• Obama ‘screwed’ us, angry Cuban migrants say


    PANAMA CITY: “Obama has screwed all Cubans,” Yadiel Cruz, a Cuban in Panama bitterly told Agence France-Presse on Thursday upon learning the US president has suddenly made it tougher for migrants like him to get into America.

    The 33-year-old summed up what many compatriots were feeling as they digested the news in a Catholic shelter in Panama’s capital, a waypoint on their overland trek to the United States.

    But, he declared, “for me, I’m not going back.”

    Around him, dozens of other Cubans expressed sadness or anger.

    Much of the fury was directed personally at US President Barack Obama for announcing that he has scrapped, with immediate effect, a 1995 policy that had given near-automatic entry to the US to Cubans who set foot on American soil, regardless of their visa status.

    Now, like those who attempted to cross by water, they could face deportation back to Cuba unless they convince US officials they were afraid of being persecuted or had valid humanitarian reasons to be let in.

    The move, made just days before Obama leaves office and hands the reins over to Donald Trump, known for his anti-immigration stance, rattled nerves, sparked frustration and evoked tears here.


    Obama has ‘hurt us’


    “We feel sadness because we are all coming with a dream that comes from pain, hunger and a lot of work to get this far,” said Lorena Pena, a woman four months pregnant who left Cuba with her husband and four-year-old daughter.

    Obama, she said, “screwed up, because what he’s done is hurt us—so he really isn’t as good as everyone says.”

    Ulises Ferrer, a carpenter from Havana, said: “We don’t know what we’re going to do now. But what we’re certain of is that we’re not going back to Cuba unless we’re dead.”

    The shelter they were in, a simple set-up run by the Caritas charity and featuring just one bathroom, is in the Ancon neighborhood of Panama City.

    It was established months ago to accommodate some of the stream of Cuban migrants who had been passing through Central America on their way to Mexico and then to the United States.

    The “Wet foot, Dry foot” policy Obama scrapped had meant that many of them felt they were on their way to a new life in America, once they reached the border.

    Their destination hasn’t changed. But now the reception and easy access they had hoped for is less likely.

    If they are accepted into the United States, though, a 1966 law, the Cuban Adjustment Act, is still valid and offers them a fast-track to residency and legal employment.


    Arduous trek


    The Cubans in Panama were on an overland route that has already been used by tens of thousands of others.


    The number of migrants from their Communist-ruled island spiked in 2015 and 2016, after Washington and Havana agreed to a thaw in their long hostile relations.

    Many of those fleeing feared exactly what came to pass Thursday: that the rapprochement would see the door close on Cuban migrants being given automatic US entry and residency.

    The wave of Cubans, along with a decision by Nicaragua to close its border to them, created a backlog in Panama and Costa Rica that prompted both countries last year to try to shut out arriving Cubans.


    Waiting for Trump


    But while numbers have dropped, the flow hasn’t ceased. Many Cubans coming up from South America now pass through the Darien Gap—an inhospitable, swampy, snake-infested stretch of jungle dividing Panama from Colombia.

    “We are thousands of Cubans who have crossed through the middle of the jungle, rivers and dangers,” said Yanisel Wilson, a 20-year-old who crossed through the Darien gap two days earlier.

    Getting to even that point has meant running a gauntlet of thieving police officers, gangs and money-sucking people-smugglers along the way.

    “I’m going to wait a few days to watch the news and see what gets decided. Here we will wait for Donald Trump to take over and see if he will help us,” Wilson said.

    The ordeals the Cuban migrants have gone through speak to their unwavering determination to reach America, regardless of Obama’s policy change.

    “Where can we go?” asked one Cuban, Julio Hernandez. “We can’t go back, nor go on. It’s like we’re in a stranded boat and don’t know what to do.” AFP





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    1. Yes Obama screwed all freedom loving people, he stopped the Cubans from fleeing Castro’s Communist country but is letting in all the murdering Muslims he can. What about the Coptic Christians Obama who are being murdered by your Muslim buddies. No HOPE, JUST A LITTLE BOY PLAYING NERO and fiddling while the USA BURN along with lap dog Biden.

    2. “Now you have permission now you don’t.” This was just Obama’s way of ginning up more hatred of America.

    3. It was predicted by many that this treacherous man would lash out at America in various ways at the end of his term. Particularly if his party was rejected. And it has come to pass for all the world to see. There is little I can say but this: The Democrat party has gone so far left that anything that emerges from it going forward will be a thing from Hades right out of the womb. I hope the American electorate had learned from the pain.

    4. these people act entitled to come here and be supported and fed, housed, schooled… wtf… total B.S. !

    5. If things are so bad in Cuba (and they are), these Cubans who managed to escape should be *happy* to settle down *wherever* it is they happen to find themselves — if their hosts will *allow* them, that is. But international law *requires* it — refugees must remain in the first safe nation in which they arrive to be granted that status.

      To interject reality (I know, how inconsiderate), if we allowed them to *half the population* south of the Rio Grande would emigrate to America. But somehow Cubans have come to believe U.S. citizenship is their birthright — coming from an enemy state at that! They’re like the Chosen People of Latin America!

      But the United States neither needs nor wants them. Trending Democrat for decades, Cubans are no longer the reliable conservatives they once were — they’ve joined their fellow Hispanics as aggrieved minorities, election after election pulling the lever for more government benefits and the most radical of progressives.

      America must stop importing congenital Democrats.

    6. Cubans…..ban together and overthrow your government. We fought for our country and you can do it too. You deserve to live in decency and beauty, but we can’t take in the world. Take on this for future generations of Cubans.

      • Well stupid Cuba is a Communist dictatorship that does NOT allow its imprisoned citizens to immigrate to America. So what legal advice would you give these prosecuted individuals? You sound like someone would support Obama if he were killing babies by the thousands. Oh he has with his unbridled support of abortion at anytime during the pregnancy.

      • Legally? From a communist country who doesnt allow you to leave if you want to? How exactly could they do it legally?

      • They have been getting away with it doing it illegally, so why change now! I say if you catch them breaking into our country, then shoot them on site.

    7. So now the welfare benefits Cubans refugees received can go to Syrian refugees. We’re all screwed!

      • Yes I was about to say that. The Cubans should not feel special. Obama screwed everyone but the Illegal aliens and Syrian RAPE-UGEES..

    8. Don’t you know you are the wrong kind of “illegal” ??? Not much hope in some communist-hater to vote for the socialist-communist leaning democrats, is there?

      That whole hope of the Mexican illegals was to permanently secure power for the democrats.

