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    1. mikhail hieronymus on

      Cedric Lee and Simeon Raz in handcuffs and arrested. Going to jail. Good for them. Hope they get “rape” inside the jail. Or they have to pay the convict leader to protect them. Hah…Ha…Ha!!!!m Karma. That’s what they did to Vhong.

      • Wilie Enriquez on

        Justice is fair not blind atleast for Vhong Navarro. Wish it will aply swiftly to all mauling victims. This is a blow to wannabe Gangsta. You will find your match in Muntinlupa from the sige2 gang master and the others who will surely tame them and give them a morale lesson that nobody is above the law in the Philippines. To our law makers and law enforcers congrats for a well done jobs…More power to the Good People of the Philippines