

    Well his accomplishment is the DDS who murdered lots of people without due process. worst than Death Penalty given to criminals.

    • Well if you cannot present the proof regarding on DDS your accusation is just a mere “Tsismis” and no substance at all. Before you accused provide a proof.