      • SheWhoWalksAlone on

        Illegal alien Latinos failed in their mission to ensure a ‘Hillary Dictatorship’ so they are no longer needed by Democrats. Build the wall AND deport them all!

        Americans now MUST push for the end of Birthright Citizenship & no more Welfare Benefits for illegal aliens!

    9. The Cubans running from Castro have nothing to worry about. I think that Mr,Trump will let them in without too much hassle but I think there will be a vetting process. If a Cuban has had anti social behavior such as murder, rape, and violent crime they will be going back to Castro and let him deal with them. Trump is no Jimmy Carter.

      • 1 – Why continue to give Cubans special status?

        2. It’s a new day under Trump.

        3. Cubans have caused many problems for the USA way out of proportion to numbers.

        4. The ‘Cubans’ who seem to get out are Spaniards anyway. They should go to Spain.

      • SheWhoWalksAlone on

        I don’t think so, President Trump wants immigration laws enforced and can not discriminate by allowing them access vs those from the middle east, Mexico…

        U.S. must force Cuba to work with us to ‘humanely’ return them to Cuba. The U.S. MUST find a way to force Cuba to end their communist laws that create a life of hell for Cubans!

    10. Thank God we only have one more week of this nonsense.

      Obama only loves immigrants who support his socialist agenda and ultimate transformation and destruction of America. However, since Cubans know the evils of socialism and supported Trump he decided to single them out and make it harder for them to come. No surprise here.

    11. Trump won Florida with the help of Cubans. The Liberals dont want your kind here, just like when they bring immigrants from the middle east, very few are Christian. Even though the Christians are being killed in higher numbers.

      • Doggystyl, the democrats VERY much want immigrants that they have given maximum benefits to. They want a huge demographic to whom THEY, THE DEMOCRATS, will be the “Saviours”. It is not a strategy of “out of the goodness of America’s heart” coming from genuine generosity, rather, It is a cynical strategy to “lock in” the democratic vote for at least two generations, exactly like the bamboozle that was pulled on American blacks, which locked in two generations of blacks as an automatic vote for democrats. “Generosity then, becomes a strategy for keeping political power; the more illegals, the better ! For American blacks today, the tough question, is what has the democrat and his party really given black America after all that time in power ?

    12. The majority of our Cuban population is in south Florida and Obama is pissed because he expected Hillary to be supported by them in the election. Trump won Florida and this is his payback.Such a hateful,arrogant, self-centered individual. I’ll be so glad when he’s out of office in a few days.

    13. Conservatives have supported Cubans coming to Americans coming here from Cuba because they’re the epitome of politically persicuted people. They risk their lived to breathe free, not just to get stuff from American taxpayers, as many illegals do. That’s why Obama hates them and has “screwed” them.

    14. It’s not about Cubans, it’s just Obama’s childish way of taking his ball and going home. He simply wants to make things as difficult as possible for the new administration. I mean, you really didn’t think he cares about anyone other than himself and his “legacy”, did you?

    15. Now that he no longer has any use for useful Idiots he is dumping you like a dog dumps his shit. How is that for your lord and savior and master, Huh?

    16. HA HA now you know how Americans fell about the man-child. The POS would lie to his white mother.

    17. Thats been POTUS job the whole 8 years, screw as many people as possible, bring down the USA. You know the whole world owes his black A$$ everything. The crackers enslaved his ancestors. PayBack is a bitch.

    18. If only these Cubans were in Mexico…then they’d have a chance at coming to America and getting everything paid for.

    19. The Democrats will punish you for not voting for the criminal Democrat candidate. We’ve got your back means a clear shot with the knife of make believe .

      • Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding… We have a winner!!!!

        Dang right Obama and democrats punish those who don’t vote for them.

      • Alexander G Sullivan on

        He has destroyed my life. He hate anything with ‘America’ in it…Even latin America.

    20. Suckers! Now you know how Americans have felt with that dick as our president for the last 8 years.

      • Obama screwed everyone in the US some of them still don’t realize it.. The are what we call the “special kind of stupid”.

    21. Cubans didn’t vote for ILLary and are not a monolithic voting block for Democrats – so FAUXbama made them pay.

      This exposes Democrat immigration policy for what it is. A ploy to get VOTES. If you vote Democrat – they want you to violate our border and want you to get amnesty. If you vote Republican – they want you to GTFO and don’t even try to come here.

      • This is likely just Obama noticing that more Cuban immigrants voted for Trump than Hillary…in Florida. She needed Florida, and so will the next Dem in 2020. They are looking ahead to 2020, and don’t want more potential Trump supporters arriving from Cuba. They are desperate to win Florida back in 2020, but this strategy will cause many Cubans immigrants to consider the Dems unfriendly. If Trump is sympathetic to the Cuban immigrants, it would solidify his support in that community.

      • A lot of those voters were, are aging Cuban Americans who fled from Cuba, the same ones who voted for Ronald Reagan. Their motto ? We remember !

    22. Of course Obama “screwed you”…. That’s what Leftists do. They claim to care about people, but are only Fascists who care about their own power and using people for their own purposes.

      Actual “refugees” such as from Cuba Leftists have no problem blocking.
      But heaven forbid Conservatives block Terrorists or Economic Migrants from Central/South America so American interests and people are protected, jobs had, etc., and we are somehow “racist”.

      • Kommieforniastan Deplorable on

        I don’t give a darn if people register Republican, I want them to vote for common sense, not the BS of the Leftist Communists. WAKE UP #MAGA

    23. These poor people are learning what we Americans have known for eight years. He’s been screwing us since he first became President.

    24. “Trump…..known for his anti-immigration stance”

      He’s not anti-immigrant, his wife is an immigrant! But he, like most Americans, are against ILLEGAL immigration – sneaking over the border. But we understand how that misunderstanding comes about! For every time ANYone speaks out against ILLEGAL immigration and our porous border, the loons on the alt-left screech how we’re against immigrants.
      Don’t believe the lies of the loony left. After all, if we were actually the terrible eeeevviiilll racist country they perpetually screechy we are, then why would tens of millions risk life and limb and money to even come here? Right?

    25. Obama, she said, “screwed up, because what he’s done is hurt us—so he really isn’t as good as everyone says.”

      Not everyone says he’s good. A great many of us think he’s a piece of s–t.

    26. I guess that’s your punishment from Obama because your relatives in Florida either didn’t turn up at the polls, or a lot of the ones who did voted for Donald trump.

    27. I sincerely don’t know if Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the Democrat party, be as painful to the new Administration, or is giving the middle finger to America as he leaves office, but the thought that he can continue to do this much damage to all Americans (yes new Cuban Americans included) is bone chilling.

