Be objective, UK envoy tells Duterte


UNITED Kingdom Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Ahmad has advised the Philippines to be objective in fostering closer relations with Russia.

President Rodrigo Duterte has been heaping praises on Moscow led by his “idol” Vladimir Putin.

Duterte expressed desire to join a “new world order” dominated by Russia and China as he moves Manila away from its long-time ally, the United States.

The British envoy said while it is alright to engage with Russia economically, the Philippine leader must remember and understand that Moscow spawned conflicts around the world.

“You cannot cherry-pick the positive attributes of a country and ignore the rest,” Ahmad said in a recent forum.
He advised the President to “fact-check” his narratives.

“I heard President Duterte very, very specifically talk about the bombings in Syria,” Ahmad noted. “Well, please fact-check. The bombings in Aleppo are entirely Russian.”

He said, “If you check the history books, you’ll see Afghanistan was invaded by Russia, and al-Qaeda was born out of that conflict, and the consequences of that have gone global, including here in the Philippines.”

Ahmad was referring to the proliferation of terrorism activities of the Abu Sayyaf Group that was due to the funding of the al-Qaeda group.

The ambassador said, “So what was spawned by Russian intervention in Afghanistan, we’re paying the price for it today in Mindanao, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Manila…”

Ahmad, nonetheless, said the UK does not begrudge Duterte in reaching out to Russia, saying Moscow has actually a lot to offer in terms of trade and tourism.

He added that the Philippines should engage diplomatically and economically with as many countries as possible with objectivity in setting up the terms under which these relations are undertaken.


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  1. Mr. Ambassador, it is probably wise for you not to engage in politics or refrain from issuing statements that are littered with politics. Perhaps put more emphasis on trade and commerce, and helping out in poverty alleviation of majority of Filipinos. Don’t get the ire of the President. Thanks.

  2. Mr. Uk Ambassador, a fact check for you… our president knows the root cause of abu sayaf more than you are.. so keep your business to strictly business never indulge yourself with our politics.. remember you are an ambassador so please do your job properly.

    • Do you know more than the ambassador ? If so, tell us what is the truth . Duterte is playing 2 cards here. If it works economically, then that’s fine. It is like a husband having 2 wives. As long as the wives do not fight each other, the husband is reaping the rewards. But word of caution, it very seldom works.

  3. “remember and understand that Moscow spawned conflicts around the world”

    Let the one without sin cast the first stone. Western block (UK included) has also spawned conflicts around the world. Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia, Ukraine, Egypt, Georgia, Syria, etc. and the list goes on. Even ISIS is rumored to be a creation of this western block.

    So do not go about lecturing us to impose your hegemony. People already know your cabal that is why Brexit, Duterte and Trump happened. Now South Korea is also starting to rise up.