Objects of affection


When words are scanty and actions are a bit sketchy this Valentine’s Day, why not give your love a major heart-on with these objects of affection?

Sweets for thy sweets

2---Mcdo20160213McDonald’s Love Desserts
Indulge in McDonald’s new limited-time offer love-inspired desserts—Strawberry Kiss Oreo Sundae, Red Velvet McFloat, and Choc Nut McDip—that are sure to make moments sweeter during this season of hearts.

Share wonders with Oreo
Wonder if you give an Oreo to someone, what do you think might happen? Would that person agree to go out on an adventure with you? Or maybe that person will invite you to a movie? Or you might just end up having that person as your Valentine date! Wonderful things can happen when you share tokens of Wonder, like an Oreo, to other people!

3---Toblerone20160213Wear your heart on a Toblerone sleeve
Toblerone continues its legacy of filling hearts with more joy by firing up your Valentine’s Day story with a red-hot new treat. Each chocolate bar now comes with a limited edition red metallic sleeve fit for the bold lover to express your deepest feelings like no other.

Artisan chocolates from Villa del Conte
Surprise your loved one with a charming Villa del Conte Valentine box filled with lovingly-made artisanal treats. Choose among the heart-shaped Amore Gift Box that contains 15 pieces of mixed praline balls, the square red box, which has 20 pieces of praline balls, or the rectangular white box or minusculo, available with five or six pieces of pralines.

Say it with Cadburry
Shy to tell your crush how you feel? Awkward about saying “I love you” to your family? Worried about getting too mushy? Let Cadbury Dairy Milk help you express your feelings this Valentine’s Day. The brand’s limited edition Valentine packaging allows you to write a message on the carton sleeve, giving it your personal touch and letting you show your fondness to people you love.  A message of affection paired with Cadbury chocolates will surely melt hearts.

Can buy him/her love

Zalora’s hand-picked gifts for gals
Nothing can make girls feel the love even more than receiving presents customized to their own unique personality. Score major points with your loved ones with Zalora-picked stylish pieces for girls—whether they are into cutesy styles, minimalist pieces, or like to go all out with glamorous fashionista looks.

Avon20160213An extraordinary rose
Avon celebrates Filipinas this Valentine’s Day with choices from its Fashion Jewelry collection that men can conveniently gift to them. A perfect choice is these two-way earrings that come in a rosebud-shaped gift box—for a surprising and romantic effect.

Hearts out with Swarovski
Swarovski’s Valentine’s Day 2016 collection offers the biggest assortment of hearts yet, including the Cupid Necklace, which features crystals set in a pavé format against a soft rose gold backdrop for a feminine feel. The versatile Ecist Small Pendants and Even Pendants can be stacked together for a modern tone, or worn individually for a romantic, delicate look.

Loving your man at Rustan’s
A fashionable man deserves to stay in style. Interesting accessories from Jfold and Miansai are perfect for the trendy man, or perhaps they would prefer ties and socks in playful colors and pattern combinations from Thomas Pink or Meissen.


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