    28. Yes Cuba- He has done it to Americans for 8 yrs. Completely screwing us in every way imaginable. When it comes to screwing, Obama wrote the book (Its like the KamaSutra writer- showing the various ways you can screw).

      Make sure to get checked :D
      Im sure his disease has spread throughout any government he touches. Inefficiency+Corruption

    29. FU there is no need to give every Cuban automatic green cards and a path to citizenship no questions asked. Go back and make your country better, or the EU is very open to refugees.

    30. You seem surprised that Obama screwed you. He is a Muslim community organizer that hates America and freedom. You wanted the freedom that America offers, that makes you his enemy. I hope this helps, MAGA sure will.

    31. Raymond Collier on

      Now they know what happens when one places one’s trust in a worthless politician. One just knew that after starting to normalize relations with Cuba that President Barack Obama was going to do something like this! One lives and learns: The Hard Way!

    32. And they are right! Obama’s tender ego was hurt over Castro’s failure to laud him as a hero, and the Cuban people paid. Obama is a Castro lover turned hater.

    33. Why is anyone surprised by anything he does? He is a pathetic man-child stomping his feet because he didn’t get his way. History will not be kind to this worthless piece of crap.

    34. trumpsterbunny on

      the cuban people need our help. I advocate making cuba a U.S. State. That will allow our military and navy to protect the cuban people. But this will only happen after we dismantle their communist, murderous government. This is a humanitarian crisis. Why doesn’t trump send sheriff joe and some of his best men on boats to help some of the cubans without actually letting them into the country, as we do have an immigration crisis right now and ISIS is using it as a trojan horse.

      It’s hard. But I think it can be done.

      • Robert Schmidt on

        Cuba a state? Forget it. We don’t need another poverty project. We have enough already created by Democrats, Chicago, New York, Baltimore. Don’t need another one. Cuba has nothing of value for us.

    35. I don’t believe there is a “right” to enter the United States. The US has the “right” to regulate immigration as do essentially all other countries.It is only because Ted Kennedy opened the borders in 1968, and subsequent Presidents increasingly ignored immigration law, that people from third world countries believe that the United States HAS to let them in just because they arrive at the border.

    36. How very sad for all of the Cubans who gave up their lives to escape Communism, and those that still are attempting to come to become American citizens.
      What a slap in the face Obama has given them when he allows Muslims in who have no intention of assimilating into our culture or pledging to America to free access to our land.
      Wait,my friends, you’re time is coming !

    37. Welcome to the Obama screwed club. America knows it well.
      Just be thankful you’re not in the Obama worldwide body count club.
      However, you haven’t seen anything yet but will soon after January 20, 2017.

    38. Obama knows Cubans are for “Liberty, and Freedom” Which all DICKtators hate. He also knows without the Cuban vote. Likely Trump wouldn’t have won. Obama is a “NO” sportsmanship/ “NO” democracy anti humanity thing. He is all about vengeance, payback, and prevention before the next election. This is the evil man/whatever the demoncRATS love. Remember what they did to the young child Elian Gonzales. This president and his party are evil incarnate.

    39. And you fools voted for him……TWICE!!!
      Then you idiots voted for his minion…Hillary!

      And to add salt to the wound, you can;t say we didn’t warn you!!

    40. Why the media is crooked?
      Trump is NOT anti-immigration.
      He and those that elected him are against ILLEGAL immigration.
      What do the media jerks not understand about this?
      You want in? Fine, do it by the book or go home.

    41. Obama threw the Cubans under the bus except in Cuba it’s a 57 Chevy. Now that Obama has cast out the Jews and Cubans from the Democrat Party how will the Democrats win any national elections?

    42. Obama wants to make Trump look like a hypocrite when he reverses this order but then deports Mexicans.

    43. he lives in a world of his own making as he could care less about the people but like chavez he adores socialists even with the corruption that follows as he is above the little people and you are of no consequence to him!

    44. Cuban Immigration:

      Donald welcome to Miami Cuban-American territory all of us DEPLORABLES.

      There is a huge difference between the cuban immigration and other immigrations.

      The Cubans are trying to leave Cuba because of the persecution by the Castro people (50 years +) and we Cubans are job and economic growth generators. If you do not believe me see today’s Miami. New construction and construction cranes all over. The Miami of the early 60’s was a dump, dilapidated buildings and no jobs. A great majority of the Cuban immigrants will start their own business as soon as they can as a result will generate more and more jobs.

      We believe in democracy and we like to participate in the democratic process as you can see two candidates Cruz and Rubio are the products of the Cuban immigration. We are not leftists and we do not like handouts. We work very hard for everything we have and our kids follow these principles “democracy, honor and hard work”.

      We appreciate and are thankful of the American people that open their heart and allowed us to immigrate at the time we were and still are persecuted just because of our principles. We will never forget and a Cuban American as president will never let the people of this country (USA) down.


      http://www.city-data.com/picfilesc/picc49486.php xxxxxxxxxxxx

      http://miamidade.gov/…/04…/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/ xxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Miami 1950s:

      https://www.bing.com/search?q=miami%201950s%20pictures… xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Examples of honorable Cuban-Americans:

      Modesto Maidique:

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modesto_Maidique xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlURghIaR7Q xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Roberto Goizueta :

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberto_Goizueta xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      http://goizueta.emory.edu/ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Dichos de Roberto:

      “The cynics will tell you that the good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. I say, do it anyway.”
      “Opportunity… ours to seize… ours to live… and ours to defend. Or otherwise—ultimately—ours to lose.” [5]
      “Lack of integrity renders worthless all other values. Without integrity no other personal quality has much value … because integrity overrides everything else.”
      “Once you lose everything, what’s the worst that’s going to happen to you? You develop a self-assurance.”
      “We’re going to take risks. What has always been will not necessarily always be forever.”
      “State expectations. Meet expectations. Repeat.” – (on creating credibility.)
      “The moment avoiding failure becomes your motivation, you’re down the path of inactivity. You stumble only if you’re moving.”
      “In order to show proper respect for your future, you must sometimes show some insensitivity to your past.”
      “Integrity… it means doing what is right. Not necessarily what is correct—no one is correct all the time. But doing what is right.”
      “Communication is the only task you cannot delegate.”
      “If you take risks, you may fail. But if you do not take risks, you will surely fail. The greatest risk of all is to do nothing.”
      “Will we have courage and wisdom… to aspire to build a school completely distinctive in its ability to add value to our society” (on the Goizueta Business School of Emory University)
      “What are you doing here? Marcos has declared elections. I am Cuban. I have no country to go back to. You have a chance to do something for your country.” (Speaking to his friend, Philippine Senator Mar Roxas, then a Wall Street investment banker in 1985. Senator Roxas ran for the Philippine Presidential election in May 2010.)
      “They say, ‘Do you sleep well at night with all the competition?’ I say, ‘I sleep like a baby.’ They say, ‘That’s wonderful.’ I say, ‘No, no, I wake up every two hours and cry.'(On the pressures of his job at the helm of Coca-Cola, in an interview with Fortune)


      The view of the cuban inmigration from SPAIN (in Spanish) .


