• Of beginnings and reunions



    This Sunday will see an interesting beginning and a delightful reunion taking place on Philippine TV.

    Over on GMA News TV, a refreshed and reenergized Chynna Ortaleza will take her very first step in becoming a kitchen goddess as she joins celebrity chef Boy Logoro as co-host-cum-eager student in “Idol Sa Kusina.”

    At a round table with entertainment editors on Thursday, Chynna—who married singer-actor Kean Cipriano in 2015 and became mom to a daughter named Stellar in April last year—confessed that she has no kitchen skills to speak of.

    “I was surprised when they asked me to co-host the cooking show because I’m the type of wife whose kitchen is filled with take out!” the actress laughed as she glowed from almost a year-long sabbatical from showbiz after giving birth. “Whenever Kean says he’d like to eat his mom’s specialty—this tapa with gravy—I have to call her because I wouldn’t even know what cut of meat to get.”

    All the same, Chynna saw the logic of getting her on the show because it will help widen Idol Sa Kusina’s audience base to include women like her who are finally coming to terms with their kitchen issues.

    Chynna Ortaleza

    “I’ve always been the type of woman who is focused on her career more than developing her domestic skills, and I know there are a lot of women who are like me. But I realized when I started a family that I would like to be able to cook for them too. That’s why I’m excited to learn from Chef Boy and even more excited to cook for my family eventually.”

    Calling her entry into the program the infusion of a “fresh perspective,” Chynna happily reported that in the first few episodes they taped, she has learned to cook Arroz ala Cubana and even crack and egg with one hand.

    “Ayaw talaga ni Chef Boy pumayag that I’d crack an egg with a fork,” she laughed again. “I think I went through five of them before I finally learned the trick.”

    Looking forward, the cooking newbie expressed, “Besides getting to cook at home, I hope I get to impress Chef Boy naman also as a student. And I also hope we reach that new market to bring in more viewers to the program.

    Meanwhile, the delightful reunion taking place the same day happens over at ABS-CBN’s long running fantasy mini-series, “Wansapanataym.”

    On July 23, the network will air the pilot episode of “Amazing Ving,” whose lead star is “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” discovery, young comedian Awra.

    Sure to please millennials, two cast members, however, will certainly draw their parents’ generation to the program as well what with popular dancing partners Roderick Paulate and Carmi Martin sharing the small screen anew.

    This reunion brings to mind (and gives away the age of those who remember) the successful nighttime variety show in the late ‘80s through the early ‘90s, “Tonight with Dick and Carmi.”

    Themselves excited at the launch of the program on Thursday, Carmi playfully related, “Nung sinabi sa akin, ‘Gagawa po kayo ng Wansapanataym with Dick,’ sabi ko…” she trailed off and suddenly stood up to dance.

    Carmi Martin and Roderick Paulate reunite in the small screen via ‘Wansapanatym’

    -Dick, on the other hand, currently a Quezon City councilor shared how he was almost unable to join the cast.

    “I was going on an official trip when the production was meant to start but I’m grateful to Dreamscape [the creative unit behind the show]for pushing back schedules to wait for me para matuloy ang reunion namin ni Carmi and makasama ko si Awra. So thank you, thank you Dreamscape.”

    In the show, Dick and Carmi play the parents of Ving (Awra), a loving and obedient son. They teach him that to have compassion is enough to make a person a superhero.

    But while he has a noble heart, Ving always gets picked on and left out by his classmates.

    The ordinary teenager’s life soon changes when he meets Super Bing (Ellen Adarna), a superhero who saves his life from danger. Because of his inherent kindness, Super Bing chooses him as her successor and transforms him into Super Ving with powers to fight evil forces.

    “I don’t think I’ve ever played a dad before so I’m excited to do this with Awra,” Dick enthused, flattered the young actor told him he watched his popular superhero films from years back and learned so much from them.

    Finally Carmi shared, “Sabi ko nga kay Dick that Awra reminds me of him—yung talent nilang dalawa for these roles parehong-pareho so lahat ng tandem dito OK talaga.”

    * * *

    Chynna Ortaleza starts co-hosting Idol Sa Kusina this Sunday after “Ang Pinaka” on GMA News TV.

    Wansapanataym Presents: Amazing Ving airs later over prime time on ABS-CBN.


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