• Officials fit to be buried


    Food for Yolanda victims had been buried while many dead victims of the super typhoon remain unburied. Should you blame those who are wishing that some uncaring DSWD officials should be buried instead?

    Hey hey, I hope I’m not giving the impression of being unsympathetic to all administration officials. In fact, I have been wishing the best for President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino The Last, I mean The Third. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll have enough equanimity to be able to endure all the problems besetting his administration, whether due to him and his Cabinet members or to external forces that the President loves to blame.

    This reminds me, he has been saying that he continues to smoke because it is his way of easing the tension attendant to his office. If that’s true, and since I wish him the best, I sure would want him to go on smoking cigarettes wherever and whenever he wants. There’s a law prohibiting smoking in public places but hey, let’s make an exception of the President’s smoking in Malacañang. How can our poor president respond to the many issues hounding him without smoking? Furthermore, rank has its privileges, right?

    I know, I know. Smoking is bad for one’s health. Fortunately for us, we have a president who would rather risk his health than be incapable of handling national issues. So, whenever we see our “Man of Steel” coughing repeatedly, we should be comforted by the thought that he must have been working doubly hard, making him smoke more.

    Mr. President, we love you. Please smoke incessantly so we can be assured that you are really giving full thought and attention to how to better promote the national welfare. Disregard the warnings about health hazards that Sen. Pia Cayetano wants to be printed on packs of cigarettes. By risking your health, you are showing to all and sundry how dedicated a leader you are.

    Of course, there are some hopeless critics who’ll say that the President continues to smoke because he’s already addicted to it and has no willpower to stop it. I hope the president will ignore them and listen only to those who wish him the best. Keep on smoking, Mr. President. We are behind you on this.

    Incidentally, a friend, Manong Pres Ordinario is also wondering why the president has not sired any child yet when he’s already 54 and has had a number of girl friends. Manong Pres, who’s a former staffer of a Pangasinan congressman, doesn’t believe that PNoy’s being a bachelor and an advocate of family planning has anything to do with this. Indeed, we have had a number of personalities who had a child before getting married, like DILG Sec. Mar Roxas. Manong Pres noted that PNoy was shot in the neck during a failed coup against President Cory led by then Colonel, now Senator Greg Honasan.

    “The bullet that hit his neck must have affected his virility,” Manong Pres opined.

    He, however, isn’t a doctor, and we still have to hear from a doctor, or from PNoy’s ex-GFs, if his guess is valid and true.

    Tired, after doing nothing?
    Congress adjourned while students were still in school. Does that teach us something about how industrious our lawmakers are? As one who started covering the legislature in 1983, I can state ex cathedra that legislators have more suspensions of their session than students’ recess. Don’t be fooled by the motion of majority leader calling for a suspension of two minutes. Our lawmakers have so much time in their hands that their “two minutes” can run up to 30 minutes. Oh well, at least that’s shorter than the “last two minutes” of the administration that will end only on June 30, 2016.

    At the House, several sessions were conducted despite the absence of quorum by the simple expedient of doing away with the roll call. Speaking of roll call, I still get tickled pink whenever I remember the roll call made by the sec-gen of the House in the Eighth Congress: Avad, Avaya, Avines, Avlan, Alvano.

    That former official really had no problem pronouncing the letter “v,” unlike many Filipinos. This reminds me of the time when I was a deskman at the Evening Post. There were no fax or emails then so reporters who could not come to the editorial office had to phone in their stories. A deskman had to cradle the phone on his ear while typing the dictated story. Often, I had problems with the pronunciation of some reporters so I had to ask them to spell out the word with emphasis on the a, e, p. f and v. This made things easier, even when a reporter would tell me: “B as in Bictory.”



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    1. Mr. Danao, perhaps your friend is just echoing his concern, lest the president be the B.S. Aquino The Last and his tribe won’t thrive. The country may never have a chance to have scion of the president who is a “Man of Steel”; one who puts his health second only to his dedication to work for the welfare of the country.