      Castro was and his brother are killers.

    45. Let’s be honest here. Mot of the Cuban arriving within the last 20 yrs are not political refugees. They are economic refugees. These are not the refugees of the 60s, 70s. I am a Cuban immigrant. My dad woudl have been killed in Cuba because he absolutely detested Castro and woudl not keep his mouth shut. Although I am surprised it was Obama, but it is about time. That being said the upside of this is that if the Island does not have a place to send the frustrated population, maybe now there will eventually be a bloody coup. GOOD!

    46. He’s said over and over again that it’s ILLEGAL immigration he’s against. What’s your problem?

    47. Comrade Obama stands up for enemies of the USA and against We, the People as well as those seeking actual sanctuary from
      Totalitarian tyranny.

    48. Obama screwed the American people too. He belongs in a federal prison for 20 to life for his many crimes.

    49. Yeah, well take a number he screwed all of us and we ARE American citizens. We would all like to take a piece out of him.

    50. I guess if they were Muslim, from Syria or Somalia, they could still just walk on in. Perhaps he promised to do it as a memorial salute to Fidel, a simpatico leader? I can’t wait to see who else Obama will try to harm in the next few days in what seems to be his long, vindictive leave taking.

    51. Simply defund Prog Ed and replace it with Western Enlightenment, served neat. Then, no more future leaders will be Progressive Borg Drones… raised to think this way on public funds. Simply defund Prog Ed fixes most things!

    52. Obama only loves immigrants who support his socialist agenda and ultimate transformation and destruction of America. However, since Cubans know the evils of socialism and supported Trump he decided to single them out and make it harder for them to come. No surprise here.

    53. I’m not surprised at all. He’s been railroading the USA for 8 years, the Cubans planning an escape, or already en route, only a day. Seeing that Trump is planning to reverse just about everything that Obama screwed up, perhaps he will undo this too……..or perhaps he will help Raul see the bright light of capitalism and families can reunited be it here, or there

    54. Welcome to the club. Barry Soetoro has hurt all of America , forget about the so called affordable care act, the race bating, the gun runs south of the border , the influx of moose-limbs into the country, 100 million dollars in vacations , the biggest tragedy ( as if everything else wasn’t enough ) is he alone doubled the deficit by ten trillion dollars !

    55. Obama only makes it easy for people from Muslim countries to get refugee status.Many of them practicing sharia.Basically loves people with anti American values and customs. Just like himself

    56. As Lorena Pena said in this piece that Obama had hurt her and was really not as good as everyone says is correct in fact. If its any comfort she can be sure that Obama has also screwed us, Americans here in America, I also agree that he certainly is not as good and “everyone says”

    57. enoughalready911 on

      Amazing that the Cubans didn’t already understand that Obama only uses minorities as a plantation where he harvests votes….Clinton is the same…in fact all Dems are the same.

      My hunch is that this particular issue wasn’t even on Trumps radar and would have gone untouched for quite some time as Trump has bigger fish to fry. Instead Obama intentionally hurt the Cubans(many who voted him and for Hillary) in an attempt to “poison the well” so that Trump will now be called on to make a decision NOW or be demonized for not helping the cuban people.

      Think about it Dems…why would Obama do this if not to HURT Cubans? In the LAST week of his administration? Get real…Dems are NOT your friends…they USE you.

    58. Endless and unlimited migration from ANYWHERE to the USA must stop. I sympathize with the stranded Cubans but they have to apply to come to the USA legally.

    59. Welcome to OUR world, compadres. Obama spent the last eight years screwing over all of us Americans for his socialist/anarchist handlers who created him out of whole cloth. Don’t feel so all alone.

    60. Perhaps these Cuban refugees should stay in their own country and fight for their independence?

    61. Vanessa Miramontes on

      Sadly, the Far Left Wing zealots who now control the Democratic Party will criticize Trump no matter what decision he makes. If he reinstates the long-term policy granting asylum to Cubans escaping the hell-hole in Cuba, liberals will question why he doesn’t allow this with the rest of Latin America. If he keeps the policy, liberals will claim that he is turning his back on Cubans (which is vital for election victories in Florida).

      The DNC has tried to create a Catch-22 dilemma.

      My guess is that Trump will revert back to the previous policy of granting asylum to Cubans and actually extend it to individuals deemed to be escaping death in Latin America through a vetting process — the same type of process that liberals called “Islamophobic” in vetting Syrian refugees.

    62. jdp… obama the Muslim hurts anybody he doesn’t like since Cuban’s are mostly Christian, there ya go as the reason he leaving a mark.

    63. Obama has been screwing anyone in the US the last 8 years and you’re just now figuring it out at the very end?

    64. Just so you all know, Trump’s position is not “anti-immigration”. His position is “pro LEGAL immigration” which is virtually the same policy in every country wanting to protect its citizens from violence and disease.

    65. Join the club. Everyone spent the past eight years praising obama while refusing to realize what a disaster he has been. The only people he hasn’t screwed during his time in office has been ISIS and the Iranian government.

    66. This is the price ordinary Cubans pay for Obama
      to hold together his aborted rapprochement with
      Raul Castro. Castro pressured Obama to help
      restrain Cubans from leaving the country, and
      Obama obliged.

      Can the stab in the back to ordinary Cubans be
      any worse ?

    67. Millions of Cubans in Florida are on welfare where they get free medical, welfare, food stamps, loans, etc. IT costing billions of dollar to support them. Let President Trump let them come in again and watch the fun in the medical as thousands of them flood the country.

    68. Obama hates all humans not just Cubans because he has the spirit of anti Christ. He has caused chaous thru out the world in order to put all the blocks in place to start world war 3 so as to kill as many humans as possible.

    69. While he was commuting sentences and pardoning convicts in the federal prison system, this is like slamming down the gavel and condemning thousands if not millions to life in prison, the communist dictatorship in Cuba.

    70. Amazing that these people think they have some intrinsic right to just waltz into the US. Fix your own damn Country.

    71. “Obama screwed us” Welcome to the party pal. He’s done that to most Americans for 8 years.

    72. Well, if you read papers about what other illegal immigrants are saying to stay in this country, or just cross where they cross, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. If you make it to california, they’ll take moon children as long as you care to live off the system and be a Democrat.

