Officer’s medals meaningless at CA


That’s no way to treat a hero!

The medals won by a heroic military officer up for promotion mean nothing to the Commission on Appointments (CA). The most graphic example of this is the way the members of the CA humiliated Lt/Gen. Emmanuel Teodosio, one of the most bemedalled soldiers in modern Philippine military history.

Teodosio first gained prominence in 1989 when he led the First Marine Brigade in storming Camp Aguinaldo which was held by Col. Gringo Honasan and his rebel soldiers. The Marines liberated the camp and rescued six generals, including the chief of staff, Eduardo Ermita who later became defense secretary and later executive secretary. For his gallantry, Teodosio was promoted to full colonel.

He was the youngest general in the Armed Forces when the First Marine Brigade and soldiers of the 4th Army Infantry Division fought the Moro Islamic Liberation Front from Kauswagan to Baloi, both in Lanao del Norte, in 2000. Along the way, they captured all MILF camps including Camp Busra, the second biggest MILF camp. His men reinforced troopers pinned down by the rebels at the gateway to Camp Abubakar, the main MILF camp, which later fell to government hands.

Teodosio went on to become Marine commandant and commanding general of the Central Command. Lamentably, at the CA confirmation hearing on his promotion to lieutenant general shortly before the adjournment of the First Regular Session in June 2005, the CA ignored the medals and accolades he had earned. I wonder if any CA member had faced the risks that Teodosio had willingly encountered in service of the flag. Yet, these politicians were “brave” enough to bully and humiliate him.

In that confirmation hearing, Rep. Abdullah Dimaporo of Lanao del Norte questioned why several houses of Muslims in Kauswagan were burned while Teodosio was leading the campaign against the MILF in 2000 or five years earlier. Dimaporo also criticized why Teodosio’s men were cheering in front of a Muslim mosque and why beer and roasted pig were brought “inside a mosque” at a captured MILF camp.

Teodosio said that his men were jubilant after their victory and it did not matter to them that they were near a mosque. He also said that his tired and weary soldiers would gladly eat anything brought in by very important visitors which could have included wine and roasted pig but denied that the feast was done inside a mosque.

As regards the burning of houses of Muslims, Teodosio said his Marines were so tired that they immediately went to sleep. He added that keeping the peace was the responsibility of the local police.

The CA members yielded to Dimaporo’s demands against Teodosio, saying they understood the need for Dimaporo to speak up for his constituents. Thus, Teodisio’s confirmation was deferred until the Second Regular Session of the 13th Congress because of local politics.

“If I have to be punished for leading the fight against the enemies of the state, then I’ll gladly accept it,” Teodosio said when his promotion was bypassed.

Four months later, on Oct. 12, 2005, the CA committee on defense chaired by Rep. JJ Romualdo of Camiguin recommended the approval by the plenary of his promotion to three-star rank. However, in came Sen. Serge Osmena who sought another confirmation hearing. He wanted Teodosio to answer questions about the relief of Gen. Francisco Gudani during the 2004 presidential election. Osmena’s motion meant Teodosio’s promotion would again be bypassed.

Teodosio waxed indignant at this turn of events.

“This is no way to treat an officer and gentleman who has been fighting for our country!” he protested.

He contended that any CA decision was supposed to be based only on the fitness of a military officer. He also lamented that officers were being treated as pawns by politicians. (Osmena was then with the opposition.)

“If I say something that’s not favorable to the opposition, they will block our confirmation. If I say something that’s not favorable to the administration, then the administration may not renew my promotion. We are in a no-win situation,” he told me in an interview.

He had to wait for two more months before his promotion was heard anew by the CA committee on defense. He cleared all roadblocks on Dec. 13, 2005 by humbling himself. I felt pity for him and revulsion for the CA when he profusely apologized to the CA and to Osmena for questioning the inaction on his promotion.

On Dec. 14, 2005, Teodosio’s promotion was finally confirmed. It took the CA more than six months to do so despite his meritorious service. Incidentally, among those confirmed that day were Rigoberto Tiglao, now a Times columnist, as ambassador to Greece, and Maj/Gen. Jovito Palparan, who’s now wanted for kidnapping and illegal detention.


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  1. Ruben V. Calip on

    Reply to Inocent: But, sir, how can you pass the GOOD laws you wish our country to have when the Congressmen and Senators are precisely the corrupt and immoral men and women whose job is to make laws? And they are mostly allies or for-sale to President Aquino and Secretary Abad?

    However, sir, let us beware of Martial Law and letting the military and the police take over our government. Diyos ko po!!!!

  2. CA decisions will always have an influence of politics since they are composed of senators and congressmen , most of them have their own personal bet to be confirmed on a certain position , maybe during the time Teodosio is under the scrutiny of these wise men and women , many of them were not impressed on his performance or influence by a much powerful member of the CA. The only way to have a fair judgment is to elect highy moralled senators and congressmen which I believe very hard to find at present time.

  3. Voice from the Wilderness on

    The general public should know why these SOB members of the CA does not respect medals earned through heroism by our soldiers. Well because these medals for heroism does not need the confirmation of Congress when awarded unlike before. These medals should patterned after the US Congressional Medal Honor so that it can command respect.

  4. The next government should table the revamp of the Commission on Appointments. This monster of an organization is too politicized that highly qualified candidates are set aside in favor of the biggest ass-licker and leg-puller who are up for confirmation. Just like the Comelec, the CA is already a political arm of who is sitting in the administration. If we the public want to have a fair deal from these government entities we should demand that members of the Comelec, Commission of Appointments be elected to office for a term and make sure that members must possess high and impeccable honesty, education, experience and fairness.

    Reply: You are so right, sir Inocent. The trouble is that the members of the Commission on Appointments are already elected by the people–they are congressmen and senators!–The Online Editors

    • Since the members of the CA are taken from the Senators and Congressmen, the more we must make the changes, PRONTO because these group of men are women are the most corrupt among government workers, elected or appointed. The law must be changed to make it pro-people and pro-active.