Of power plays

Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

New York City: When you hoist to the Filipino people a candidate who has never been in a national position and all his life he has been a mayor from Mindanao, a former President should be able to privately mentor him and wait until probably six months to publicly admonish his candidate. But former President Fidel V. Ramos chose to use the 100 days to launch his “fatherly advice” made publicly in his column for a major broadsheet. And because of this show of tough love, the so-called Big Man joins the fray as if to signal Ouster 3.0 is on the way.

Are we a country that cannot respect the mandate of the people? Are we a nation consumed with personal bickering and political power plays that a President elected by a very imperfect system, gamed and transacted as it is, is branded as unpatriotic because he chose to solve a problem? One that for the previous dispensation was a mere list placed in some filing cabinet? Because confronting the illegal drug menace was not an urgent agenda? Or pursuing an independent foreign policy is anathema?

Truly sad because Ramos knows how hard it is to rule and govern the Philippines but since he has been instrumental in removing a sitting President twice, it would not harm the new offensive if he makes the siren call first, right? The post-Marcos narrative with Ramos is known to all. Recall, too, that it was Ramos who convinced then presidential candidate Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to slide down to be the vice presidential candidate of then Speaker Jose de Venecia in 1998. That ensures a continuation of influence at the vice presidential level over a popular candidate sure to win the presidency, Joseph Estrada. And Vice President Leni Robredo is in the same place like GMA, waiting and biding time before the offer is made to her to accept what others are willing to plan and execute for and on her behalf.

Yes, Robredo has time and time again made it clear that she is not part of any destabilization but when words, statements and releases are made to contrast and job descriptions are crossed thereby pointing publicly to how different she will handle things, then something is in disarray or as some people in the know would say, something is on play.

And this is where recalling the backroom activities done years ago in convincing then Kabayan Noli de Castro from jumping ship to remove FPGMA after the “I am sorry” affair is noteworthy. Vice President de Castro never took the bait, not because he was not at all ready for the presidency (then again, who is ready for it?) or that he has been co-opted by some alleged folder of anomalies making him malleable. One thing is clear then, as it is now, Kabayan was not for extraconstitutional succession. He cannot be baited and, instead, remained loyal to the Constitution until the end.

So if FPFVR is loudly making the noise, from his column to the next day interview on TV, what gives? Surely, he can get an audience from PRRD. Surely, the incumbent will listen and discuss with him the issues. Or is it a power play between former Presidents? Ramos versus Arroyo on who can influence Digong more? Is the power play because of the shadow boxing of America viz China? Or is it a posteriori realization that Ramos has been boxed out in China?

And because of the shadow play happening in our country, even the Ms. Universe has been politicized. Filipinos petitioning the organizer not to have the Ms. Universe pageant in the Philippines because of the campaign against illegal drugs and how Sen. de Lima is treated, really? Not that commodification of women is good but there is one thing that petitioners are missing out. The reigning Ms. Universe is a Filipina, Pia Wurtzbach. We applauded when she won. We celebrated her victory. We cried when the wrong was made right. We were one with her as she made that walk of pride. She lobbied to bring the Ms. Universe to her country so she can share the proud moment of redemption from the victory that was stolen by a host’s error to the final walk before his countrymen. Truly a proud moment. But even in the Ms. Universe pageant power play is happening. The franchise holder of the said pageant is owned by a Jew, said to be the brother of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who used to be the chief of staff of American President Barack Obama.

Filipinos petitioning the event not to happen in the Philippines are the same Filipinos who are rallying behind Sen. de Lima, but not all women are rallying behind both. No, no, no, not every woman, please. Filipinas have hearts and brains and they know when one is using the gender card to obfuscate things and events. De Lima blames PRRD for her lot but she forgot to tell the truth, instead, she was a willing tool to put a dent on PRRD. She brought all these sordid details to her self and now she blames everyone when the truth is her only refuge. Apart from the gender card, she uses faith and distorts the law, playing the underdog from Justitia’s perch.

Truly, “when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”


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  1. From the very start, Digong knew who his enemies would be, and he knew FVR would be one, so he placed him very near him, mentioning him in every speech, saying out loud a gratitude that he knew he shoukd not accord for Digong knows what goes on in FVR’s mind.

  2. Crisden Canonce on

    A very awakening article that must be shared to keep the Duterte supporters vigilant…..Kudos to the article columnist for this.

  3. If FVR is a spent force, why even bother to point that out? Why are there still many who devote so much time and effort, such as writing this piece, to debunk him?

  4. Very nice article Ma’am. I believe that FVR is no longer that influential even in the military force. His efforts is helpless. He will never gain anything personally since our President has a true affection for the Filipino people. He is a good riddance of the Duterte Government which we laud and support.

  5. MLN Tiquia Thank you for the brave narrative which are not heard and seen above ground. Are these facts behind every truth on FVR and VPLR or conjectures? Please share pa more! How factual is the rumor that the CIA was behind the murder of Ninoy and FVR is allegedly involved? Haw, haw, haw. FVR must be a sort of Rasputin, but this time president maker?

  6. Although Noynoy and FVR are both US stooges, they have totally different agenda. When Du30 started lambasting the US, FVR has to show his true colors. Now the yellows have a champion in FVR. I don’t think a coip is happening, but Du30 has to be wary of assasination attemps. It is the only card left for the yellows.

  7. You said it all Madam just as I thought! It goes to show our traditional politicians have become so predictable. The reason why his supporters love PRRD despite the uncertainty and the expletives. He’s a real person and only those who sincerely love their country will understand his language, both said and unsaid.

  8. FVR underestimated DU30. He thought DU30 would follow every thing he said. Now he found out DU30 is leader and not a follower. Bad for FVR good for the Nation.

    • That is true. Unfortunately, FVR’s capability to destroy people who doesn’t tow his line is exceptional. I suspect he has ties to the american CIA and he knows how to use this influence. What he did to M
      arcos and Estrada was evil genius. This is what makes him scary.

  9. Thank you for your clear analysis. It also puzzles me how De Lima can play the women’s card – and people actually believe her! They forget how she perpetuated women trafficking in the Bilibid in her stint as DOJ secretary, thereby indirectly responsible for the likes of Rosanna Roces to pimp girls in prison. Woman in power pimping girls to prisoners. This creature De Lima should never be exposed to our children. Schools should be strict, cautious and selective as to who should be given privilege to speak on their podiums. Parents beware!

  10. I do not recall you having a problem with PNoy Aquino becoming the republic’s president even though his only qualification was his surname of Aquino and that his mother just happened to die at the opportune time. Outside of those qualifications, we’ve seen from 2010 to 2016 that PNoy is dumb as a doornail.