    73. Obama has been “screwing” the American public for seven years, fifty one weeks and thankfully it will be coming to an end on January 20, 2017…

    74. Titio Gonzalez on

      Good. You people come to US, get papers and make fun of undocumented pilipinos and Latinos. There’s no sympathy for you.

    75. Sorry, but let this be a lesson for when you become citizens of this great nation. Never trust a Democrat, its the same as trusting a communist – and you should know all about that by now. Again, sorry the liar-in-chief of the USA is just that, nothing more than a low-life liar.

    76. “The move, made just days before Obama leaves office and hands the reins over to Donald Trump, known for his anti-immigration stance, rattled nerves, sparked frustration and evoked tears here.”

      More Fake News from the MSM. Donald Trump does not have an anti-immigration stance. He, and most Americans, have an anti-ILLEGAL-immigration stance. Yuuuuuuge difference.

    77. Why isn’t it a solution for The Church and Panama to take in the refugee Cubans already there in Panama?
      Why is the solution of the world to help refugees move on and illegally enter the U.S.?

    78. ImaHippyBurning on

      Something tells me HUSSEIN must have been dissed by Cuban GUBmint for him to smack them down like this! What other explanation is there for such an Anti American POTUS who has continually tried to weaken America at every juncture while leaving our Southern borders totally porous.

    79. Liberals love Muslim terrorists & Mexican rapists, but they hate real refugees escaping Marxist dictatorships, such as Cubans or Vietnamese

    80. “Obama screwed us!” was the comment. Well, welcome to the party.. he also screwed 325 million Americans. In fact the only ones he didn’t “screw” were the belligerent Muslims: ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, Taliban, Iran and Hamas

    81. And yet they voted for him in overwhelming numbers…”I’m a scorpion, it’s what I do”

    82. “He isn’t as good as everyone says??” Lol, I have news for you, the only ones that ever made the claim that Barry was any good were the Hollywood filth and the other small handful of people that don’t care about America. But that’s all about to change now since we crushed the left and demanded that this country be returned to its one time great status.

    83. We tried to warn the voters about Obama before his first election. They didn’t listen. We tried even harder before his second election. Although more became informed and voted against him, it was not enough. The idiots still voted him in to a second term. The destruction that man has done to our country rests squarely on their shoulders. Now those same, mentally ill fools are protesting Trump. It makes no sense at all, at least to sane people.

    84. JOIN THE CLUB!!!!!!! For the last 8 years, Barack screwed no one more than he screwed his own countrymen and our allies. Suck it up!

    85. Of course Obama screwed you, Cubans tend to vote Republican. He certainly can’t have that.

    86. “Obama has screwed all Cubans,” Yadiel Cruz, a Cuban in Panama bitterly told Agence France-Presse on Thursday…” So, you are finally catching on.

    87. That’s what you get for trusting a community organizer to run your affairs. Ye reap what ye sow.

    88. Be happy. 0 only screwed you once. He has screwed the US more than honey mooning Nymphomaniacs! For 8 long long years.

    89. Mickey Moussaoui on

      That’s because Cubanas are not muslims and they tend to vote republican.
      Now they understand our little commie preezy better

    90. Obama has been a rogue president since the day he got into office. This idiot had eight years to listen to the American people and instead, followed his own warped agenda.

      Secret Trade deals
      Siding with Saudi’s over Americans
      Illegal attempts on abolishing the 2nd amendment
      Paying 1.4 BILLION for 4 US hostages
      Allowing Iran the means to a nuclear football
      Creating havoc with our allies due to his personal agenda.

      This president is a POS and he’s doing exactly what a sneaky behind the back charlatan would do in his last few days.

      This is his legacy, he can think he’s great, but 200 million Americans would disagree.

    91. Obama will continue his war on the West until he is evicted from office.
      He’s going to have to be prosecuted so he cannot run an influence peddling operation like the Clinton Foundation.

    92. If the Mexican’s voted Against the democrats, Obama would have built a wall!!!!!!
      Obama really is a nasty little Progresssssssssssive metro-sexual.

    93. BHO has done what he does best in trying screw all American’s and not just Cuban’s. There are the mental midgets in Hollywood along with the useful idiots in the MSM who gladly bend over…for the rest of America it has been a very painful experience. Glad it’s about over and we can make America great again. I would bet Trump would allow any Cuban’s escaping from the communist tyranny of Cuba to stay…both wet and dry.

    94. Trump is NOT anti immigrant. He wants
      legal immigration that includes vetting to
      stop more terrorist from coming in. We have leatned a lesson from events in Europe. Also until Americans are working
      we dont need excess labor bring rates
      down to plantation wages.

    95. Wrong in your reporting that Donald Trump is “anti-immigration” not so. He, like many Americans, are anti-ILLEGAL-immigration. Get it straight!

    96. so Obama opens the borders to everyone except Cubans? THOSE unfortunate migrants are not worthy of welcome but Mexicans and Muslims are welcomed with open arms?

    97. What else does anyone expect from this narcissistic socialist MO FO. It’s called F you for not voting liberal. We warned everyone what an @$$ hole he and that scum sucking party is.

    98. Obama screwed every American in his 8 year reign of misery. I have no sympathy for illegal scum ‘wanting to come in’ or ‘not going back’. YOU SHOULD GO BACK! You’re not wanted nor needed here. Fix your own country!

    99. Heartland Patriot on

      Obama hates Cubans who flee communism because he agrees with communism. Also, he hates the Cubans who flee because most of the vote Republican instead of with his Democrat Party.

    100. Janice Kraczon on

      this guy seriously needs a psychiatrist. and these idiot liberals talk about Trump….lol

    101. Look at all the danger these people endure just to get to this country. And yet, liberals often have little more to say about their own nation than that we’re a racist and sexist hell hole, a place established by slaveholders and white devils. But people flood in here still.

      I guess they haven’t gotten the word about how awful we are.

    102. The United States simply cannot afford to take care of more illegals! Try coming to our country LEGALLY. I am sorry that the door was closed, probably the only thing I have ever approved of Obama doing. I am sorry, but our country has got to stop letting all these people come in illegally. I have no problem with immigrants as long as they follow our laws and come in the right way, period. Enough is enough!

    103. Cubans tend to vote republican , Mexicans tend to vote democratic that is why he lets Mexicans flood our cities like L.A. NY and others its the new way of gerrymandering for the democrats.think about it.

    104. As someone who has been privileged to work with Cuban-Americans in military and government roles, I can attest to the fact that some of our *best* citizens came here from Cuba. Thank you… even if Obama & his party hate you. What hypocrites they are, again & again.

