Of khakis and jeans


To dress the modern man for success and confidence, even in a casual setting, gone are the days of loose-fitting pants. When it comes to khakis, check out these On-The-Go Slim Tapered Khakis from Dockers for reference, which are far from too tight, as they combine a classic cut with just the right adjustments. These stylish staple pants give the smart and confident look any professional needs, without compromising comfort. It can go from an early morning meeting to a dinner party—fitting for the packed, hectic schedule of any modern gentleman.

Freego20150806Active Waist
Men are meant to move with their jeans, thus the birth of ergonomic jean designs. When considering what kind to buy, figure out the kind of pair that goes with your lifestyle, such as this Active Waist innovation from Freego with a built-in adjustable garter that moves and grooves with its wearer. It may also be the solution for pairing jeans with different types of shirts that may require a certain kind of fit on the waistband to hang properly.


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