• Odin Energy to put up PH wind power


    South Korea-based Odin Energy Company Ltd. will construct a “state-of-the-art” wind power generation facility in the Philippines, which will be a viable alternative to diesel-powered plant, the National Power Corp said on Tuesday.

    Napocor President Ma. Glady’s Cruz-Sta. Rita said the $2 million 123-kilowatt wind turbine project will be a collaboration between Napocor and Odin Energy, one of South Korea’s more prominent small and medium enterprises.

    Napocor and Odin Energy signed a Memorandum of Agreement in Makati City for the construction of wind tower on Tuesday. It will be their pilot project.

    Under the agreement the agency will provide the site and provide the documentary requirements. Odin Energy will bring in technologies and shoulder all expenses for the implementation of the project.

    Sta. Rita said Napocor is considering at least three possible locations for the wind tower that include Lubang in Occidental Mindoro, Pulilio in Quezon and Tikaw in Masbate.

    She said the project will be an alternative to the costly diesel-powered electricity in the missionary areas or off-grid areas being served by the NPC Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) plants.

    The Napocor provides missionary power to some 300 off-grid areas, covering 207 towns across 36 provinces. For 2015, the company is preparing to electrify some 700,000 more households in the country.

    “Korea’s wind turbine tower can supply electricity at the ideal rate of P1.15 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), which we certainly find very promising,” Sta. Rita said.

    Once Napocor resolves the energy efficiency rate for Odin Energy’s wind generation tower, it may opt to adopt the technology on a larger scale to replace its existing diesel generator facilities of which the average generation cost is between P15 to P17 per kWh.

    Wind turbine towers are four times more efficient than vertical axis-type and two times more than propeller-type in terms of generating capacity.

    Odin Energy President Young-Mi Baek said the wind generation tower is a roof-level structural system for power generation and distribution to be installed atop buildings with at least 10 storeys and above.

    “The lower floor of the tower is suitable for use as barangay health center, school, library, or community center for less privileged ones. Odin’s wind generation tower not only supplies electricity but also helps improve the quality of life in remote areas,” said Baek.

    Asked why the company chose the Philippines for its piloted the project, Baek said they considered the Philippines as “one of the most important countries” in Asean.

    “We have a plan to extend and spread Renewable Energy technology to the rest of the world,” said Baek.

    Through Global Green Biz-Partnership and World Energy Congress, Odin Energy was able to conclude memoranda of understanding with 10 developed and developing countries such as the UK, Africa, and Mongolia.


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