    105. Sammy two-shoes on

      Why? Because Castro was his friend! Why? Because Castro was and Cuba remains communist!! Obama is HIMSELF communist! It is as simple as that! The American people are finally seeing the wolf! Don’t know if Trump can reverse the damage.

    106. Of course Obama screwed you. Why should you be any different than the rest of the American? He’s done nothing but hose our entire country during the past eight years and even more so since the election on his way out the door. Now his prime directive is to just create more problems for the incoming Trump administration.

    107. I guess people forgot that Democrats like to send Cuban Children back to Communist Cuba if they escape.
      Two words, Elian Gonzalez.
      The Rats love their Commies.

    108. Hang in there Cubans, Obama doesn’t care that when you are returned to Cuba you will be imprisoned, tortured and or murdered. This was an evil move to punish you for not voting for Hillary. President Trump has allot of reversing what the rouge Obama regime has done.

    109. Don’t these Cubans realize that they are too industrious, well-educated, and ambitious to be reliable Democrat voters and therefore Obama doesn’t want them? They need to drop the Castillian accent and claim to be poor Mexican peasants who will require government handouts. That will greatly improve their odds of gaining access to the U.S…. for another week anyway. After that they can go back to being Cubans; Trump will probably favor educated immigrants with some skills to contribute.

    110. Obama can’t hurt you or screw you, because no one has an inherent right to move to america. Get in line and apply for legal immigration and if you have somwthing we need we will consider it.

      Guys wearing dresses and baby mommas claiming baby daddy is abusing them qualify as refugees now.

      The whole refugee and asylum thing has become a big joke. It needs to be shut down.

    111. It’s very simple. Cubans vote Republican at a higher rate than any other group including whites. Democrats only want immigration for groups that will vote for them.

    112. Of course Obama screwed the Cubans. He only wants Muslims in this country. There are things the Cuban people can do to make sure that Obama gets his payback for this atrocity he has committed.

    113. This is what happens when the democrats lose a demographic during elections.

      Illegal south Americans overwhelmingly supported democrats, so they are welcomed to pour across our borders, while the US Cuban population voted for Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

      This is nothing more than vengeful democrat pay-back.

    114. Your reporter is such a liar. Trump is against ILLEGAL immigration not immigration. Get it straight, please.

    115. And yet, increasing numbers of younger 2nd & 3rd generation Cuban-Americans suck up all of the progressive Democrat lies, and are voting Democrat.

      It’s somewhat similar to the Jewish-American situation, where the majority of Jews faithfully vote for the political party (Democrats) that hate Israel, looks at and speaks of Jewish Americans with distain, and do nothing for this ethnic group overall, with the exception of the ultra rich Jews who fund Democrat’s illegal and unethical behavior.

      Makes no logical sense to me.

    116. Charles Martel on

      The world knew this was coming, and that’s why hundreds if not thousands of Cubans left for the US via Brazil and any other possible route before the president’s announcement yesterday.

      President Obama did to the Cuban people the same thing he did to Iranians during the Green Revolution in 2009. He abandoned them. Having been raised in Indonesia under Suharto, strong central governments with a populace easily manipulated seems to be something he admires. Let’s not forget that in the president’s own words, President Erdogan of Turkey is his best friend, and most trusted ally, while journalists and bloggers are being jailed on a daily basis..

    117. “Donald Trump, known for his anti-immigration stance” – Some “reporters just cannot help letting their bias show. That sentence is pure propaganda as the only fact that can be stated is that Donald Trump is anti-ILLEGAL immigration. He has repeatedly stated that even the wall he wants to build will have big doors to let in lots of legal immigrants.

    118. Hahahaa
      Welcome to Barack Obama appeasing dictators!
      This is called hope and change. Cuba made a deal no one knew about,
      but now we do. Obama threw little people under the bus for his own glory.

    119. Cubans have to realize two things, one is that they are not muslims therefore they don’t fall under the Barry Soetoro Unconstitutional Anti-American Protection Racket Act and two, they are dealing with an anti-American petulant child slave of the globalist elites who has serious developmental issues.

    120. Obama screwed us??

      Welcome to the crowd, my man. Everything Obama has touched turned to sh!t. Ask Mid East, ask France, ask UK,…ask Americans stuck in ObamaCare….on and on…

      Even ISIS has gotten screwed..Obama allowed this reprobate outfit to flourish, but Trump & Gen Mattis will kill every one of these people.

      It’s going to take the world decades to recover from Obama’s destruction. Resentment and distrust of the U.S. will be hard to forget.

      Thanks b to God for the *wisdom* of U.S. Citizens….

    121. Norbert Ginsel on

      Why does anyone believe that Democrats really care about anyone other than themselves? Remember Elian Gonzalez? When they speak of immigration, the underlying question is always “Yes, but what’s in it for US?” if it supports their immediate agenda, OK, but if not, it’s irrelevant. When it comes down to brass tacks, Democrat promises are something from the Game of Thrones: :”Words are wind.”

    122. “Obama has screwed all Cubans,” [said] Yadiel Cruz

      Yeah? So, who’d YOU vote for, Yadiel?

    123. Why shouldn’t he screw them, he has everyone else. The Cubans are not Muslims and therefore are, like the Christian refugees from the Mideast, persona non grata. They generally tend to be more conservative and productive than Mexicans or other Latinos and do nothing for the Democrat party or it’s agenda. Barak Obama is working for Islam’s expansion in the world and nothing contrary to that goal is useful to him.

    124. Obama fast tracks Muslims from anywhere and everywhere however Cubans and other who are primarily christian need not apply. Anyone have any real doubt about what religion Obama actually is versus what he originally claimed?

    125. There is a good chance that most of those wishing to escape the horrors of Cuba are Christians. The petty preening mooselem prince does not want any more Christians in the US, as they are the number one enemy of civilization.

    126. The Republicans chose to help the Cubans way back when. The Cubans for no matter what need to support Republicans blindly. Just like the Jewish people do the democrats. Otherwise the Cubans will be screwed. It’s not a partisan thing. It’s a survival thing. If you are Cuban and you don’t vote republican you are an idiot. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are Democrats. Not Cubans

    127. Jersey_Prophet (@stringed) on

      Vindictive obama paying Cubans back for their heavy vote for President-elect Trump in the last election. Obama is a vindictive, petty little half-man. Now those of you who voted for him I hope realize what a cheap trick he really is.

    128. I hate to break it to you but America is tired of paying for this. Cubans have milked the Castro takeover much in the same way blacks have milked affirmative action over slavery. Enough. These special exceptions were meant to be temporary not a forever thing. America doesn’t owe you a free Cuba or free social security, medicare, work permits etc etc etc.

