• Observation from columnist Rene Saguisag


    The Iglesia ni Cristo should now announce its next laudable Kabayan Ko Kapatid Ko medical mission, well in advance, so the rest of us can adjust accordingly.

    Good the courts could function the morning of their medical mission yesterday (Oct. 14) so a Supreme Court employee could still serve in Correctional in Mandaluyong an order releasing a woman we assist, detained since 1998.

    Our INC friends should be reminded of the story of the new arrival from Ireland, wildly swinging his arms in New York, and hit and bloodied a cop on the nose, who wanted to book him. “But, this is the land of the free, I can swing my arms any way I want to.”

    “Young man, your right to swing your arms end where my nose begins.”

    We need regulations and predictability in a mature society.

    Everybody and his mother know about the January 9 devotion to the Nazarene. No unfair surprise.


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