Obama latest target in spate of heckling


CLEVELAND, Ohio: Dealing with hecklers is nothing new to US politicians. But President Barack Obama on Friday (Saturday in Manila) became the latest in a wave of Democrats targeted by bounty-seeking agitators as the 2016 US election enters the final stretch. Incivility on the airwaves has spilled into campaign events from Florida to Cleveland, Ohio, where Obama campaigned for Hillary Clinton, and encountered a protester declaring former president Bill Clinton a rapist. Right wing website Infowars has put up a $5,000 reward for anyone who is heard and seen on television repeating the explosive, and unproven allegation. A few minutes into Obama’s campaign riff selling his record over the last eight years in the White House, the outgoing 44th president noticed a commotion in the crowd – populated largely by young voters and many families with young children. “Our businesses have turned job losses into 15 million new jobs, we slashed our dependence on foreign oil,” Obama said trailing off, “hold on a second, young man. Don’t be interrupting everybody, come on. Come on, sir. Come on.” Obama tried to lead a chant to drown the man out. “Everybody – come on, everybody. Let’s do our little chant. Hillary! Hillary!”



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