• Of fixers and bagmen

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    Before unscrupulous contractors of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) can be investigated and called to the Senate, some of them have hired the services of top public relations consultants to keep things spinning out of control.

    A DPWH insider disclosed that one of these contractors is Edwin Gradiola, who is being investigated by the agency for the P6 billion infrastructure projects that were awarded to him during the Arroyo administration but which the DPWH can’t account for.

    My mole said that unlike Janet Napoles who hired a lawyer, Gradiola tapped a PR man to act as a “fixer,” allegedly to pay off department officials, lawmakers and even media to keep them quiet.

    My source said that the strategy seems to be working. The PR guy, who is known only as alias “Buddy Z”, is effective since the agency is now silent in its investigation and the Senate appears to have no interest in calling him to testify so that he can disclose whose Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) he used in these “missing” infrastructure projects.

    Rumor has it that Gradiola cornered all the pork barrel of a former female representative from Laguna and a former senator/actor from Luzon during the Arroyo administration.

    Could it be that alias “Buddy Z.” has already paid almost everyone since nobody is willing to lift a finger against Gradiola?

    Just wondering.

    * * *

    If some dishonest contractors at DPWH have “fixers” on their side, a police district director in Metro Manila maintains a “bagman” in his office.

    According to rumors circulating within the headquarters of this wayward general, at the rate his bagman collects grease money from gambling lords, sauna and massage parlors, nightclubs and rundown movie houses showing bold movies in the city, this general would be a billionaire when he retires within the next few years.

    A police source said that an alias “Cesar Pilosopo” goes around milking gambling lords such as a certain “Tony Santos” as much as P250,000 a week for this general.

    Sauna parlors, nightclubs and movie houses each cough up P4,000 a week so they can continue doing their illegal trade or business in the city.

    Alias “Cesar Pilosopo”, a retired cop, collects P700,000 a week for El Heneral or a total of P2.8 million a month for this nincompoop general.

    No wonder, illegal gambling is thriving in this city and prostitution is rampant in sauna parlors and nightclubs becuase its chief of police allows it.

    Paging PNP NCR chief Gen. Garbo. This district director needs to be fired at once.



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    1. Of Fixers & Bagmen – 2 things I’d like to share regrading this article. First, the insinuations by Tulfo is nothing but “chismis” unless he mentions specific names. Second, this scam has got to be one of the oldest scams in my lifetime. Every single Filipino knows that most if not all PNP cops extort money from everyday citizens like you & me. And yet to this day not a single senior PNP official (general rank or higher) has ever been indicted much less imprisoned for robbery. What a joke!

    2. Not just fired, but imprisoned if the facts are proved to be as described. Too often, people are moved or retired following major theft, rather than made subject to the full weight of the law. There is little disincentive for crooks, if the only penalty is to lose the opportunity to continue their crime.