      “Nothing Good and Nothing Bad lasts forever…” deal with it. Obama did the right thing to end this.

    129. A continued slap in the face for all Americans. “Actually a middle finger” but typical of how this president views America. This is another land mine for the Trump administration. Smooth transition, not even close.

    130. Obama the queer, illegal alien, lying, phony and fraud, “screwed” EVERYONE…cubans, don’t be surprised….he is a P.O.S. always was, always will be !!

    131. Most of those who flee Cuba and become American citizens are conservative. Many then vote that way. Those who want to come here from Mexico and Central America, not so much. So guess why he doesn’t want migrants from Cuba?

    132. Of course he did.

      He was a fan of Castro.

      What can you do for him? Nothing. Why should he help you?

      Now if you were Mexican…

    133. Don’t forget this cuban immigrants! The democrats don’t find you useful so they have tossed you aside. Meanwhile they import violent muslim “refugees” that kill Americans. Tell your US family never to vote democrat.

    134. Obama’s (and Democrat) logic:

      Unidentified refugees from Syria that may be Isis compatriots – “Sure! Without background checks, no problem!”

      Mexican and South American migrants who have no will or desire to patriate into the America society, be productive and pay taxes, and who are looking for welfare handouts – “Sure! Free citizenship and voting rights. No Problem!”

      Cubans, who come here, welcome the American culture, become productive member of society and truly face danger if they are deported, and who happen to be a conservative voting block – “NO! Deport!!!”

      Lets be honest about what happened here, as always, the Dems are just looking to strengthen their next elections and weaken the growing conservative, self-reliant voters. Any immigrant group that happens to fall into conservative voting block “mysteriously” gets denied immigration rights.

    135. I feel your pain, Obama aka OBUMMER or former name Barry Soetoro Has Screwed ALL Americans too, Obama has screwed all Muslims, look how many died

    136. All special visa entries to the US need to be stopped immediately, for all nations, especially Mexico. Time to cap immigration at 100K per year.

    137. Not hey didn’t. I’m not an Obama supporter but as a Cuban American that lives in Miami I can tell you that every other decent person in this town has been asking for this for years. These people coming from Cuba now are con artist loons. They are the product of 60 years of Communism and used to doing business under the table only. They are dishonest (ALL OF THEM). They get their benefit and then go back to Cuba and spend the money there or they run identify theft rings out of Orlando and Tampa or Medicare fraud in Miami. These people are not like other migrants (loose the stereotype for just sec) these people are literate, business savvy and know how to game our system. We have been enabling these people like a bunch of morons. Glad somebody finally put a lid on it.

    138. Given Obama’s strong support of Cuba’s dictators, how could this possibly be a surprise? If any US Cuban voted for Democrats, they have only themselves to blame. Obama has never done anything to support the people of Cuba, only their dictators.

    139. Pay back for not supporting HRC. Obama is a vindictive low life. He repaid Netenyah too. I have heard from a reliable source that when Cubans seek refuge at GITMO, they are executed by Cuban soldiers nearly immediately. This is going on now. These returnees would be executed or go to jail. Obama is a mean bastard.

    140. “The move, made just days before Obama leaves office and hands the reins over to Donald Trump, known for his anti-immigration stance, rattled nerves, sparked frustration and evoked tears here.”

      Nice work stating your opinion as fact. Donald Trump is not anti-immigration, he thinks illegal aliens are illegal aliens.

    141. BO has screwed everything he’s touched. I was shocked when I heard about this latest. Even Castro said “go if you want to go”.

    142. Congratulations Cuba! You just got a sample of what it has been like the past 8 years here in the United States.

      Obama is definitely going down as the worst President in U.S. history.

    143. Trump will rescind this along with all the other destructive shit the rotten marxist nigger has done

    144. No kidding?!?! And the Clinton’s screwed the Haitians. But they all belong to the party of love, tolerance and compassion. BS! You need to research the Democrat Party a little closer. You don’t have to dig deep. Obama doesn’t want to offend his Commie buddies in Cuba. And they’re digging Trump for trying to stabilize relations with Russia, who AREN’T officially communists anymore?!?! Really! Cubans deserve amnesty, not Mexicans. Not radical Islamists. Cubans are trying to flee a repressive, communist country where they have no rights or freedoms and numb nutz Barry cuts their legs off from under them? Really?

    145. English is the language of business. To be employed you need to be able to communicate. The USA is a capitalist nation, I.e., you need to have a job. If the immigrant’s can speak English, pass out the green cards.

    146. The only one that was getting screwed with this policy was the US taxpayers. The law was such that as soon as a Cuban reached American soil, they were fully and completely vested in the Social Security system. Without ever having contributed a penny, they could immediately go on SSI “disability” for the rest of their lives.

      Build. The. Wall.

    147. Join the club, obama has screwed the entire USA, and a whole bunch of people around the world. He has practically given christians in certain parts of the world a death sentence.

    148. After the Cuban Ambassador expressed an eagerness and willingness to work with President Trump, Obama vowed to punish the entire community, force them back to a cruel, murderous regime where they and their families will surely be executed. Barack Hussein Obama is truly El Diablo and evil incarnate!

    149. “Where can we go?” asked one Cuban, Julio Hernandez. “We can’t go back, nor go on. It’s like we’re in a stranded boat and don’t know what to do.”
      You stay in your country and fight to change it. You don’t leave expecting others to give you a life at their expense. You putting yourself in your situation is not the USA’s problem!

    150. Miranda Vasquez on

      The Cuban community is largely conservative and religious. They didn’t vote for Obama in 2012 and certainty not for Hillary. Juan Saltillo had a war of words with Obama over how the Democrats had lost the Cuban community’s support. The petty revenge of Barack Hussein Obama has now likely caused the deaths of many thousands of industrious, hardworking innocents!

    151. Dear Refugees,

      When faced with choosing between the welfare of the poor and downtrodden, yearning for freedom, and the wishes of a dictatorial, communist regime, did you REALLY expect Barry Soetoro to pick you??

      His grandparents were commies
      His parents were commies
      His mentors were commies
      His friends today are radical, progressive, leftists(a.k.a. commies)

      You bleed up, you trusted him!

    152. Such TRUSTING souls. Tsk, tsk. They DIN’T KNOW the nature of the beast they helped into power….? Tsk, tsk. My heart really doesn’t feel anything for them…………..

    153. Well, at least you cubans voted for Obama, overwhelmingly in Miami, so at least it is fitting that you suffer most from his policy decisions (that’s a just outcome)

    154. Trump is going to be the hope and salvation from many of Obama’s misdirected and ill-calculated moves in the last hours of his presidency.Good riddance, Barry. May you rest in hell!

