Of course, she wants hospital arrest


The $64 question being asked by everyone, everywhere these days is this: Will Janet Lim Napoles be placed under hospital arrest? And if she is, which top hospital will she be allowed to recuperate in? For her still undetermined illness or condition, of course.

Let the specialists determine what ails her, although it is highly doubtful if she is indeed suffering from a life-threatening ailment. If she were, her medical records should have been revealed by now.

Ah, but perhaps being the country’s most wanted fugitive with a P10 million bounty on her head must have affected her health. The fear that some bounty hunter would put a bullet to her head must have caused her body to go out of whack, turning the once healthy “businesswoman” into a physical wreck.

Her photo splashed in the front pages of all the newspapers shows a person who is clearly emotionally distressed.

Or maybe she just forgot to bring along her stylist when she went to her latest pictorial.

There is no doubt that her camp is moving heaven and earth to make sure that she lives comfortably while preparing her defense for the high crimes that she will soon face.

No longer is she facing the original kidnapping charge. Not after the government publicly declared that she should face the more serious crime of plunder.

Because she does not yet know who her co-accused will be, or even if any senator or congressman will turn against her, Napoles must truly be one stressed out woman.

Not knowing who her friends are and who are likely to turn against her after she has given them millions in rebates, kickbacks and commissions must be causing her sleepless nights.

Of course, her health will suffer. Ergo, of course she will ask for hospital arrest.

Napoles follows a long list of accused who plead with the court that they be given preferential treatment. They want to spend weeks and months in some fancy hospital suite, which becomes an extension of their residence as well as office.

Through some legal technicality, her camp will also find a way for a court to grant her bail. And if she does not skimp on legal fees, expect a who’s who of the legal profession to form a powerhouse team to defend her, all the way to the Supreme Court.

While under hospital arrest, expect her spin doctors to start informing the public of all the good works that she and her family have done for the poor Filipino people.

Already, it is on record that she has been ultra-generous to favored Church leaders.

This may be the reason that she originally sought to surrender to Cardinal Tagle, who wisely kept his distance from the “businesswoman.”

With Janet Lim Napoles now incarcerated, the people can at least take comfort in the fact that the pork barrel of their senators and congressmen will no longer make their way to non-existent non-government organizations.

And if it turns out that Napoles is indeed suffering from some physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ailment, then spending some time at the most expensive medical facility in Metro Manila may do her some good.

Perhaps even a short stay at the National Mental Hospital might do her a world of good.


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  1. Of course PNoy will see to it that his friend Napoles will end up inside an AAA Hospital even if not sick of anything, not the Philippine Veterans Hospital, an -B medical facility where he sends his political and personal enemies even if they need AAA medical assistance. This is the kind of person we have as President. Tuwid na daan, indeed!