Official dupes contractors of flood control project


Not quite a few government officials are cashing in on multi-billion peso public works projects with less than a year left in Noynoy administration’s term.

One such crook is this ranking official who demanded “cash advances” from several contractors to whom he promised juicy contracts in connection with a major Metro flood control project.

The official, a Malacañang crony, purportedly would award the contract through a rigged bidding.

This crook’s scam was divulged by a contractor he allegedly defrauded of some P20 million in hush money for the award of the lake-bay floodway project.

The contractor however found out that the official offered the same project to other contractors and even asked for bigger commissions.

Apparently, this official is duping the contractors by asking them to give his commission or kickback in advance, which is usually up to 10 percent of the contract’s total cost.

After getting his kickback, this official would bar the victims from his office.

We gathered that this official has pulled this ploy in previous years.

It’s not surprising that the flooding on the Matuwid na Daan is worse as ever, with this nincompoop and his likes at the helm.

It’s a shame that the project that aims to alleviate Metro Manila’s perennial flood problems has become a milking cow for this crook.

Tuwid na Daan pala huh?

Importer evades taxes
The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Bureau of Customs (BoC) may have been duped of tens of millions of pesos in unpaid sales and income taxes owed by this animal food importer whose last name sounds like “Castillero.”

According to my informant, Castillero is engaged in technical smuggling of animal food other pet products distributed to pet shops all over the country.

Reports have it that this trader’s broker undervalues or under-declares his imports in collusion with unscrupulous BoC insiders.

Castillero, who stores his contraband in his warehouse in Pasig City, rakes in hundreds of millions of pesos in sales but has declared zero income in his income tax return for the past several years.

Evidence of Castillero’s ill-gotten fortune is a fleet of luxury cars in his Loyola, Quezon City garage, including SLS Black Series, Ferrari 458, orange Lamborghini huracan, black Porsche Turbo, Mercedes CMS AMG and BMWs smuggled recently in Batangas and South Harbor. He intentionally did not declare his high end vehicles in his ITR for the past three years.

Despite his huge income, this unscrupulous businessman is also reportedly guilty of unfair labor practices.

He pays his employees starvation wages and denies them emergency financial assistance and medical benefits.

How could a guy with such greed ever get a good night sleep?

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  1. Maria Stevens on

    In Great Britain , where I. Lived and worked for many years . Thieving scumbags , such as you mentioned would be LOCKED UP and their assets confiscated.. But it won’t happen here because corruption is accepted.. And absolutely NOTHING is done about it.

  2. Wish you would publish this guy’s full name. Devulging the identity may lead to an investigation.