    155. Why is it that these “immigrants” feel that the law of the land they want to live in shouldn’t apply to them? Just because you want to go somewhere doesn’t mean you can do so by your own rules. I’m all for immigration, provided the individual follows the law, pursues a path to citizenship and most importantly becomes a productive member of the workforce (complete with paying taxes).

    156. Cubans vote conservative. That is the entire reason why obongo removed this rule. If Cubans were socialist, progressive or communist obongo would have airlines picking up Cubans by the thousands. This is how a child operate.

    157. Obama only helps criminals, terrorists, radical Muslims, commies, anti-Christians, anti-Americans, pro abortionists, perverts, cop haters, community agitators and anyone who hates anything decent. He is a complete fraud, a closet homosexual married to a transsexual with rented children, a fraudulent SS#, fraudulent birth certificate and all other pertinent info hidden from public view. The Manchurian candidate.

    158. it’s most interesting that Obama has presided as president over an open border with and openly encouraged illegal immigration of mostly illiterate illegal aliens from Mexico. Further Obama has refused to enforce immigration laws. Now in contrast to that, he has shut off the ability of Cubans to flee an incredibly repressive regime to come to America seeking freedom and opportunity. Most Cubans who come to America become loyal citizens. For instance, I have never seen or heard of Cubans displaying Cuban flags in place of the American flag as Mexican illegals do after coming here.

      Think of the hypocracy of this policy. As a kiss to the brutal communist regime in Cuba, Obama no longer allows political refugees from Cuba entrance to America. The total number of these refugees coming to America is a tiny trickle compared to the millions of Mexican illegals he has encouraged to break laws and cross our border.

    159. “We’re under no obligation to accept any class of immigrants — or any immigrants at all. Where is it written that the U.S. must be the flophouse, soup kitchen, and doormat for the world? If immigration doesn’t benefit the host country, guess what? It doesn’t happen. Period. Full stop. We don’t have to explain it. We don’t have to apologize for it. We don’t have to feel bad about it. And if it’s questioned, our only response should be, ‘So when did you become a traitor?'” – Selwyn Duke http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/01/gop_debate_trump_was_the_winner.html

    160. I will bet it will be a long time before the Democrats can count on the Cuban vote in Fl again.. Got to love it, Obama screws the Democrats again. So sorry he screwed the Cubans while doing it. If there is one thing we need in this country it is people who know first hand the dangers of communism.

    161. The United States is a sovereign nation with borders. If you disrespect our country’s laws and citizens I have absolutely zero tolerance or sympathy for you. Get in line, like my wife did 50 years ago, and be accepted legally and honorably.

    162. The democrats screwed you.Please take note.They don’t care about you but how you vote You have a legitimate claim.The Mexicans don’t. Economic problems aren’t the same as gulags Mexico needs to fix itself one way is to legalize drugs in USA and get rid of cartel corruption.Second NAFTA is a diaster for Mexican farmers it should be done away with. Third license all technology to allow Mexico to build its own version of an economy and no more Carlos Slim’s owning everything .You break it up and provide upward mobility. Any person worth more than 100 million in Mexico is a monopoly. Cartels are totally illegal seize all their assets and execute anyone in cartel.

    163. ObamaTheClueless on

      LOL welcome to obama….all he knows how to do is screw people…but don’t fear the magic negro is soon to be gone

    164. Laurence Halpern on

      “Donald Trump, known for his anti-immigration stance” ? It’s statements like this, either biased or sloppy, that has diminished the credibility of the mainstream media. To be fair and accurate Mr. Trump has consistently stated that he is against ILLEGAL immigration and in favor of immigration done LEGALLY. The media seems to leave out the word ILLEGAL too frequently for it to be categorized as sloppy.

    165. Cuban “dreamers” dont count, isnt that evident Comrade Obama? They are Communist haters and THAT is not permitted in your glorious socialist revolution, Comrade.

    166. Funny who Obummer allows to migrate to the USA. If you even remotely resemble a terrorist, then by all means, come on in. Muslims? Welcome to the party.

    167. Cubans just come to the US and expect to be given the keys to the city – they expect to be greeted with open arms and granted immediate shelter and citizenship, while other prospective immigrants throughout the world get in line and follow rigorous and lengthy immigration procedures prescribed by US immigration law. I have a hard time feeling much sympathy for Cubans – they’re just breaking in line. What justifiies all the special dispensation for them?

    168. Tough crap folks, we cannot just take everyone/anyone that wants in.
      Matter of fact, I hope/wish there would be a moratorium on all immigration for awhile, until we get some semblance of assimilation.
      Ala what transpired after all the immigration of the early 20th century.

    169. This will be interesting. A substantial majority of CubanzAmericans voted for Trump, and it is obvious that Obama is childishly getting back at them. So what is new?

    170. In 8 years he finally did one thing good for the United States of America, thank you Barack Hussien Obama

    171. Don’t feel bad he has been screwing us for 8 years, and Panama is a nice country you should stay there.

    172. Waaa! wwwaaaaa! That mean ol president actually enforced his first immigration law yesterday. Now we cant sneak in and get all the bennies automatically anymore. Guess we’ll have to sneak into Mexico now. Wait… Mexico is worse than Cuba!

    173. Obaama is punishing them because he lost the Cuban vote big time. He is a petty narcissistic wretch.

    174. Obama’s probably getting a nice villa in return from the Cuban government or a huge monetary contribution to his library.

    175. This Treacherous Kenyan Muslim will let in thousands of Jihadists and Mexicans without hesitation, but Cubans with a shred of anti-Marxist sentiment? Oh, can’t have that. They aren’t suitable fodder for the Demo-Marxist party.
      And the Democrats to this moment still cant wrap their heads around how reviled they are.

    176. The article states: “Donald Trump, known for his anti-immigration stance”. You have listened to the lying Press in America. President Trump is anti-ILLEGAL immigration, not anti-immigration. Get your facts straight.

    177. There is a bigger agenda here, if you understand what Obamas agenda is, people from Cuba are Christians, and get a dress pass on immigration, no, can’t have more Christian’s ! Only Muslims now are their goal !

    178. Obama screwed everyone – except Michelle – er, Michael… He should give himself another medal.

    179. WOW, Obama is such a hypocrite… if you are Mexican and come here illegally, he gives you welfare and free medical…

    180. Looks like comrade grand mufti hussein obama is showing preference to either mu-slime, homosexuals, africans, illegal aliens, or Communists.

    181. Obama screwed you? Obama screws everybody. And yet, a majority of this country love him anyway. It’s like battered wife syndrome on a national scale.